9x3 BartholomewMain
Biological information
Race : Angel
Family and relatives : Other angels (kin and siblings)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Born : Before humanity
Died : 2014
Notable affiliations : Naomi (formerly)
Castiel (formerly)
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Adam J. Harrington
First appearance : I'm No Angel

Bartholomew, nicknamed Bart for short by some, is a bureaucratic angel who began rounding the fallen angels up and finding them vessels after the Fall. He gathered his own faction among the fallen angels, and entered a major feud with Malachi's faction.



Like all other angels, Bartholomew was presumably created by God sometime before humanity. According to Maurice, Bartholomew was the bureaucratic high-ranking angel Naomi's protégé and apprenticed under her. (I'm No Angel)

After the Apocalypse was derailed in 2010, during the following civil war in Heaven among the angels, Bartholomew was among the angels who sided with Castiel in stopping Raphael from restarting the Apocalypse, with Bart serving as a foot soldier. Bartholomew personally doubted Castiel because of Cass' conscience, though he kept quiet about his doubts. Bart was at one point part of an incursion of twenty angels behind enemy lines who successfully drove Raphael's forces back, which raised Bart's view and image of Castiel. Bartholomew was also, during the civil war, at one point charged with captive Raphael-followers, whom Bart mercilessly tortured and then killed. (Captives)

After the FallEdit

In 2013, Metatron cast a powerful spell which caused the Fall; weakening all the other angels in Heaven and banishing them all to Earth, including Bartholomew. (Sacrifice, Season 9) After Bartholomew and all of Heaven's other angels were weakened and banished to Earth in the Fall, Bartholomew quickly began gathering and massing a faction among the many fallen angels on Earth; seeking to find and capture Metatron and reverse the Fall so they could take back and rule Heaven. Bartholomew and his angels also infiltrated and got control of Boyle Ministries, Inc.'s religious podcast by convincing Buddy Boyle that they were doing God's work. Boyle and Bartholomew subsequently used the podcast to find vessels for as many of those of their angel siblings who were still disembodied as they could, by coercing and encouraging the viewers in Boyle's podcasts to let in any angels that circled them as potential vessels. (I'm No Angel)

9x3 BartholomewSummonsAngel

Bartholomew summoning a disembodied angel to possess and test a religious volunteer as a possible vessel. (I'm No Angel)

As Bartholomew and his angel faction began seeking out and finding vessels for those of the fallen angels that were still disembodied, Bartholomew also set about tracking down and capturing Castiel, aware that Castiel had been involved with Metatron at the time Metatron caused the Fall, in hopes that Castiel would be able to give them information on how to reverse the Fall and take over Heaven from Metatron. However, the angels were unable to track or locate Castiel as he had warded himself from angel detection, so Bartholomew instead hired rogue reapers such as Maurice and April Kelly to find and interrogate Castiel for them. Though the reapers succeeded in finding Castiel, Cass escaped when the reapers were killed by the Winchesters. (I'm No Angel)

After some time, Bartholomew and his angels, after deciding their human allies in Boyle Ministries, Inc. were of no more use to them, took over Boyle Ministries and had all the humans who survived angelic possession possessed by Bart's angels as vessels. (Captives) Eventually, Bartholomew's faction faced opposition from a rival faction led by Malachi which had risen to equal power. Malachi demanded a unision between the two angel factions against Metatron in the goal of overthrowing Metatron and ruling Heaven, but Bartholomew disrespectfully refused Malachi's offer (by sending his lieutenant to meet with Malachi between the two factions in his place, and telling her to inform Malachi that Bartholomew had no interest in negotiating with a thuggish angel like Malachi). As a result, Malachi declared an all-out civil war on Earth against Bartholomew, (Holy Terror) and a subsequent race between Bart's and Malachi's factions to reach Metatron ensued.

9x14 Bartholomew+CastielCatchUp

Bartholomew and Castiel reunite and discuss old times. (Captives)

Recruiting CastielEdit

In early 2014, when the angel Rebecca started the Penitent faction which tried to live peacefully among humankind, Bartholomew sought to avoid letting them grow strong enough to challenge his faction, and so Bart had Rebecca and her followers attacked and exterminated. In early 2014, shortly after Rebecca's death, Castiel was found and captured by Bartholomew's followers while they were searching for a surviving Penitent, and brought to Bartholomew at Boyle Ministries, Inc.. Bartholomew wanted to try and convince Castiel to join him as his partner in finding Metatron and taking back Heaven, and in this respect tried to sway and pressure Castiel into shedding his adherence to conscience and right-and-wrong in favour of Bart's ruthless methods. (Captives)

Bartholomew even unsuccessfully tried to make Castiel help him interrogate and then kill Rebecca's last surviving follower when the latter was captured, but Cass refused to join Bart's ways. Bartholomew then grew violent with Castiel, and challenged a reluctant Cass to a one-on-one fight between them to test Cass' superiority to Bart; Cass only began fighting back when he was forced to defend himself against Bartholomew's angel blade. Castiel successfully overpowered Bartholomew in the fight, but didn't kill him.
9x14 BartholomewDeath

Bartholomew's death at his ex-leader's hand. (Captives)

Bart then tried to backstab Cass with a concealed, second angel blade as Cass turned to leave, prompting Castiel to turn Bartholomew's hiddden angel blade on him in self-defence, killing Bart. (Captives)


Bartholomew was a bureaucrat, who appeared calm and civil to others, but was a ruthless, amoral, deceptive and manipulative; he had no qualms whatsoever about manipulating others, and no respect for human life or at times even angel life. Bartholomew could also be quite cold, intimidating and impatient with even his angel subordinates, particularly when in a bad mood and/or unimpressed by their standard of achievement.

Bartholomew apparently believed in bringing order to stop further bloodshed by any means necessary. He also believed the end justifies the means and that there could be no victory without bloodshed; and so in this respect, Bart saw morals and conscience as a weakness and distraction, and Bart was willing to commit unethical, ruthless, vicious and morally questionable bureaucratic actions to reach his goals of control and order - he would try and destroy other budding angel factions, even if they hadn't provoked anyone, to avoid the risk of them becoming a threat to Bartholomew's power, and Bart would also torture other angels for any information and then kill them when they were of no more use to him. It is said that due to Bartholomew's ruthless bureaucratic ways and actions and his terrible treatment of captives and enemies, even other angels considered him monstrous.

While Bart believed in order, he was also very ambitious in his position and power and was determined to be the one issuing orders rather than taking them; in this respect, Bartholomew showed probable signs of an inferiority complex. Despite Bart's ruthless, bureaucratic ways and beliefs, he was still capable of empathy and admiration for fellow angels; he showed joy and friendliness towards Castiel as an old friend, and he seemed to genuinely want Cass to comply to Bart's ways rather than have to kill Cass.

Special abilitiesEdit

As an angel, Bartholomew was capable of listening in to angel radio and needed to possess a human vessel to gain corporeal human form on Earth. Bartholomew could also summon disembodied angels that had yet to gain vessels and infuse them with consenting humans as possible vessels.


Like all other angels, Bartholomew couldn't track individuals who were cloaked by Enochian sigils against angel radar, and could be killed by a stab to a vital part of his vessel with an angel blade. It was also possible for angels as strong as or stronger than Bartholomew to best and beat him in physical combat.


  • Although Reverend Buddy Boyle nicknamed Bartholomew 'Bart', Bartholomew appeared to dislike this nickname.

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