Anti-possession charm
5x3 AntiPossessionTattooMain
Historical information
Use(s) : Blocks and protects wearer against demonic possession
Users : Dean Winchester
Jo Harvelle
Sam Winchester
Affected creatures : Demons
Production information
Appearance(s) : See full list below

Anti-possession charms are symbols which can ward off demonic possession, in that no demon can enter the body of a human wearing an anti-possession symbol. Anti-possession charms can be worn in the form of necklaces and tattoos as protection against possession.


Anti-possession charms are used for warding off demonic possession - when a human wears either a necklace or a tattoo containing the charm's design, no demon can possess that person's body. (Born Under a Bad Sign, Jus in Bello onwards) The protection against demonic possession which the charm gives seems to be significantly strong and powerful, as apparently not even a Knight of Hell like Abaddon could possess a person wearing the charm. (Devil May Care)

Though powerful and reliable, the anti-possession charm will only protect a person against demonic possession so long as they retain the charm's design - burning a tattoo of the charm off will instantly negate the wearer's immunity and leave them susceptible to demonic possession again. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy? onwards) Angels can likewise easily erase anti-possession tattoos from a person's body. (Road Trip) Also, the anti-possession charm only wards off demmonic possession and has no effect for or against other forms of possession and supernatural entities. (Season 5 onwards, ...And Then There Were None, Southern Comfort)




10x1 AntiPossessionCharmInverted

Dean's anti-possession tattoo seemingly inverted in his demonic state. (Black)

  • If one looks closely in Black in the bedroom scene with Dean and Ann Marie, the pentagram in Demon Dean's anti-possession tattoo seems to have changed from right-way-up to inverted; suggesting that Dean's demon transformation altered the tattoo due to its effects on and relation to demons. Besides the anti-possession tattoo's anti-demon purpose, this inversion would fit with an upside-down pentagram's Satanic relations and the fact that demons have previously been seen on Supernatural (namely in Taxi Driver, on the foreheads of the damned souls in Hell) to indeed utilise the inverted pentagram.

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