The Antichrist
5x6 DemonSpawnMain
Species information
Type : Creature (Human-Demon halfbreed)
Notable distinctions : Immense reality-warping powers
Prophesised to aid Lucifer in destroying the Host of Heaven
Main weaknesses : Demon-killing knife
Related to : Demon
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Christianity
Native range : Earth
Production information
Appearance : I Believe the Children Are Our Future

The Antichrist is a term commonly used to describe a being who opposes Jesus Christ. Also know by several names across different cultures, including a demon spawn cambion, katako or the Antichrist - is an immensely powerful half-human, half-demon, prophesised to act as one of Lucifer's greatest weapons against Heaven during the Apocalypse.


5x6 DemonSpawnPowersBringToothFairyToLife

The Antichrist Jesse Turner's powers bring his perception of the tooth fairy tale to life along with other childhood urban myths. (I Believe the Children Are Our Future)

Antichrists are human-demon halfbreeds. An Antichrist is born of a human woman who is possessed by a demon throughout the pregnancy from start to birth. Little else is known about how an Antichrist is created, but it would seem that sex or union isn't required for the possessed woman to conceive one, as Julia Wright mentioned that she was a virgin when she'd conceived Jesse Turner. An Antichrist's psyche, emotions and appearance are completely human, but they are amongst the most powerful supernatural creatures known.

Due to their hybrid nature, Antichrists possess immense and formidable supernatural abilities, far stronger than those of any demons or angels. According to Castiel, an Antichrist's powers grow especially strong when Lucifer is walking the Earth. When an Antichrist grows strong, its powers can involuntarily alter and reshape reality within a radius of two miles so as to bring lies that the Antichrist believes in to life Jesse's powers caused urban legends he believed in - such as joy-buzzers causing massive electrocution, itching powder driving those afflicted to stratch their skulls open, and an apparition of his idea of the tooth fairy manifesting in homes in the night to swap people's teeth for quarters - to manifest in reality. Antichrists' powers also automatically cloak them from being tracked by both angels and demons.

5x6 DemonSpawnTurnsAngelIntoMiniature

Castiel was turned into a toy by Jesse's powers when he attempted to kill Jesse. (I Believe the Children Are Our Future)

Antichrists' abilities are able to easily overwhelm and subdue demons, and even supernatural entities as powerful as angels. An Antichrist can block demons' powers, telekinetically bind demons and even expel them from their vessels, with verbal commands; and an Antichrist CAN go as far as transforming an angel into an inanimate miniature by survival instinct alone. At full power, an Antichrist is capable of destroying the entire Host of Heaven, "with a word."

Antichrists can also teleport themselves to anywhere on the entire Earth "with a thought," and can heal and reverse all the damage previously caused by their powers. When an Antichrist is feeling angry and upset, it is known that it can cause intimidating tremors just by feeling the emotion; Castiel described what an Antichrist can do when it's angry as unimaginable.

It is unknown whether Antichrists are mortal like non-supernatural lifeforms, or can only be killed by specific supernatural methods; although either way, it was implied that the demon-killing knife could kill an Antichrist. As they are only half-demon and are half-human as well, Antichrists are not inherently evil, and their morality (good, evil or neutrally benevolent) is decided, just like humans', by their upbringing and their own choices. (I Believe the Children Are Our Future)


According to Castiel, during the Apocalypse, as the Antichrist's power grew with Lucifer's presence on Earth, it would eventually do something that would draw the demons to it and allow them to find the Antichrist. Lucifer would subsequently twist and corrupt the Antichrist to become one of his greatest weapons in the war against Heaven, and the Antichrist would destroy the angels of Heaven "with a word." (I Believe the Children Are Our Future)

Known AntichristsEdit


The Antichrist is an unholy figure mentioned in the New Testament of the Christian Bible, and is widely regarded as the opposite and archenemy of Jesus Christ and as the enemy of humankind. The Antichrist is generally interpreted as a leader who will rise to power during the Apocalypse, and he will deceive people into thinking he provides salvation from the Apocalypse, but will ultimately lead them to their damnation. It is believed that after the Rapture, the Antichrist will deceive the nations of the world and will cause war, sin and corruption to rise. This will last until at the end of the seven-year Tribulations, when the Second Coming of Jesus occurs and the Antichrist is destroyed. The Antichrist's final fate is to be cast into the Lake of Fire to be punished with Lucifer and the False Prophet and all the other forces of evil for all eternity.

According to fiction, legends and mythology, a cambion is the offspring of a human and a demon (specifically usually an incubus and a human woman). According to the Malleus Maleficarum, a cambion is conceived when a succubus steals a human man's sperm through sex, then passes it on to an incubus, who will in turn use it to impregnate a human woman. The Malleus Maleficarum also states that cambions initially lack vital signs such as breath and a pulse, but as they grow up, they become more and more difficult to differentiate from humans. Cambions are said to often have evil tendencies due to the demonic side of their heritage, and to be able to persuade even the strongest-hearted individuals to do their bidding. One famous cambion in stories and legends was Merlin. One other characteristic that has been applied to cambions is that they are incredibly heavy to the point that not even a horse can carry them.


  • When explaining to Sam and Dean how Antichrists aren't really Lucifer's spawn, Castiel comments, "your Bible gets more wrong than it does right." But ironically, the Bible never actually describes the Antichrist as the son of Lucifer; the concept of the Antichrist being the Devil's child actually originates in films such as The Omen.
  • Exactly how Antichrists are conceived is unknown; all that is known is that an Antichrist can be born of a female virgin who is under demonic possession throughout the entire pregnancy. It is thought by fans that there are other requirements besides a demon possessing a female virgin for nine months to create an Antichrist, judging by how Antichrists seem to be very rare. The creature profile on Antichrists in Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 5 notes that the requirements are unknown; but it does draw attention to the lore of cambions being conceived when a succubus steals a human man's seed through sex, then transfers it to an incubus, who in turn impregnates a human woman with the demon-tainted seed.
  • Though the actual Antichrist wasn't introduced into Supernatural until Season 5, Sam had previously been labelled as the Antichrist due to his status as a special child and his destiny to cause the end of the world; Kubrick and Gordon Walker themselves considered Sam the actual Antichrist when hunting him in Season 3.