All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1/2)
2x21 SpecialChildrenColdOak
Production information
Season : 2
Episode : 21
Original airdate : 10 May, 2007
Directed by : Robert Singer
Written by : Sera Gamble
Preceded by : What Is and What Should Never Be
Followed by : All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2

All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1 is the twenty-first episode of Season 2 of Supernatural, and serves as part 1 of the season finale.


"Late one night, Sam walks into a café... and wakes up in a ghost town, abducted with other 'special children' by the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Meanwhile, Dean searches through a 3,000-mile haystack for his brother."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

On the road, Sam and Dean stop at a diner and Dean sends Sam in to get him pie. While Dean is waiting in the Impala for Sam, interference starts up on the radio, and when Dean looks again, Sam is gone. Dean goes into the diner, finding all the others inside dead and Sam nowhere to be found, with sulphur on the diner windowsill - Sam has been taken by demons. Dean is left alone at the diner, yelling out for Sam. Elsewhere, Sam wakes up in a rickety, abandoned ghost town.

Sam searches around the ghost town for any signs of anyone else there, when he hears someone nearby and finds it's Andy Gallagher (from Simon Said). Sam and Andy are both shocked to see each-other; neither remember how they suddenly disappeared and woke up here in the ghost town, but Andy does remember smelling sulphur before he disappeared, confirming to Sam that demons are behind this. The two then hear a woman screaming, and follow it to find it's coming from a locked shed. Sam breaks the shed open, to find the woman locked inside is Ava Wilson (from Hunted). Ava is shocked and exasperated at what's happening, having just recently woken up in the shed despite the demons having taken her five months ago now. The three then hear someone else in the ghost town calling out, and they follow the voice to find two more people - a soldier, Jake, and a young woman, Lily. Sam confirms Lily and Jake are also 23 and possess supernatural abilities they developed a year ago, which confirms his suspicion that what everyone in the ghost town has in common is that they're all the Yellow-Eyed Demon's special children. The group discuss their supernatural abilities, with Andy revealing that he's developed his telepathic powers so he can now project images into people's minds, and Lily bitterly revealing that her power causes anyone she touches to die and so her life has fallen into disrepair. Sam tries to keep everyone from arguing and keep the group together, then explains to everyone how a demon is responsible for bringing them here - Andy and Ava are shocked, and Lily is skeptical.

Elsewhere, Dean's met up with Bobby to find Sam by tracking demonic activity, but Bobby's observations indicate demon activity in the country has gone silent. Dean then gets a call from Ash from the Roadhouse, and Ash warns Dean that he's found something big that will help find Sam and revals much more, but he can't talk about it over the phone and needs Dean to come to him to hear it. Dean and Bobby then set about reaching the Roadhouse.

Back in the ghost town, Sam has explained to the others about the Yellow-Eyed Demon's plans for them as the special children in a demon war against humanity and is trying to get them to understand it's the truth. Ava seems to find it too hard to believe, and Jake is flabbergasted and highly sceptical. Convinced Sam is insane, Jake leaves the group and heads off on his own into the ghost town. While Jake is alone and heading off, he glimpses a little girl's face in a window and heads inside the old school building in search of the child. As Jake looks around, 'I will not kill' suddenly appears written over and over on the nearby chalkboard; and the girl then appears, transforms into a demonic monster and attacks Jake. The others quickly arrive, and Sam fends the creature off by dissipating it back into demonic smoke with an iron bar.

Following Jake's encounter with the demonic creature, Sam confirms it was a demon, specifically an Acheri; which takes the form of a little girl. Sam and the group set about learning where they are, and Sam and Jake find a tree symbol on the town's bell - it indicates to Sam the ghost town they're in is Cold Oak, South Dakota; a town so haunted it drove all the residents to flee, although it still doesn't tell them why the demons have put them here. Lily wants to immediately get out of the town despite Sam and Jake's argument that they're too far from civilisation and don't know how many demons are out there; Lily gets angry with Sam (revealing she accidentally killed her girlfriend with her killing power and things keep getting worse for her), and Sam sympathises with her over how he doesn't even know if his brother is still alive, and seemingly turns Lily round to sticking together with the group. Sam subsequently leaves the group to search the ghost town from any iron or salt to use against the demons, and while the group are searching an old building, Lily slips away and heads off into the woods on her own.

