Alpha Vampire
7x22 AlphaVampireMain
Biological information
Race : Vampire
Family and relatives : Eve (mother; deceased)
Vampires (progeny and descendants)
Status : Alive
Biographical information
Notable affiliations : Eve
His vampire children
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Rick Worthy
First appearance : Live Free or TwiHard
The Alpha Vampire was the very first vampire and ergo is the progenitor of all other vampires. He is the leader and patriarch of his progeny. He is one of the Alphas that were created by Eve.






The Alpha Vampire is a predator, who embraces and relishes in hunting and gruesomely slaughtering humans as his prey, and is incredibly swift, brutal, deadly and feral in a fight or a hunt. He considers the emotions and morality of the soul to be a "pesky little thing" which always gets in the way, saying about the prospect of a monster with no soul that it would be "the perfect animal," and he is normally disdainful of humans as "stupid cattle." When talking without yet fighting or killing, the Alpha Vamp is very calm, composed, regal, cultured and civil; but underneath this polite and pleasant exterior, he thinks about brutally killing his victims in extremely gruesome and creative ways once the civil interactions are over. The Alpha Vampire apparently has an affinity for children, but it is a very twisted one at that: he used two vampiric little girls and their actions to symbolize his instructions in his psychic messages to the vampire race, and he is also known to keep kidnapped human children as "special" blood slaves because of how he considers child virgins pure-blooded.

Despite his viciousness and cruelty towards humans, the Alpha Vampire does seem to have a more caring side for his progeny and for the human children he holds captive, as he takes his responsibility as the patriarch, leader and protector of his race sternly and seriously, and he once showed a level of thoughtfulness for Emily when she'd been through enough stress. The Alpha Vamp is a very intelligent and calculating leader and talker, who prefers to analyze his allies and opponents in civil talk to confirm any of his suspicions, rather than go "jumping to conclusions" about whether or not there was any treachery or hidden agendas. Though the Alpha Vampire preferred to be rational-headed and plan ahead and to form partnerships with fellow monsters rather than be enemies, when he was pushed, his cultured demeanor would crack to reveal a very furious temper.




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