All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 2/2)
Production information
Season : 2
Episode : 22
Original airdate : 17 May, 2007
Directed by : Kim Manners
Written by : Eric Kripke
Michael T. Moore
Preceded by : All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1
Followed by : The Magnificent Seven

All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2 is the twenty-second and final episode of Season 2 of Supernatural, and serves as part 2 of the season finale.


"Driven to the edge of emotional endurance, Dean makes a sacrifice that leads to a cosmic showdown with the Yellow-Eyed Demon...and to cnsequences even more far-reaching."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

Following the events of All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1, Dean is left grieving and angry by Sam's death, keeping Sam's body in a run-down cabin with him. Bobby visits to bring Dean food which he refuses to eat, and he tries to comfort Dean about it and get Dean to accept Sam's death and get back to helping Bobby stop the Yellow-Eyed Demon's apocalyptic plans. But Dean has seemingly given up after the loss of his brother, and he refuses to help and declares he'd rather let the Demon destroy the world; Dean both physically and emotionally pushes Bobby away, and Bobby leaves Dean alone with Sam's corpse. Elsewhere, Jake has fled into the countryside after killing Sam and escaping Cold Oak. The Yellow-Eyed Demon contacts Jake in his dreams, and declares Jake to be his soldier and commander as the last surviving special child of the Cold Oak death match. Jake initially refuses to comply with Yellow-Eyes and intends to hunt down and kill him, but Yellow-Eyes forces and blackmails Jake into submitting to his plans by threatening Jake's family.

Back at the cabin where Dean is, he sadly recounts to Sam how Sam started growing up and how Dean has looked out for Sam all his life and considered it his duty to protect his little brother, and Dean declares he's failed Sam now and that he failed John too. Dean tearfully and angrily asks and yells how he's supposed to live with this and what he's supposed to do. Dean then drives off in the Impala in despair to the nearest crossroads, where he buries a box containing crossroads demon summoning items, successfully summoning the crossroads demon from Crossroad Blues. The demon viciously taunts Dean about the loss of his family and revels in his despair and what he's doing, before Dean demands a deal - bring Sam back, for Dean's soul in ten years. However, the crossroads demon refuses to give Dean the ten years she normally gives; Dean tries to declare no deal on this, but for his brother he is unable to give himself any choice but to agree to the demon's alternate terms: the crossroads demon explains Dean will have only one year before his deal comes due, and that if Dean does anything to try and escape his end of the deal then Sam will immediately die again. Dean then gives in and sells his soul away, kissing the demon to seal the deal.

Sam immediately wakes up alive again back at the cabin; in pain, but healed and alive. Dean returns and is relieved to see his brother alive. Sam is confused and doesn't know what happened to him, and Dean lies to Sam that he survived the stab and was patched up by Bobby. Dean and Sam discuss over a pizza and cola what happened in Cold Oak and what the Yellow-Eyed Demon told Sam about his plans with the special children, and are concerned about what the next phase of Yellow-Eyes' plan is now that he has Jake. Sam wants to recommence hunting and the fight against the demons immediately, and Dean is unable to deter a determined Sam from them driving to Bobby's house to see what Bobby's deciphered about what Ash found. Dean and a living Sam show up on a quietly-stunned Bobby's doorstep, and Sam notices Bobby flash a guilty-seeming Dean a furious glare about what Dean has done.

Bobby explains inside to Sam and Dean that he's found demonic omens have been spiking in southern Wyoming, and the omens are converging around a single 100-square-mile area of Wyoming that's completely clear of any demonic activity, as though the demons are surrounding it. While Sam stays in to see if he can find anything more about what's going on, Bobby takes Dean outside to talk to him. Out in the scrapyard, a furious Bobby confronts Dean about Sam's resurrection, and is enraged and disappointed to learn that Dean made a deal and only has one year. Dean feels, to Bobby's shock and fury, that he has nothing to lose and he shouldn't even be alive, but Bobby deems Dean's actions foolish and selfish, because Sam will now have to feel how Dean did after John died for Dean. Dean pleads that Bobby don't tell Sam about it, and Bobby starts breaking down. Ellen then appears at the junkyard, alive.

After Bobby gives Ellen holy water to confirm she isn't possessed, Ellen explains she escaped the Roadhouse's destruction by chance and luck as she was out for pretzels when it was burnt down. Ellen also retrieved what Ash had that he was keeping safe from the demons - it's a map of Wyoming, with a circle of five marked points surrounding the area in southern Wyoming untouched by demon activity. Bobby learns to his shock that each of the points marked on the map is an abandoned frontier church, all of them built by Samuel Colt in the mid-19th century. Bobby also explains that the churches are linked by private railway lines, which the group find lay out in the shape of a pentagram, spanning the area between the churches - resulting in the railroads forming a gigantic devil's trap, which (coupled with the railroads' iron) stops any demons from crossing. Sam realises this explains why the demons are converging around that area but there's no demon activity inside - the demons must be circling it, but the devil's trap stops them from getting in. The group still don't understand what the devil's trap is protecting from the demons, and Dean's research indicates that the only thing in the devil's trap is an old cowboy cemetery at the very centre of the trap. The iron railroad devil's trap is so powerful that not even a high-level demon like Yellow-Eyes would be able to cross it, and Sam then realises that that is why the Demon needs Jake - the demons can't enter, but Jake can.

