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Biological information
Race : Demon
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Died : 2009
Notable affiliations : Hell
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Mark Rolston
Christopher Heyerdahl
Other Actors/Actresses : Andrew Wheeler
First appearance : I Know What You Did Last Summer

Alastair was a powerful high-level demon, who served as a particularly-feared torturer in Hell; being responsible for torturing souls in Hell and teaching potential new demons in the field of torturing. Alastair was responsible for the breaking of the first of Lucifer's seals when Dean Winchester broke in Hell and took up torturing under Alastair's wing, and Alastair was afterwards called to Earth to assist Lilith in breaking the other seals.



Alastair's life as a human is unknown, as is why his soul went to Hell to become a demon; although it is known that he was apparently very old, as the centuries-old Ruby was described as a youth compared to him. (Heaven and Hell) He also had enough age and experience to have extensive knowledge of forms of magic such as Enochian and other tricks. (Death Takes a Holiday)

As a demon, Alastair was very powerful and high-ranking in Hell; he was a white-eyed demon like Lilith. In Hell, Alastair served as a torturer, tasked with torturing newly-arrived souls and teaching other, new demons in the field of torture, and he gained a feared reputation amongst other demons for being very cruel and sadistic. (Season 4) According to Ruby, Alastair was "practically the Grand Inquisitor" of Hell. (Heaven and Hell) One of the demons that apprenticed under Alastair in torture was Azazel's "daughter" follower Meg. (Caged Heat)

It is known that the last time when Alastair was on Earth before the 21st century was in Poland in 1943; it was implied that he may have been involved in the Nazi extermination camps there. (Heaven and Hell)

Torturing WinchestersEdit

After John Winchester died and went to Hell in 2006 due to a deal he made with Azazel, (In My Time of Dying) Alastair was charged with torturing John in Hell; with the intention of breaking John to break the first of Lucifer's seals (a righteous man breaking and torturing in Hell) so that the demons could then proceed to break the other seals and free Lucifer. However, John held out through all of the torture and didn't break. While only a year passed on Earth before John's spirit escaped from Hell when the devil's gate in Wyoming was opened, in Hell-time it had been "close to a century." (On the Head of a Pin)

However, while breaking John had failed, a new opportunity to break the first seal was already in place, as Dean Winchester had sold his soul in a demon deal. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2) After Dean died and went to Hell exactly one year later, he was personally tortured there by Alastair: being torn apart in unimaginable ways, then healed so that it could start all over again. At the end of each day, Alastair would offer to take Dean off the rack if Dean would start torturing other souls in his place.

For thirty years in Hell-time, Dean refused Alastair's offer, but then he finally couldn't do it anymore and broke. Alastair took Dean under his wing, teaching him in tearing into souls on the torture rack and doing unimaginable things to them; this lasted for another ten years in hell-time, before an incursion of angels came to rescue Dean from Hell and resurrected him on Earth. (Lazarus Rising, Heaven and Hell)

Hunting AnnaEdit

4x9 Dean+AlastairMeetAgain

Alastair and Dean meet again. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

During the subsequent war between angels and demons on Earth over the remaining seals, when the demons got wind of and went after Anna Milton, a human girl (actually a graceless angel) who could tune into angel radio; Alastair was among the high-level demons who were sent to go looking for her; possessing a paediatrician's body on Earth.

Alastair followed Sam and Dean, who were searching for Anna themselves, and when they tracked her down to her father's church, Alastair came in to attack. Alastair was unaffected by Sam's special child abilities and wasn't killed by the demon-killing knife, and during the ensuing skirmish, Dean recognised Alastair from his taunts. Unable to beat Alastair; while Ruby got away with Anna to safety, Sam and Dean fled by jumping out through the church's window; though not before Alastair got a hold of the demon knife. Alastair allowed the boys to escape and didn't attack them again, so that they could lead him to Anna again. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

4x10 AlastairTorturingRuby

Alastair torturing Ruby. (Heaven and Hell)

Ruby would later create hexbags for herself, Anna and the Winchesters to cloak them from both angels and demons that were after Anna, rendering Alastair unable to track or find them. Later, Ruby went to a safe meeting place at a crossroads and burned her hexbag to allow Alastair to immediately find her. Ruby feigned offering to hand Anna over to Alastair if she and the Winchesters would be allowed to go free, but Alastair instead took Ruby captive there and then and decided to torture Anna and the Winchesters' whereabouts out of her. But unbeknownst to Alastair, this was all part of a plan by Sam and Ruby to trick the angels and demons into reaching Anna simultaneously and clashing over her.