In Nebraska, Dean and Bobby arrive at the Roadhouse, only to find it burnt down and destroyed and many of the hunters that were inside dead. Bobby and Dean search the ruin for any sign of survivors; there's no sign of Ellen among the dead, but there is Ash's charred arm; the demons have apparently reached the Roadhouse first and silenced Ash and the hunters.

Back at Cold Oak, Lily is heading through the woods alone, when the Acheri's ghostly giggles are heard among the trees around her. Back in the ghost town, Sam and Ava are searching and find a silver knife, when Ava seems to be getting a mysterious headache, which she assures Sam isn't a vision. As the two discuss what's happening and Ava tries to take it cheerfully, Andy calls them and Jake over, having found two large bags of salt. Before the group can celebrate, they notice Lily is missing, and then hear the Acheri's giggles outside. The four head out to investigate, and to their horror they find Lily dead and hanging from the town windmill. Everyone is horrified, and Ava and Andy both want to get out of Cold Oak as soon as they can, but Sam and Jake recognise that that isn't an option since Lily was trying to get out when the demon killed her. Sam has the group set about fortifying against the next demon attack, and Jake states he'll cut Lily's body down. Sam laments on how the isolated location's lack of phone reception stops him calling Dean for help, but Andy then has an idea - using something Dean touched, he may be able to use his telepathic powers to send a message to Dean. Sam gives Andy Dean's old receipt, and Andy sets about contacting Dean. Back at the ruins of the Roadhouse, Dean laments to Bobby on how they can't learn what Ash found out now that he's been silenced, when Dean starts getting a headache and glimpses something. As Bobby gets suspicious about it, the headache spikes and Andy's vision shows Dean the iconic Cold Oak bell and that Sam's there before Dean recovers. Dean relays what he saw in the vision to Bobby, and when Bobby learns about the bell's tree-engraving, he works out where Sam is.

The following night, the group are fortifying, with Sam and Jake taking parts from an iron machine for weapons; Sam is using a hammer, whereas Jake is using his bare hands since his ability is super-strength. Sam and Jake discuss how Jake's ability started and developed while he was serving in Afghanistan, with lifting a truck and 800lbs with little effort. Jake talks with Sam about how scared Sam really is beneath his collected exterior, and Sam admits he's trying to look out for the group like Dean always tries to look out for him, but himself doesn't know if he believes they really will make it through what's coming. Later,the group have taken up residence in an old house and are salting the doors and windows. They are all worn out from what's happening, and Ava talks with Sam about how and why this had to happen to them of all people. Ava is hopeful she can go back to her fiancé Brady and forget all about this once it's all over, which makes Sam feel sad and guilty. Ava catches on this and asks what it is troubling Sam, and Sam then reveals to Ava how Brady was killed when the demons took her; leaving Ava distraught as Sam comforts her.

As the night progresses and the group wait in the old house for the demon's next attack, Sam sees the Yellow-Eyed Demon appear, but the others don't in any way react to either of them - Sam realises he's fallen asleep and the Demon is contacting him in his dreams. Yellow-Eyes talks in Sam's dream with Sam as the latter vows to destroy the unconcerned Demon, revealing that the reason he's brought Sam and the other special children to Cold Oak is because it's a death-match; Yellow-Eyes wants Sam and the others there to fight to the death until only one of them is left. Sam doesn't understand why the Demon would limit his supersoldiers' numbers to one like that, and Yellow-Eyes explains that he only wants one and the strongest of the special children at his service, to act as the leader of his demon army in the coming war. The Yellow-Eyed Demon explains he's revealing his plans to Sam because Sam is his personal favourite and he has high hopes Sam will be the winner. When Sam brings up how Yellow-Eyes ruined Sam's life in killing Mary and Jessica, the Demon explains Jess' death was to keep Sam determined and homing his powers rather than let him get a normal life, while Mary's was "bad luck" when she "walked in on" Sam and Yellow-Eyes. Sam is confused, and the Demon then shows Sam a virtual replay of the night Yellow-Eyes killed Mary; to Sam's horror, the replay shows the Demon's past self turning Sam into a special child by feeding Sam's infant self his demon blood. The replay then shows when Mary found the Demon in Sam's nursery, but it also shows Sam that Mary recognises Yellow-Eyes (and therefore knew him in the past) before the Demon began killing Mary. The Yellow-Eyed Demon then ends the replay and Sam wakes up back in the real world, where Jake reveals that Ava has disappeared while the group were asleep.

