Abaddon was a demon and a Knight of Hell who was responsible for the extinction of the Men of Letters in 1958, before disappearing for fifty-five years when she time travelled to 2013. Afterwards, Abaddon began crusade in the 21st century to take over Hell from Crowley and gain demonic power and control of the Earth, until she was killed by Dean Winchester with the First Blade.


Early historyEdit

9x11 AbaddonColette+Cain

Abaddon, possessing Colette, wants Cain to come back to the Knights of Hell. (First Born)

Little is known about Abaddon's early past, but she was presumably originally a human who'd lived in the earliest times of humanity, then died and went to Hell, where her soul was mutilated and corrupted into a demon. Abaddon was personally selected by Lucifer to become a Knight of Hell, (As Time Goes By) and was trained with the other Knights by Cain. Cain, Abaddon and the other Knights of Hell subsequently spent centuries bringing and spreading chaos and destruction and committing horrific atrocities, until Cain left the Knights in the mid-19th century after falling in love with a human named Colette Mullen. (First Born)

When the Knights of Hell learned of Cain's union with Colette and how it had changed him and turned him from their evil ways, the Knights took Colette away in retribution. This in turn enraged Cain into hunting an slaughtering the Knights of Hell until only Abaddon was left. Abaddon possessed Colette, and when Cain tracked her down, Abaddon began killing Colette; Abaddon then fled Colette's still-alive body just as Cain stabbed her with the First Blade, resulting in Abaddon surviving and escaping and Cain unintentionally killing Colette instead. (First Born)

Destroying the Men of LettersEdit

In 1958, when the demons that the priest Father Max Thompson was experimenting with a demon curing ritual to turn demons back into humans, Abaddon was sent to stop Thompson and his demon cure. On 5 August, Abaddon tortured and killed Father Thompson, but not before he told her about how he'd been working with Josie Sands, an initiate of the Men of Letters. (Clip Show)

9x17 AbaddonPossessesJosie

Abaddon takes possession of Josie Sands in 1958, after Josie and Henry investigate the demons' soul-mining operation. (Mother's Little Helper)

In the next week, Abaddon was possessing the Mother Superior of St. Bonaventure Convent in Milton, Illinois and was leading an underground demon operation there to extract captured humans' souls to make more demons. Henry Winchester and Josie Sands came to investigate (when one of the nuns left soulless after being included in the demons' soul extraction went insane and killed two others before committing suicide), and they and Sister Julia Wilkinson discovered the demons possessing the nuns; they managed to exorcise two of Abaddon's demons, but Henry was subdued in the scuffle against Abaddon due to Abaddon's immunity to exorcism rites as a Knight of Hell.

After learning Henry and Josie were Men of Letters, Abaddon intended to possess Henry so as to infiltrate the order and destroy it from within. But Josie offered herself up in Henry's place; Abaddon accepted, then possessed Josie Sands. Henry remained unaware that Josie was possessed or that Abaddon had now infiltrated the Men of Letters through her, and Abaddon posing as Josie convinced Henry that the soul-extracting operation was just a minor demon infestation that had been dealt with. Abaddon in Josie left with Henry the following morning, casually threatening Sister Wilkinson into keeping quiet about the latter's knowledge of the truth. (Mother's Little Helper)

8x12 AbaddonMassacresMenOfLetters

Abaddon massacres the Men of Letters in her search for the key. (As Time Goes By)

On 12 August, on the night Josie and Henry were to be sworn into the Men of Letters, Abaddon aimed to steal the Men of Letters key to the protected bunker that contained all of the order's collected and powerful knowledge. (As Time Goes By) Entering the Men of Letters' building through her secret possession of Josie, Abaddon single-handedly slaughtered all the elders of the order; except for Larry Ganem, who survived blinded. Abaddon then immediately afterwards went after Henry Winchester, who had the key to the Men of Letters' bunker, and followed him through a time spell from 1958 to a motel in 2013. (As Time Goes By)

21st centuryEdit

8x12 AbaddonWoundsHenry

Abaddon mortally wounds Henry in her confrontation with the Winchesters. (As Time Goes By)

After Henry and Abaddon arrived in 2013, while Henry fled with his future grandsons Sam and Dean in search of the other Men of Letters (whom it turned out were extinct in the 21st century due to the elders' massacre in 1958), Abaddon pursued them, killing anyone in her way. Abaddon eventually learned the bunker's coordinates and captured Sam when she caught up with him while he was talking with Larry Ganem (the last surviving Man of Letters), then killed Ganem. Abaddon called Dean and demanded that he exchange Henry and the key for Sam.