After Alastair tortured Ruby throughout the night, she agreed to lead him and his demons to the barn where Anna was being kept herself. Alastair and two of his minions arrived at the site with Ruby to find Castiel and Uriel had just found Anna as well and were about to execute her. The angels and demons immediately clashed; Castiel demanded that Alastair turn and leave now or be destroyed, but Alastair declared he'd "take [his] chances," and a fight broke out.


The angels and demons face off. (Heaven and Hell)

Alastair easily overpowered Castiel, and was about to exorcise him when Dean tried to bludgeon him; prompting Alastair to taunt Dean in front of Sam about how he'd expect more than that from him, then biokinetically torture the two. However, in the chaos as Uriel killed the other two demons, Anna managed to get her grace back from him and reabsorb it. As Anna was restored to her angelic form in a burst of celestial light, Alastair did not heed her warning to not look at her natural form and walked forwards to try and stop her; as a result, Alastair's vessel was vapourised by the light, although Alastair himself survived. (Heaven and Hell)

Killing reapersEdit

A while after the failed hunt to capture and interrogate Anna, Alastair was sent back to Earth again, much to his displeasure; this time to help Lilith's forces in breaking the seals. Alastair, with a small group of demons under his command, went to Greybull, Wyoming, and took the town's local reaper captive, then waited for another one to inevitably show up for them to capture as well. The plan was to kill the two reapers with Death's scythe in Alastair's possession once the solstice moon arrived, as that would break that seal.

4x15 AlastairTryingToBreakSeal

Alastair attempting to break a seal by killing two reapers under a solstice moon. (Death Takes a Holiday)

However, Sam and Dean also came to town investigating when people there stopped dying as a result of the reaper's disappearance. The boys encountered Alastair at the local cemetery when they were about to perform a summoning ritual for the spirit of the last person that died. Alastair easily dispatched Dean, but Sam, whose powers had grown stronger since their last encounter, was unfazed, and Alastair immediately smoked out and fled before Sam could use his powers on him.

Alastair successfully captured the required second reaper when Tessa came to restore death to the town, and prepared to break the seal, holding the two reapers in a reaper trap at a secure location. However, Sam and Dean had, with the help of psychic Pamela Barnes, astral-projected into the Veil to find the reapers and free them from the demons. Alastair, aware of this, had Sam and Dean's disembodied forms taken by surprise and trapped behind a chain of iron once they arrived, and sent a demon goon to the motel where they were staying to kill Pamela and the boys' bodies.

4x15 AlastairCaptured

Alastair is caught off-guard and captured by the angels. (Death Takes a Holiday)

With the solstice moon having arrived, Alastair began the ritual to break the seal. He succeeded in killing the first reaper, but just before he could kill Tessa and break the seal, Sam and Dean managed to telekinetically force a chandelier to fall on and break the trap; allowing Tessa to immediately break free and release Sam and Dean, and the three fled. Whilst Dean was trying to find his way back through town to where his body was, Alastair caught up with him and confronted him. But Alastair was then taken by surprise by a celestial strike from Heaven, and the angels successfully captured him. (Death Takes a Holiday)


Shortly after Alastair was captured, when a string of seven angels were mysteriously killed, they suspected the demons were behind it and tortured Alastair for information; keeping Alastair bound in an old Enochian devil's trap powerful enough to fully bind even his powers, at a warehouse. However, Alastair proved resistant to even the agels' most extreme torture methods and didn't break, prompting Castiel and Uriel to bring Dean in (against his will) to use the very torture techniques he learned under Alastair in Hell to get answers out of him.

4x16 AlastairBound+Captive

Alastair bound and held captive in an Enochian devil's trap. (On the Head of a Pin)

As Dean brutally and ruthlessly tortured Alastair over many hours with multiple very creative and excruciating methods, Alastair still didn't break, and instead continued to taunt Dean. He also tried to get a reaction out of Dean by taunting him with the revelations that he was the one who tortured John while the latter was in Hell, and that the moment when Dean broke in Hell and started torturing was what broke the first seal and set all of this off.

However, unnoticed to Dean but noticed to Alastair, throughout the long torture session, Uriel was telekinetically unscrewing a water valve to subtly leak water onto the devil's trap holding Alastair and break it. Once the trap was finally broken, Alastair suddenly broke free and attacked Dean, knocking him out. Castiel almost immediately came in to stop Alastair, but Alastair quickly overpowered the angel and tried to exorcise him. However, before Alastair could complete the process, Ruby and Sam arrived, and the latter quickly overpowered Alastair with his further-strengthened powers.

