Amanda Walker
1x4 AmandaWalker
Biographical information
Race : Human
Occupation : Flight attendant
Status : Alive
Production information
Appearance(s) : Phantom Traveller
Actor/Actress : Jaime Ray Newman

Amanda Walker is a flight attendant who survived the Flight 2485 crash and was subsequently targeted by the Demon responsible.


Phantom TravellerEdit

Amanda was an air hostess on United Britannia Flight 2485 during its flight to Denver. Forty minutes into the flight, the plane crashed, and Amanda was one of the seven people onboard that survived, and recovered surprisingly well and quickly from the experience.

Some time later, Amanda returned to her flight attendant duties, and was onboard Flight 424 as a stewardess during the plane's flight from Indianapolis. Sam and Dean Winchester warned Amanda about the Phantom Traveller Demon attempting to crash Flight 424, and managed to get her to help the brothers lure the Demon out so that they could exorcise it.

Afterwards, Amanda silently thanked Sam and Dean for stopping the Demon and saving her and everyone else on Flight 424.


Amanda was surprisingly strong and calm-headed, and easily recovered from and kept her composure during traumatising situations.