Abaddon met with Dean at a warehouse for the exchange and went back on her end of the trade, mortally wounding Henry and intending to kill Sam and Dean. But the Winchesters had counted on this and planned ahead - they gave her a fake key, and Henry was then able to, before dying, get close enough to Abaddon to fire a bullet engraved with a devil's trap into her skull; immobilising and binding her movement and powers. As nothing the Winchesters had could kill a Knight of Hell, Sam and Dean instead opted to keep Abaddon trapped, immobilised and powerless by decapitating her vessel and cutting it up into pieces, with the devil's trap bullet keeping Abaddon bound inside the vessel's immobile remains. (As Time Goes By)

Vendetta against the KingEdit

8x22 AbaddonReassembled

Abaddon is reassembled and restored by Sam and Dean. (Clip Show)

A matter of months after Abaddon was incapacitated by the Winchesters binding her to and decapitating her vessel, Sam and Dean awoke Abaddon by stitching her vessel back together, although they kept her arms cut off to stop her harming them, and the devil's trap bullet remained lodged in Abaddon's head and stopped her moving from a spot on her own. The brothers intended to perform Father Thompson's demon-curing ritual on Abaddon to complete the third and final of the Trials of God to seal Hell up, but Abaddon escaped by animating her detached hands to remove the binding devil's trap bullet from her skull, freeing her and allowing her to reattach her hands and escape. (Clip Show)

However, Abaddon had learned from the Winchesters before escaping of how Crowley had become the King of Hell during Abaddon's 55-year absence between 1958 and 2013, and was shocked, enraged and disgusted that a dealing crossroads demon like Crowley was now controlling Hell. (Clip Show)
8x23 AbaddonFlees

Abaddon smokes out as her vessel burns in holy fire. (Sacrifice)

Shortly afterwards, when Crowley send out a distress call after being captured by the Winchesters for the third trial to close Hell, Abaddon heard and responded to the signal. She made it violently clear upon finding Crowley that she was unhappy with the current King and wanted a regime change, before Sam forced Abaddon to smoke out and flee by burning and destroying her vessel with holy fire. (Sacrifice)

Usurping control of HellEdit

A few days after Crowley was captured by the Winchesters, Abaddon (after having Josie Sands' body restored for her to repossess) quickly sought to take advantage of the power vacuum left among the demons by Crowley's absence, to usurp control as Queen of Hell. Abaddon also intended to, as Hell's new ruler, remove Crowley's dealing system and turn Hell into a conquering kingdom; with Abaddon having ambitions to, after taking over Hell, rule over humans and even angels as well. However, some of the demons Abaddon began recruiting to her cause were still unsure about turning to Abaddon and thought Crowley was still the rightful King; so Abaddon set about finding and capturing the Winchesters to lead her to Crowley, so she could kill him and become Queen of Hell.

9x2 AbaddonHoldsHuntersHostage

Abaddon and her demons hold Irv and Tracy hostage to lure the Winchesters. (Devil May Care)

To this end, Abaddon and the three demons she'd already recruited kidnapped two hunters - Irv Franklin and Tracy Bell - and held them in Eugene, Oregon to lure Sam and Dean into a trap. Sam and Dean took the bait and came to free Irv and Tracy, and Abaddon captured Dean and demanded he take her to Crowley under threat of becoming her new vessel. However, Abaddon was driven to flee upon learning an angel was present, when Gadreel manifested and killed her demon subordinates. (Devil May Care)

