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Race : Human
Status : Deceased
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Abel was one of the earliest humans, who was infamously killed by his older brother Cain in what biblical lore described as the First Murder.


Abel one of the first ever humans to live on Earth; he was the secondborn son of Adam and Eve, and the older brother of Cain. (The Executioner's Song)

Contrary to belief, Abel was in fact talking to Lucifer instead of worshipping God, and Lucifer intended to make Abel into his "pet." To save his brother from that fate, Cain struck a bargain with Lucifer: to take Abel's place in Hell, in exchange for Abel's soul being allowed to go to Heaven. Lucifer accepted, but only on the moreover condition that Cain be the one to end Abel's life. (First Born)

Cain subsequently crafted a donkey's jawbone into the weapon that would become the First Blade, and used it to kill his brother. (First Born) Though unconfirmed, Abel's death at Cain's hands was believed by Cain himself to have supernaturally tainted his bloodline so that his descendants would be more likely than other humans to murder and turn to violence. (The Executioner's Song)


According to the Book of Genesis, Abel was the younger brother of Cain and the secondborn son of Adam and Eve, and therefore one of the second ever generation of humanity. Abel is described as having been a shepherd. After God accepted Abel's offering of a lamb over Cain's offering of grain, Cain murdered his younger brother; this was the First Murder, and it made Abel the first human to die.


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