Alpha Djinn
No image avaliable
Biographical information
Race : Djinn
Status : Unknown; possibly alive
Production information
Appearance(s) : Caged Heat (mentioned)

The Alpha Djinn was the very first djinn, and ergo is the progenitor of all other djinn and the strongest of his species. He is one of the Alphas that were created by Eve at least 10,000 years ago if not earlier.

Very little is known about the Alpha Djinn. Crowley, in his capture and mass-torture of monsters to learn how to access Purgatory, seemed to still be searching for the Alpha Djinn at the time when his monster prison was destroyed; interrogating the djinn Brigitta for information about "her daddy." (Caged Heat)

Since the Alpha Djinn apparently wasn't among the captive monsters held in Crowley's monster prison when Castiel destroyed it, he is likely still alive.

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