In Wyoming, Jake is directed by the Demon to the very edge of the railroad devil's trap, arriving at one of the iron railroads. The Yellow-Eyed Demon then arrives, and he explains that fifty miles across the railroad (no doubt where the old cemetery at the centre of the devil's trap is) there is a crypt that Yellow-Eyes wants Jake to open. Yellow-Eyes entrusts the Colt to Jake as the gun is apparently the key to opening the aforementioned crypt, but when Jake learns that the gun is the one weapon that can kill Yellow-Eyes, he threatens the Demon with the gun. However, Yellow-Eyes remains unthreatened, and he gets Jake to think about the misery and squalor his family live in and claims Jake's family will have much better lives for themselves in the new, demon-ruled world that Yellow-Eyes plans to create. Yellow-Eyes is successful in convincing Jake to comply.

Jake subsequently heads to the old cowboy cemetery to open the cemetery's sealed crypt, but Sam, Dean, Bobby and Ellen are already there and are waiting for Jake. The group come out and hold Jake at gunpoint, with Sam especially fierce and aggressive. Jake is shocked to see Sam alive, revealing to Sam's shock that it's impossible Sam survived, as Jake's stab severed his spinal chord. The group demand that Jake surrender, but Jake's powers have advanced due to his submission to the Yellow-Eyed Demon; he psychically compels Ellen to hold her gun to her head, forcing the others to lower their weapons and back off for Ellen's life. While Dean and Bobby get Ellen's gun away from her head, Sam shoots Jake down; to everyone's horror, Sam then ends Jake's life with several more shots in cold blood, expressing only cold rage and no empathy or hesitation. However, Jake has managed to insert the Colt into the crypt's lock, and the doors begin unlocking. Dean removes the Colt too late, and the group then take cover behind the gravestones as the crypt doors burst open - releasing a massive surge of demon smoke, and a giant shockwave which hits the iron railroads and destroys the devil's trap; allowing the emerging demons to escape, and the Yellow-Eyed Demon to enter.

The group realise that the crypt Jake has just opened is actually a devil's gate, a portal to Hell. As demons and spirits continue to surge en masse out of the gate and onto the world, Sam, Bobby and Ellen head out to the gate and try to close it again. When the Yellow-Eyed Demon arrives, Dean tries to shoot him with the Colt, but the Demon telekinetically takes the gun back and pins Dean down. Sam sees this and rushes away to his brother's aid, but Yellow-Eyes telekinetically pins Sam back as well. Sam and Dean are bound and helpless, and Bobby and Ellen are distracted trying to shut the devil's gate as demons continue to emerge. The Yellow-Eyed Demon thanks Dean for bringing Sam back, because a deal is the only way demons can resurrect the dead, and he also reminds Dean of how brutally and coldly Sam just killed Jake and how unlike the old Sam that is - planting in Dean the seed of fear that Sam may have come back different and more dark and evil. With Dean no longer of any use to him, Yellow-Eyes then prepares to kill Dean with the Colt, but John's spirit suddenly appears and wrestles Yellow-Eyes' demon form out of his host body. While Yellow-Eyes is momentarily powerless, Dean manages to break free and grab the Colt, before the Demon defeats John and repossesses his vessel. As Yellow-Eyes can only look in horror and defeat, Dean fires the Colt's last remaining bullet, which makes impact through his heart and destroys the Yellow-Eyed Demon once and for all; while Bobby and Ellen successfully force the devil's gate shut again and stop the flood of demons. In the aftermath of the group's victory, as they all recover, everyone looks over in stunned silence at John. John has a silent but emotional and tearful moment with his sons; putting a reassuring hand on Dean's shoulder and making peace with Sam with a nod, before John's spirit vanishes in a flash of bright light.

Sam and Dean stand over the Yellow-Eyed Demon's dead vessel; happy, stunned and overwhelmed that after being raised and trained their entire lives for this, their sworn enemy that killed their mother and has caused their family so much pain and grief is finally dead. They discuss how John was able to return as a spirit, and realise that he must've been among the spirits that were escaping from Hell when the devil's gate was open. Sam is unsure of what to say now that their family's nightmare is finally over with the Yellow-Eyed Demon's death; Dean declares to the dead Demon's corpse, "That was for our mom, you son of a bitch." Sam and Dean subsequently head back to the Impala to leave, but Sam is still troubled by Jake's disbelief at Sam being alive. Dean tries to avoid the matter and get their minds off it, but Sam starts to piece together the truth and that he really did die, and he forces the truth out of Dean about how the latter sold his soul to save Sam and has only one year left. Dean declares it was his responsibility as Sam's big brother; Sam reminds Dean that Sam would sacrifice everything for Dean as well, and so he's going to save Dean no matter the cost. Ellen and Bobby then discuss the demon situation with the boys; Yellow-Eyes may be dead, but the devil's gate has unleashed hundreds of other demons upon the world. Bobby notes that this means a war between the demons and mankind has just begun, and (mirroring the ending of Pilot) Dean tosses the Colt in the Impala's trunk and declares they have work to do.








  • If one looks closely when Azazel is just about to try and kill Dean with the Colt, in the shot just before John pulls Azazel out of his vessel, Azazel's eyes appear normal instead of their iconic yellow.


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