After this, Abaddon continued usurping power and control over Hell with Crowley incapacitated and imprisoned by the Winchesters; she doubled the number of Hell's souls by going back on all of Crowley's deals and contracts and collecting the souls early, and she intended to take Crowley's entire deal-making system for Hell down in her quest to reshape the demons into a force of conquest. (Heaven Can't Wait)

Power struggle and the First BladeEdit

9x10 Abaddon+CrowleyChallenge

Abaddon locates Crowley, and the two demons' power struggle for control of Hell begins. (Road Trip)

Though Abaddon continued usurping power among the demons with the aim of fully replacing Crowley and taking over as ruler of Hell, she still encountered some resistance, as many of the demons were either neutral or still loyal to Crowley. When Crowley was sighted with Dean and Castiel, and tracked by demons who reported this to Abaddon, Abaddon and her demons followed the trail and eventually located Crowley. However, Crowley recognised some of the demons were either uncertain or neutral, and turned his and Abaddon's power struggle for control of Hell into a voting campaign among the demons for which of the two would lead Hell; although Abaddon remained confident. (Road Trip)

Over the following weeks - months, Abaddon's side began to win in the power struggle, when Crowley's control was incapacitated while he was sunken in an addiction to human blood. According to Snooki, even Crowley's followers began to want to join Abaddon. Abaddon had Lola spy on the addicted Crowley as his concubine, and learned through Lola before Crowley killed her that Crowley and the Winchesters were searching for the First Blade to kill Abaddon with. Abaddon shortly after sent her demons after the Blade, but they failed to find it, and Crowley and the Winchesters ultimately managed to locate and seize the Blade first. (Blade Runners) Abaddon also had her soul-mining operations restarted, so as to make the extracted souls into an army of demons loyal to her; though the soul-mining operation at St. Bonaventure was put to an end when the last demon operative there was killed, it was apparently just one of many soul-mining ops Abaddon had. (Mother's Little Helper)

9x21 AbaddonBringsGavinAsBargainingChip

Abaddon brings a living Gavin to the present as her bargaining chip in forcing Crowley to negotiate with her. (King of the Damned)

Negotiations and deathEdit

Later during Crowley and Abaddon's power struggle for Hell, Crowley's kingdom began losing to Abaddon's faction, with the majority of the demons including even Crowley's inner-circle turning to Abaddon. However, Abaddon still had to eliminate the First Blade and the Mark of Cain to ensure the Winchesters couldn't kill her and she could secure control of Hell. To this end, Abaddon contacted Crowley after the latter wa sbetrayed over to Abaddon, and demanded that they call a temporary truce to stop the Winchesters killing them and destroy the First Blade. To force Crowley to agree, Abaddon used the same time travel spell that had transported her and Henry Winchester to the 21st century to abduct Crowley's human son Gavin from when he was alive in 1723 and bring him back to the present with her, as a bargaining chip against Crowley. This succeeded in forcing a reluctant Crowley to agree to join forces with Abaddon, when Crowley was unable to bear seeing Gavin suffer, due to the effects of an incomplete demon-curing ritual.

As part of Abaddon's plan to lure the Winchesters, through Crowley, to her location at the Humboldt Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio and into an ambush, Abaddon had Crowley call Sam and Dean and give them the First Blade's location and then Abaddon's to lure them and the Blade into the trap. However, once Crowley was of no more use, Abaddon double-crossed him and intended to kill him and Gavin with the Winchesters.
9x21 AbaddonDeath

Abaddon's death by Dean using the First Blade. (King of the Damned)

Once Dean arrived with the First Blade and the Mark of Cain, he walked into Abaddon's trap and was captured, with Abaddon intending to kill him and destroy the First Blade to ensure her immortality and secure control as new Queen of Hell. However, the Mark of Cain gave Dean enough resistance against Abaddon's demonic telekinesis to break free and charge at her with the First Blade; successfully stabbing Abaddon with the Blade and destroying her once and for all. (King of the Damned)