Sam and Jake head out into the ghost town and split up in search of Ava, while Andy waits back at the house in the safety behind the salt lines. Ava returns to the house, where she breaks one of the salt lines on the windows, then goes into the same state of concentration she was in when Lily was attacked, and the Acheri arrives through the gap in the salt - revealing Ava is in working against the group and has been using her special child powers to control the Acheri and make it attack. Ava then sets the Acheri on Andy and has it brutally kill him. Ava screams, bringing Sam back to the house to find Andy dead and the Acheri gone, and Ava goes back to feigning innocence and being upset. Sam at first believes Ava's story that she only went to get water and found Andy like this, until he notices the broken salt line on the window that wasn't like that before, and begins piecing together the truth. Ava at first tries to tearfully deny that she's responsible for the Acheri's attacks against the group, but soon the façade falls and Ava's true colours are revealed. Ava admits to Sam that she's been controlling the Acheri to kill off the other special children, and that she didn't arrive at Cold Oak today and has been there the entire five months she was missing, murdering the other special children sent to the town before the current group. Sam is disgusted at what Ava has become and how she sees this all as a championship game, and Ava explains that she eventually gave up fighting against her demonic nature and gave in; becoming a psychopathic fighter and murderer and in the process unlocking many new demonic powers. Ava then begins summoning the Acheri back to kill Sam, when Jake arrives and kills Ava by breaking her neck; the demon then flees with Ava's control over it broken.

Dean and Bobby reach the edge of Cold Oak and set about heading inside on foot. Meanwhile, in the town, Sam and Jake head out, and Sam is hopeful it'll be safe for them to leave now that Ava isn't controlling the Acheri any longer; but Jake reveals the Yellow-Eyed Demon talked to him in a vision as well and has convinced Jake that only one of them will leave alive. Sam tries to convince Jake they can't trust the Demon and that they can leave and kill the Demon together, but Jake feels otherwise and is confident he can do it himself if he is the death-match's winner, and also fears Sam will backstab him to win and get out alive. As a show of trust that he won't turn on Jake and that they can fight the Demon together, Sam disarms himself and asks Jake to do the same. Jake puts down his iron weapon and seemingly is turned back over to Sam's side that they can work together against the Demon, but Jake then suddenly takes Sam by surprise with his super-strength.

Jake attacks Sam, who tries to defend himself but is severely outmatched by Jake's super-strength. However, Sam eventually gains the upper-hand in the fight with agility and surprise-attacks, and manages to knock Jake down. While Jake is defeated and incapacitated, Sam almost finishes Jake off, but then silently decides he's better than this and tosses his weapon away and leaves Jake unconscious but alive. Sam then hears Dean's voice calling him, and Dean and Bobby then arrive. They spot each-other, but before Sam can run over to Bobby and Dean, Jake suddenly recovers and stabs Sam in the spine with Sam's knife. Dean immediately rushes over to a wounded Sam while Bobby chases a fleeing Jake off. As Sam lay mortally wounded and dying in Dean's arms, Dean desperately tries to will a fading Sam back to consciousness, but it fails and Sam dies in Dean's arms; leaving a grief-stricken Dean cradling his brother's body and screaming out Sam's name.









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