Abandon All Hope...
Production information
Season : 5
Episode : 10
Original airdate : 19 November, 2009
Directed by : Phil Sgriccia
Written by : Ben Edlund
Preceded by : The Real Ghostbusters
Followed by : Sam, Interrupted

Abandon All Hope... is the tenth episode of Season 5 of Supernatural.


After retrieving the Colt, Sam and Dean, together with Jo, Ellen and Castiel, track Lucifer down to a desolate town filled with reapers, hellhounds and demons, as the Devil plots to free Death himself from his prison. But the mission quickly goes horribly wrong when Meg and Lucifer capture Cass and Jo is injured by the hellhounds, and a heartbreaking sacrifice is made.

Full synopsisEdit

After the Winchesters learned in The Real Ghostbusters that the Colt is in the possession of the demon King of the Crossroads Crowley, Castiel tracks Crowley down while the latter is making a crossroads deal. Cass follows Crowley to locate Crowley's mansion, but he can't get in due to angel warding on the walls, so Sam and Dean take it from there. They're able to get past the gates by having Jo pose to the demon guards as a helpless woman, and the Winchesters then break into the mansion to get the Colt. Sam and Dean are captured by Crowley's henchmen, but to their surprise, Crowley shoots both his henchmen dead with the Colt so he can talk with the brothers privately. Crowley willingly hands the Colt over to Sam and Dean, explaining that he wants them to succeed in killing Lucifer; because Crowley believes, based on the fact that Lucifer is an angel rather than a demon, he must hate monsters like demons even more than he hates humanity, and so is just using demons as a means to an end and will destroy them all as well once he's exterminated humankind. Crowley throws Sam and Dean the gun and a pack of ammunition, and gives Lucifer's current location as Carthage, Missouri, before teleporting away.

The following night, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Jo and Ellen spend their night before going after Lucifer, which Cass believes will be their last night on earth, at Bobby's house; with Jo and Ellen having a drinking contest with Cass, and Dean tries to hit on Jo only to get turned down. Sam and Dean argue about going after the Devil. Dean is reluctant about Sam coming along because it means bringing Lucifer's vessel straight to him, but Sam argues that after everything they've been through, if there's one thing they should have learned, it's that they do this together. To have something to remember them all by, Bobby takes a photo of himself, Cass, Sam, Dean, Ellen and Jo.

The next day, the Winchesters, the Harvelles and Castiel drive into Carthage, which they find seeming completely deserted, with the entire population having just vanished. While Sam and Dean go to see if there's anyone at all still there, Cass sticks with Jo and Ellen, until he sees that the town isn't as empty as it seems - it's filled with masses of hundreds of reapers. Cass goes off on his own to try and find why so many reapers are here, and he finds but gets captured by Lucifer, who traps him in a circle of holy fire. Cass notices that Lucifer's current vessel is developing spreading burn-like marks, and Lucifer admits that Nick is slowly burning away from containing him. Lucifer tries to convince Cass that they're in the same boat and have a common enemy with the angels as they've both been cast out from Heaven and have a target from Heaven on their heads, but Cass declares he'll die before joining Lucifer and refuses to give up the Winchesters' whereabouts.

Meanwhile, after Cass's disappearance, Ellen and Jo meet back up with Sam and Dean to tell them about it and about what Cass said about seeing masses of reapers in town. While the Winchesters and the harvelles are scouring the streets and searching for Cass, they run into Meg, who's come to take them to Lucifer. When the group refuse to go anywhere with her, Meg sets a pack of hellhounds on them and a chase through the streets ensues. The Harvelles and Winchesters hole up against the hounds in a hardware store, protecting all the entrances with salt lines, but not before one of the hellhounds slashes and severely wounds Jo in the chase while she's helping Dean. Sam, Dean and Ellen tend to Jo's injuries as best as they can, then Dean radios Bobby for helps. Dean gives Bobby a status update on what's happening in town with the disappearances and the reapers and with Jo, and Dean admits he'd beginning to break up over what's happening with Jo and how bad it is, but Bobby reminds him to keep it together and figure out their next move. When Bobby hears about the reapers Cass saw, he finds from the lore of the Apocalypse based on this and the omens in Carthage what Lucifer must be doing there - the Devil's performing a powerful ritual to release Death himself. Bobby explains the requirement to "release" Death because the Pale Horseman, unlike the other horsemen and his reapers, is normally kept imprisoned 600 feet beneath the earth to only be released at times of great biblical destruction (such as the Great Flood, or in this case, the Apocalypse). Bobby goes on to explain that Death must be freed at midnight at a place of great bloodshed and carnage, which would pinpoint the exact location in Carthage where Lucifer must complete the ritual as William Jasper's Farm, which had been the site of a bloody battle during the Civil War.

