Anna Milton
5x13 AnnaMain
Biological information
Race : Angel
Humanised angel (formerly)
Family and relatives : God (father and creator)
Richard Milton (human father; deceased)
Amy Milton (human mother; deceased)
Other angels (siblings)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Born : 1985 (as a human)
Died : 1978 (32 years older at time due to time travel)
Notable affiliations : Host of Heaven (formerly)
Winchester brothers (formerly)
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Julie McNiven
First appearance : I Know What You Did Last Summer

Anna was an angel who removed her grace, becoming reborn as a human and growing up as Anna Milton. As she grew up, Anna forgot about her original existence as an angel, until the war over Lucifer's seals forced Anna to remember and to become an angel again.




As an angel, Anna was, much unlike her more militant-minded siblings, very independent-minded and different. She had the thought, longing and perception to recognise and greatly long for the freedom, tastes, feelings and cravings humans have and are allowed which angels either lack or aren't permitted to experience. Anna could also in spite of this act selfishly, but in doing so was that much closer to humans than to angels; ripping out her own grace, a serious crime amongst angels punishable by death, so she could experience life as a human. It was because of humans' capacity for emotions and pleasures which angels weren't allowed that Anna not only appreciated humanity but actually considered humans to be better than angels.

In spite of her more perceptive, uncomforming and wilful mindset, Anna also had a stronger sense of right and wrong than obedient-minded angels; declaring the ruthless methods of the Host to be anything but God's work when Dean was made to torture Alastair, and piecing together from this that whatever was going on amongst the upper echelons, the orders weren't coming from God. Anna also showed a sympathetic and comforting side to Castiel when he was conflicted and unsure about Heaven's orders and whether or not to rebel like her.

As a human girl, Anna was initially a haunted and frightened girl, who was distraught at having her life shattered after her ability to hear angel radio reawoke and after her human parents were killed. However, when Anna regained her lost angelic memories and remembered who she really was, she found a great strength in this discovery and the resulting understanding that there was something more she needed to be strong and fight for, becoming more angel-like, sophisticated, logical and calm-headed. However, while Anna was resolved about getting her grace back, she admitted that she really didn't want to go back to being an angel and giving up the humanity she'd cherished and appreciated. After becoming an angel again, Anna's personality became more solemn, calculating and slightly somber, although she retained her strength of character.

Unfortunately, Anna could also be ruthless as an angel and willing to commit terrible actions when she believed it was the only option and would serve the good of humanity as a whole; when she calculated that destroying Sam was the only way to stop the Apocalypse, she went as far as trying to kill Sam and Dean's parents in the past to prevent the boys from ever being born, and she remained fully resolved in that conviction and couldn't be swayed from it. Anna also seemed to have a tendency to hold slight grudges and resentment, albeit reasonably after Cass had turned her over to Heaven.

Powers and abilitiesEdit




In Anna's human state, though she was mostly powerless without her grace, she did still retain a few of her celestial abilities to a limited extent; although it would seem that they were initially inactive, until Castiel rescued Dean from Hell.

As a human, Anna retained the ability to tune into angel radio and hear the Host of Heaven communicating. She also retained enough of her angelic supernatural perception to be able to see demons' true faces beyond their vessels', and to sense when angels were coming; and she naturally retained a natural resonance with her missing grace which allowed her to sense where it had been and to probably draw it out when it was close.

Anna was also able to give powerful psychokinetic and superhuman bursts when she was feeling extremely scared and threatened; she once telekinetically flung a desk at a demon in terror when trapped with it, and when she was sent into a state of intense terror by her toddler memories, she instinctively caused a door to slam shut, caused lights to explode all around her, and lashed out with immense strength. (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Heaven and Hell)





  • In Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 4, Julie McNiven (jokingly) suggested that Anna's original angelic name from before she was reborn as a human was probably Anael.
  • There is a discrepancy concerning when Anna was born. In Heaven and Hell, Anna's patient history form says that Anna was born on 13 April, 1985, but Sam indicated later in the episode that Anna was born around December 1985.

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