Angel-banishing sigil
4x10 AngelBanisher
Historical information
Use(s) : Banishing angels
Users : Anna
Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
Samuel Campbell
Affected creatures : Angels
Production information
The angel-banishing sigil is a sigil or seal which, when drawn in blood and activated with a touch, can send any nearby angels away.


An angel-banishing sigil can temporarily send away any angels nearby when the sigil is activated. In order to work against angels, the banishing sigil must be drawn on a wall, floor or other surface in human or angel blood. Once the sigil has been drawn in blood, the caster then activates it by pressing their hand at the centre of the sigil. When the banishing sigil is activated, it will banish all and any angels in the vicinity, their vessels included, away to another part of the Earth. The banishing effect apparently lasts for some time before an affected angel is able to return to the location it was banished from.

5x1 AngelBanishingSigilCommon

Dean with the most commonly seen variant of the angel-banishing seal. (Sympathy for the Devil)

If and when the angel-banishing sigil is used by an angel against other angels, then when it is activated it will not banish the angel that drew it with the other angels nearby. Hoewever, it would appear that the angel that uses the banishing sigil can indeed be banished with the other angels and also heavily weakened if the sigil is drawn on the angel's own vessel, as seen when Castiel did this while fallen and semi-powerless during the Apocalypse.

There are apparently several different variations of the banishing sigil, most with a similar design but a different level of intrication.

Known usesEdit

6x10 ModifiedAngelSeal

The unusual angel-banishing seal design used by Samuel Campbell at the monster prison. (Caged Heat)