Alpha Skinwalker
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Biographical information
Race : Skinwalker
Occupation : Patriarch and leader of skinwalkers
Status : Unknown
Production information
Appearance(s) : All Dogs Go to Heaven (mentioned)

The Alpha Skinwalker was the very first skinwalker, and ergo is the progenitor of all other skinwalkers and the strongest of his species. He is the leader and patriarch of his progeny. He is one of the Alphas that were created by Eve at least 10,000 years ago if not earlier.

Very little is known about the Alpha Skinwalker. When Eve and the Alphas began coordinating their children to increase monsters' numbers as they prepared to retaliate against Crowley for torturing many monsters; the Alpha Skinwalker apparently had his kind start a sleeper-agent program, having skinwalkers infiltrate households as family pets to, when the signal was given, turn the human families that owned them.

Sam and Dean Winchester never encountered the Alpha Skinwalker. Lucky's pack commander did, however, mention a "boss" further up the hierarchy who could have been the Alpha Skinwalker; who was furious at the murders Lucky had committed which had jeopardised their plans. (All Dogs Go to Heaven)

It is unknown whether the Alpha Skinwalker was eventually captured by the demons and imprisoned in Crowley's monster prison then killed when Castiel destroyed it; or evaded this fate and is still alive. After Eve's death, the skinwalkers' plans have presumably been abandoned.

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