The Winchesters and the Harvelles now know where Lucifer will be and when, but Sam and Dean both note that they still have to get past the hellhounds outside, and both want to find a way of moving Jo and getting her and Ellen out of town to safety first. Jo stops the brothers' talk of getting her to safety, telling them they need to think about this realistically - she can't move, and the only thing holding her insides in place is a Band-Aid; she won't get out of this one alive. Jo notes that they have enough salt, iron and hardware supplies in the store to build a bomb against the hellhounds, and says that she'll stay behind to blow the hounds and herself up so Sam, Dean and Ellen can get away in time to find and kill Lucifer. Ellen, Dean and Sam all don't want to hear or think about this or let Jo kill herself, but Jo says that this is their only chance at getting past the hellhounds and stopping the Devil. The trio get to work on building a makeshift bomb from the supplies, and once it's finished at nightfall, Dean hands Jo the trigger. Dean and Jo have a tearful goodbye, and kiss for the first and last time. While Sam and Dean get ready to make a run for it, Ellen, instead of going with them, chooses to stay behind to go out with her daughter, telling Dean to "kick it in the ass" and not to miss, before the Winchesters leave. Ellen then removes the chains and salt from the doors to let the hellhounds walk into the trap, before crouching down with Jo with the trigger in their last moments together. While Ellen promises she will always love her, Jo passes away in Ellen's arms, leaving her devastated. The hellhounds then come in, and Ellen fiercely declares to them, "You can go straight back to hell, you ugly bitch!!" before triggering the bomb and blowing the pharmacy up. The hellhounds have been killed and Sam and Dean now have a clear path to killing Lucifer, at the cost of Jo and Ellen's lives.

As midnight comes, Sam and Dean reach Jasper's farm, where they find Lucifer burying the town's missing women and children in a mass grave as part of the ritual, and other missing townsfolk are possessed by demons and gathered for the ritual. Sam comes out and walks through the demon mass up to Lucifer, and while Lucifer is distracted attending to Sam, Dean sneaks up on him with the Colt and shoots the Devil in the head. For a moment, it looks to the brothers as though they've succeeded in killing the Devil and have won. But then Lucifer comes back to life and beats Dean back. Lucifer heals the bullet wound, and explains that there's only five things in existence the Colt can't kill and he happens to be one of them. Lucifer then resumes the ritual, while Sam is unable to do anything to stop him and can only tend to Dean. Sam declares he'll never say yes to becoming Lucifer's vessel, and angrily vows to see Lucifer killed himself, but Lucifer is confident otherwise - Lucifer predicts Sam will inevitably let him in, within six months, in Detroit. Lucifer also points out how alike he and Sam are because of how Lucifer was himself a son and a beloved younger brother, before Michael refused to join him in his crusade against God's love of humanity. Sam is unable to deny it. Lucifer then sacrifices all the possessed townsfolk, callously declaring to Sam, "They're just demons," and completes the ritual.

Elsewhere, Meg has been left by Lucifer to guard the captive Cass, who unnoticed to her, is telekinetically unscrewing an overhead pipe as part of a plan to escape. As Meg boasts that Lucifer will win and bring the demons to Heaven, Cass counters with Crowley's theory that Lucifer is using demons as nothing more than a means to an end. This angers Meg and distracts her long enough for Cass to finish unscrewing the pipe, which comes down and knocks Meg into the circle of holy fire. Since Cass can't smite demons anymore after being cut off from Heaven, he instead uses Meg as a human bridge over the holy fire to escape the circle. Cass then immediately teleports to Jasper's farm, and teleports himself, Sam and Dean to safety as Death rises to Earth before Lucifer's eyes.

The next day at Bobby's, in the aftermath of the failed mission to kill the Devil and the deaths of Ellen and Jo, Sam, Dean and Bobby all grieve silently over Jo and Ellen's deaths. Bobby puts the gang's picture taken on their 'last night on Earth' before Carthage in the fire, as though a hunter's funeral pyre to Ellen and Jo, and Dean quietly watches as Jo's face in the photo vanishes forever amongst the flames.







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