Adventures in Babysitting
Production information
Season : 7
Episode : 11
Original airdate : 6 January, 2012
Directed by : Jeannot Szwarc
Written by : Adam Glass
Preceded by : Death's Door
Followed by : Time After Time After Time

Adventures in Babysitting is the eleventh episode of Season 7 of Supernatural.


As Sam and Dean still reel in the aftermath of Bobby's death, Dean and Frank investigate the number sequence Bobby left them and what it means to the Leviathans. Meanwhile, Sam investigates when a hunter goes missing, and himself gets captured by the deadly, venomous monsters responsible; leaving Dean to find and rescue them with the hunter's insistent and unusually toughened, street-smart daughter.

Full synopsisEdit

Over the following three weeks after Bobby's death, (How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters, Death's Door) Sam and Dean are left overcome by grief. For the first week, they just brood in silence at Rufus' cabin, then they begin trying to find what the number Bobby left them (45489) means, and they start tracking Dick Roman's activities. As Dean impatiently waits after four weeks for any response from Frank on what the numbers mean, the brothers get a call from a little girl, who says she was told by her father to call Bobby Singer specifically. Dean is too determined and grief-driven with revenge on Dick and on solving Bobby's dying clue to them to take care of this, so the brothers split up - Sam goes to deal with the caller by himself, while Dean goes to check on Frank in case his silence is due to the Leviathans finding him.

Using Bobby's contacts book, Sam tracks the caller down to an apartment block. She is revealed to be Krissy Chambers, a 14-year-old whose father Lee is a hunter, and who disappeared five days ago. Krissy, though wary and street-smart, seems unaware of her father's hunting activities and apparently believes he's a travelling salesman and Sam is a fellow salesman. Rummaging through Lee's office while Krissy is making coffee, Sam discovers from Lee's hunter notes hidden in his wardrobe that the case Lee disappeared on was in Dodge City, Kansas. Sam leaves Krissy Dean's number to call if she doesn't hear from Sam or her father soon enough, then heads to Dodge City to investigate the case Lee was working on.

There have been three-four disappearances around a local truck stop, and one of the missing bodies has been found roadside, drained of half its blood through strange bite marks. Upon seeing the body at the morgue, Sam works out that the creature behind the disappearances which Lee was hunting is a vetala - vetalas, according to John's journal, are solitary creatures, which can be killed by stabbing and then twisting a silver knife into their heart. They prefer to keep their victims captive and alive at their lair to feed on slowly over time, so if Lee was captured, he may still be alive. Sam leaves Dean a phone message about the vetala hunt, before heading to the diner where Lee disappeared from. While Sam is asking the sex worker Sally about the disappearances, he's suddenly ambushed by the vetala, who turns out to be the diner waitress Marlene. But while Sam is distracted fending Marlene off, Sally turns out to be a vetala as well, and the duo knock Sam out with a venomous bite and take him captive.

Meanwhile, when Dean arrives at Frank's house, he finds that Frank has learned the truth about the Leviathans, and has stripped his house bare and moved into hiding in an RV out of paranoia that they could be tracking him. Frank is at first paranoid that Dean is a Leviathan imposter, until Dean proves he's human by bleeding red blood, and forces Frank to do the same. When Dean asks about the number sequence from Bobby, Frank explains that he figured the sequence was incomplete since Bobby was dying of brain trauma at the time - he's calculated that the full sequence is 454893, and that the numbers are GPS coordinates. The coordinates lead to an empty field in Wisconsin, which has recently been purchased by a Richard Roman Enterprises subsidiary.

Dean and Frank head to the field, posing as electricians, to set up their own surveillance so they can see what's going on there and what the Leviathans might want with it. But they find that RRE already has the field wired with their own surveillance, so instead of setting up their own cameras, Frank decides to tap into theirs. After 36 hours of waiting for the hacked cameras to show any activity from RRE happening in the field, Frank and Dean use the surveillance to spy RRE employee Amanda Willer and a crew surveying the site. Frank has noticed Dean's built-up frustration over Bobby's death at Dick's hands and Dean's unhealthy mental state from it, and he gives Dean some advice on coping - either quit hunting, or fake a smile and pretend everything's alright. Afterwards, when Dean checks his voicemail and gets Sam's message, he finds that Sam is getting in over his head since he has the wrong info on vetalas - vetalas aren't generally loners at all, and usually in fact hunt in pairs. Dean then gets called by Krissy since she hasn't heard anything from Sam.

Back in Dodge City, Sam wakes tied up in the vetalas' lair next to Lee. Lee explains to Sam that after being drained by vetalas four times, the victim dies (either of blood loss or of the venom), and Lee admits that they've already fed on him three times now. Sally eventually comes in to drain Lee, but to buy Lee some more time until Dean and Krissy arrive, Sam enrages Sally into feeding on him instead with a story of himself torturing a group of vetalas. Meanwhile, Dean arrives at the Chambers' to find from Lee's notes where the vetala case is - but Krissy reveals she knows her father is a hunter (and has been trained in hunting herself, though she's never been in the field on a real hunt), and she's memorised and burned all of her father's research. Krissy agrees to tell Dean where Sam and her father went, but only if he lets her come with him, since she doesn't trust the adults with going in without her on this one because of how Lee and Sam didn't come back. Dean relents and reluctantly agrees.

As Dean and Krissy drive off for Dodge City, they talk about the vetala case and how Dean knows better about vetalas hunting in pairs. When Dean mentions he hunted a vetala pair while Sam was at Stanford, she is surprised to learn that Sam quit hunting and went to college, and Dean suggests that she could do the same. Once they arrive at the diner where Sam and Lee disappeared, they spot the vetalas' suspicious behaviour when Marlene steals and drives off with a truck while Sally and the truck's driver are in the back. They follow the truck back to the vetalas' lair, where Dean, rather than let Krissy go in with him and get caught up in the action and danger, cuffs her to the car's steering wheel so that she'll be safe back here.

Dean slips into the vetala lair to rescue Lee and Sam, just as they're about to drain and finish off Lee, and beats Sally back with a pole and manages to pin Marlene down. But before Dean can kill Marlene, Krissy rushes in in the frenzy to save her father, and Sally manages to grab her. Threatening Krissy, Sally forces Dean to let Marlene go and put down his knife, and the vetalas then set about draining both Krissy and her father to death. Krissy at first seems terrified and helpless as Sally is about to drain her, but then she reveals it's an act to catch Sally off-guard; she manages to stab and kill Sally, and Dean then fights off and kills Marlene.

After killing the vetalas, Sam has gotten his neck wound bandaged up, while Lee is recovering at the local hospital with Krissy at his side. The brothers advise Lee to quit hunting for the sake of his family, but Lee retorts by asking if they've ever seen a hunter successfully get out of the life. As Sam and Dean are leaving, Krissy comes out to say goodbye, and to say she's thinking about taking up Dean's advice and going to Stanford. While Sam and Dean are on the road, Sam admits he isn't okay and just wants to work, and Dean agrees they should just work on stopping Dick. As Sam curls up to sleep, Dean takes Frank's advice and forces a smile.








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