4x16 AlastairDeath

Alastair's death. (On the Head of a Pin)

Sam used his powers to psychokinetically torture Alastair, and under the immensity of them Alastair quickly broke: he revealed in front of Sam and Castiel that the demons weren't behind the angel-killings. Alastair then expected Sam to try and use his powers to exorcise him; but Sam's powers had gotten strong enough that he was now able to psychokinetically kill Alastair, which he did, destroying the ancient demon. (On the Head of a Pin)


A pure sadist and a torture artist, Alastair was an incredibly sinister, evil, confident, sadistic and cruel demon; who revelled in and enjoyed the torturing of others, and considered and treated it as an art. Alastair also in this respect, unlike other demons, not only liked Hell but actually preferred it to Earth; he felt at home among Hell's grizzly and disgusting torture, and considered the mortal plane to be an "arctic craphole" in comparison due to Earth's lack of blood and fire and agony.

More of a torturer and macabre artist than a politician, Alastair personally did not care particularly for Lilith's war to free Lucifer; he actually hated being called to duty on Earth to help break the seals, and would want to get his job done quickly so he could return to his "studies" in Hell. he also had a berating elder-like attitude towards the much younger demons' attitude with the torture he worshipped as art, commenting on their lack of patience and craftsmanship.

As a much older, stronger and more experienced and knowledgeable demon than most others, Alastair was a dangerously daring and confident enemy. Alastair's confidence and strength was such that he was one of the few demons who couldn't be intimidated by and would take on even angels without any fear; although this confidence was not overinflated, as Alastair has shown himself to be more than a match in a fight against a low-level angel.

Though a completely evil being, Alastair has been known to have a complex, mentor-student fondness for those he took under his wing in Hell; in particular Dean Winchester, whom he liked to taunt in battle with reminders of Dean's time under him in Hell, and mimicking a schoolteacher's treatment of a former-student when interacting with him.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Alastair was an incredibly strong and extremely powerful demon, one of the most powerful demons known. He was far, far superior to regular low-level demons, and he was even unthreatened by angels and capable of overpowering regular angels without much effort; although he still wasn't nearly as strong as Lilith.

Alastair possessed the basic demon powers of: demonic possession of a human body, supernatural perception of other supernatural entities (including but not limited to, invisible ghosts and reapers in the Veil), superhuman strength against humans and supernaturals weaker than he, and telekinesis. Alastair also displayed the biokinetic ability to torture humans with his mind and hand gestures, seeming to cause them internal pain.

4x9 VirginMaryStatueWeepsBlood

Alastair's presence on hallowed ground causes a statue of the Virgin Mary to weep blood. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Alastair was strong enough to overpower regular angels such as Castiel in a fight within a short length of time and without much difficulty. That, and he could even instantly overpower reapers, even in his smoke form, and when confining its manifestation to the Veil at that. Alastair was also so strong and major a demon that a statue of the Virgin Mary wept blood when he entered a church.


Alastair is much more resistant and resilient than most demons, though he does still possess demonic weaknesses. Though he's more resilient than most demons, salt and holy water can still agonise Alastair when they touch him (although they're still more good for stunning Alastair than torturing him due to his extreme masochism and endurance to torture). Alastair can be bound by a devil's trap, but is so powerful that it took a complex devil's trap of old Enochian, coupled with iron chains, to fully bind Alastair and his powers. Alastair also cannot locate someone when they are cloaked by a hexbag.

4x16 AlastairImmuneToDemonKnife

Alastair survives a direct stab from the demon-killing knife with only some pain. (On the Head of a Pin)

Alastair is so strong that he proved completely immune to an angel's smiting touch. He also seems to be almost-unaffected by iron; as he was unfazed by being bludgeoned with an iron bar, and he was able to escape iron chains unhindered once the spellwork binding him was broken. Alastair even survived direct stabs from the demon-killing knife to his upper-chest, and was only mildly pained by the knife's effects; although it was implied that while he was more resistant to the knife, he wasn't immune, and it could have killed him if it hit a vital part of his vessel very deeply and precisely.

Though Alastair was massively more resistant to Sam's special child ability to psychokinetically harm, exorcise and even kill demons; he still wasn't completely immune. Initially, when Sam's abilities were already strong enough to exorcise Samhain, all they did was make Alastair slightly choke when Sam first used them on him. But as Sam's power grew stronger, Alastair became more vulnerable to it, to a point were Sam couldn't be touched by Alastair's telekinesis. Sam's abilities eventually became so strong that he was able to psychokinetically torture Alastair to a point where his will broke within seconds where angels' and Dean's expertise torture over hours had failed; and so that Sam was able to successfully destroy Alastair.

Forms taken (possession)Edit



  • Though there is no real-life demonology lore of a demon called Alastair, fans have suggested that Alastair could be based on Alastor; a figure of Christian demonology who is likened to a possessing entity and considered to be the chief executioner of the Monarch of Hell.

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