Appointment in Samarra
Production information
Season : 6
Episode : 11
Original airdate : 10 December, 2010
Directed by : Sera Gamble
Robert Singer
Written by : Ben Edlund
Preceded by : Caged Heat
Followed by : Like a Virgin

Appointment in Samarra is the eleventh episode and mid-season finale of Season 6 of Supernatural.


Dean seeks Death out in the former's search for a way to restore Sam's soul, and bargains with Death that the Grim Reaper will restore Sam's soul if Dean can take Death's place reaping the dying for 24 hours. It goes well, until Dean is faced with the task of reaping a little girl. Meanwhile, Sam goes to Balthazar to find a way of stopping his tortured soul being restored, and upon learning he can stop his soul returning by killing his father figure, Sam targets and turns on Bobby with the intention of murdering him.

Full synopsisEdit

Dean goes to Dr. Roberts, a former-doctor and an old acquaintance of John responsible for patching up John's wounds, and Dean has Roberts give him a near-death experience via fatal injection. Once Dean's spirit has left his body, he immediately summons Tessa to have her call Death. Though Tessa refuses, Death arrives anyway. Dean tells Death he summoned him because he figures Death is one of the few beings powerful enough to jailbreak Lucifer's cage without damaging its integrity, and so he wants Death to retrieve Sam's missing soul from the cage along with Adam. Death partially agrees to Dean's request; agreeing to rescue one of Dean's brothers, with Dean inevitably choosing Sam, if Dean can fulfil a wager. Death wants Dean to take his place as the Grim Reaper for one day, by putting on Death's ring. If Dean can be Death without taking off the ring before the 24 hours are up, then Death will rescue and restore Sam's soul, and will place a mental wall to protect Sam's mind against the immense and severe mutilation his soul has suffered in the cage; but if Dean fails, Death will leave Sam's soul to stay in the cage. Dr. Roberts then revives Dean when his time has long expired, before Dean can ask Death the purpose behind this wager.

Dean returns to Bobby's to tell Sam and Bobby about the wager and what Death told him. Sam is completely against getting his soul back due to Crowley and Castiel's repeated warnings about what its damage from the cage would do to him, especially when Dean admits that Death's wall won't necessarily be permanent. Sam tries to get to Death's ring, which is buried on Bobby's scrapyard, before Dean, but fails. Though Sam seemingly relents that Dean will do what he has to do, Dean, knowing what soulless Sam is capable of, warns an equally cautious Bobby to watch him carefully. Dean then puts on the ring, and enters the Veil as a reaper-like invisible entity akin to Death. Tessa arrives to act as Dean's guide and assistant, who will take Dean to everyone whose time is up; Dean, as Death, will kill each person with a touch, and Tessa will then reap their spirits.

Dean's first task is an aggressive gunman who is shot while robbing a store, though Dean lets him suffer through his wound for a few moments before Dean kills him and Tessa reaps him. Dean's next task is a gluttonous man who suffers a heart attack while eating pizza, and Dean also kills him (and tries to answer the man's spirit's question about what life is all about with a Dust in the Wind quote, unsuccessfully). Dean's job as Death for the day is going good, until the next person he's assigned to kill and reap is a little girl with a severe heart condition. Despite Tessa's insistence that the natural order must be followed, Dean refuses to kill the girl and lets her live, resulting in the girl making a miraculous recovery.

Though it at first appears as though letting the girl live turned out alright, the girl's survival soon causes a chain reaction which leads to the girl's nurse getting in a fatal car accident. Dean reluctantly reaps the nurse, who is distraught to learn from Tessa before being reaped that she would have lived for years and had many children and grandchildren if Dean hadn't messed up. While the recovered girl and her father discuss a vacation, Tessa explains to Dean that because the girl is living after her time is up, her life is disrupting the natural order, and so death and pain like what happened to the nurse will follow the girl and affect those around her as long as she's alive. Before Dean can change his mind about the girl's fate, he notices the dead nurse's husband Scott, devastated and broken by his wife's death, drink-driving outside and about to crash into a busload of people.

Dean goes off to try and intervene, but the only way to stop the disaster is by taking off Death's ring and swerving Scott's crashing car out of the way. Dean then puts the ring back on and becomes Death again, but he and Tessa sadly note that since Dean took the ring off before the end of the day, he has lost the wager and his chance at restoring Sam's soul. However, Dean has learned his lesson about the consequences that come with disrupting the natural order, and goes back to reap the little girl. Though Dean is saddened upon learning the girl's loving father will be left with no other family, he reluctantly kills the girl to end the death her existence is causing. Dean and the girl's spirit both sadly agree that the natural order is cruel and unfair but has to be followed, before Tessa reaps the girl.

Meanwhile, as Sam and Bobby await Dean's return, Sam sneaks out to contact Balthazar. After summoning Balthazar, Sam demands that Balthazar give him a means of rendering his soulless state permanent and irreversible so that Dean can't restore his mutilated soul. Balthazar agrees out of his grudge towards Dean and wanting Sam in his debt, and explains that there is a spell which can scar and pollute Sam to the point that his soul can never return. The trickiest part of the spell is that Sam must kill his father. John is dead, but Balthazar states that it doesn't have to be Sam's biological father but just a father figure - like Bobby.

Sam returns to Bobby's and tries to bludgeon him while his back is turned, but Bobby second-guesses Sam's move and knocks him out. But Sam quickly recovers and skulks around Bobby's house, stalking him, and corners him in his closet. Though it seems as though Sam has Bobby trapped, Bobby manages to lock Sam in the basement and wound him by trapdoor. However, when Bobby goes down to find Sam, he discovers that Sam has escaped onto the yard by climbing up through the panic room's ceiling shaft. Bobby heads out onto the yard, following blood trails left by Sam, but Sam manages to sneak up on Bobby and knock him out. Sam subsequently ties Bobby up and prepares to kill him for the spell. Bobby tries to plead with Sam that he must knows this is evil and wrong, but without his soul, Sam just can't feel it. However, Dean takes off the ring and returns just in time to save Bobby and knock Sam out.

Bobby and Dean chain Sam up in the panic room, but Dean is distraught and stressing over what to do about Sam now that Dean's lost the wager to get Sam's soul back. As Dean goes off on his own, Death arrives to take his ring back, and discusses over bacon dogs what Dean experiences today as Death. Death notes that being Death is a much heavier burden than it seems, and he's pleased to learn that Dean has learned his lesson about the consequences of disrupting the natural order. Though Dean failed their wager, Death intends to retrieve and restore Sam's soul anyway, since Sam and Dean are currently looking into a very important topic concerning souls. Death then retrieves Sam's soul from Hell, and goes to the panic room to reunite Sam with his soul, as Sam unsuccessfully pleads with Dean not to do this because of what could happen. Death warns Sam that the protective mental wall will itch, and that Sam shouldn't scratch, because what the Hell memories will do to Sam if the wall collapses will be unspeakable. Death then forces Sam's soul back into place, and Sam screams in agony as his body and soul are reunited.







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