Abaddon was an intelligent, greedy, aggressive and untrustworthy demon, who was arrogant and quick to anger, but also very cunning, ambitious and adaptive. Abaddon enjoyed slaughtering and causing pain, fear and suffering to others; however, she also preferred to kill her victims in quick, brutal ways, viewing her killing as art. Abaddon also saw quickly and brutally killing her victims as mercy, in comparison to slowly torturing them over a long time through means such as demonic possession. Abaddon also displayed a preference for young, attractive and healthy human bodies, and considered them superior vessels for herself and other demons over older bodies; she considered Dean Winchester and Josie Sands worthy vessels for herself, and she expressed disgust at old humans like Larry Ganem's 2013 self. Abaddon was highly aggressive and violent, tending to attack and punish those who did not show her proper respect. She also seemed to flaunt and show off her superiority over others, though this arrogance could in turn lead to Abaddon underestimating her opponents and failing to recognise and avoid their plays against her.

Abaddon believed that a worthy leader of Hell fights and conquers, and did not make any bargains or negotiations. In this respect, Abaddon displayed outrage and disgust at Crowley's dealing methods and the fact he was the King of Hell, and she held no respect or regard for contracts and deal-making (although she was not above pretending to make a deal and then double-crossing the other party, so as to get what she wanted) and intended to take Hell's entire soul-dealing system down. Abaddon also viewed her plans to turn Hell from deal-making to conquering as liberation for Hell and demonkind, and she was shown to be extremely power-hungry and ambitious, even by demon standards - as well as taking over Hell, she also planned to take over the world and force all demons, humans and even angels to bow to her or die. Abaddon had a dark and twisted sense of humour, going as far as to kill a girl and take her clothes simply because Abaddon liked the girl's ironic 'The Devil Made Me Do It' shirt.

8x12 AbaddonMemoryRead

Abaddon accessing a human's memories to see what they've seen. (As Time Goes By)

Abaddon was very fast to strategise and adapt, in her cunning and effective use and adaptation to modern armoury, weaponry and technology in spite of the modern time being new to her due to her time travel from 1958. She was also a brilliant and cunning strategist and leader, shown in how quickly and effectively she could formulate plans, traps and defences and outwit her enemies and opponents in the field.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

9x2 AbaddonExorcisesDemon

Abaddon sends a disrespectful demon back to Hell as a warning. (Devil May Care)

As a Knight of Hell, Abaddon was much stronger and more powerful than average-level demons, and was highly dangerous and formidable. She was capable of the low- and mid-level demon powers of biokinetic manipulation of humans internally, superhuman strength, invulnerability to conventional means of killing, demonic possession of human bodies, and telekinetically moving people and objects with her mind; as well as several other, higher abilities rare if not unseen in even high-level demons. Abaddon was unaffected by exorcism rites that could normally exorcise a demon, and she was also able to survive a direct stab with the demon-killing knife (although it did still cause her pain).

Abaddon could access humans' memories to see what they've seen that Abaddon might want to know, through briefly instilling a piece of her smoke form essence into the human in question. She could also exorcise other, weaker demons, by little more than touch; she once expunged a crossroads demon from its vessel and sent it straight back to Hell this way.


Abaddon was immune to most means of killing demons such as the demon knife, and the only known means of killing her was if she were stabbed with the First Blade by whomever possessed the Mark of Cain. She could still be non-fatally harmed and weakened by holy water and holy fire, and her vessel and powers bound when she was shot with a devil's trap-engraved bullet.

Forms taken (possession)Edit


Abaddon, known in Greek as Apollyon, is used in the Bible as the name of both a place of destruction and an angel. In the Hebrew Bible, Abaddon is used to reference a dwelling place of the dead; and in the Book of Revelation, Abaddon is the name of an angel which controls an army of locusts as king.



  • In As Time Goes By, Larry Ganem described Abaddon as a "hired gun" when she'd attacked the Men of Letters in 1958, suggesting she was working for someone or something else in her mission to gain the Men of Letters' collection of powerful knowledge.
  • Abaddon seems to have displayed an unusual attachment to Josie Sands' body as a vessel. She twice repossessed it after vacating it; and after it was burned with holy fire in Sacrifice, Abaddon went to the trouble of waiting in her smoke form and having it restored for her to repossess in Devil May Care.