Becky Rosen: "Look, Mr. Edlund... Yes, I'm a fan, but I really don't appreciate being mocked. I know that Supernatural is just a book, okay? I know the difference between fantasy and reality."
Chuck Shurley: "Becky, it's all real."
Becky Rosen: "I knew it!!"
— Becky upon being contacted by Chuck to help Sam and Dean.[src]
Becky Rosen
5x9 BeckyRosenMain
Biological information
Race : Human
Family and relatives : Sam Winchester (brief husband)
Status : Alive
Biographical information
Notable affiliations : Winchester brothers
Chuck Shurley
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Emily Perkins
First appearance : Sympathy for the Devil

Becky Rosen is an avid and eccentric fan of Chuck Shurley's Supernatural books, and has an unhealthy fixation on Sam Winchester.



Little is known about Becky's past, although she was highly unpopular and bullied throughout high school because of her geeky and quirky personality. (Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!) When she found something she loved in the form of the Supernatural books, she devoted her passion to them. She also became webmistress of Supernatural fansite, and wrote "a few" Wincest fanfictions. (Sympathy for the Devil)

Meeting the real Sam and DeanEdit

Very shortly after the start of the Apocalypse in 2009, Becky was in the middle of writing a Wincest Supernatural fanfiction, when she was instant-messaged by Chuck Shurley himself for help. Chuck told her the truth about how the characters, events and mythos of the Supernatural books were in fact all real (much to her excitement), and filled her in on the angels, then gave her Sam and Dean's location along with a message he needed her to pass on to them about how to find the Michael Sword.

5x1 BeckyMeetsSam

"Sam... is it really you!? And you're so firm!" (Sympathy for the Devil)

Upon going to the Winchesters and giving them Chuck's message, Becky was unimpressed to find that Dean was "not what [she]'d pictured," but was amazed to see Sam real and in the flesh and couldn't stop groping his chest muscles. (Sympathy for the Devil)

Supernatural conventionEdit

When Chuck and a friend of his were hosting the first ever annual Supernatural convention at a hotel in Vermillion, Ohio, Becky impulsively pickpocketed Chuck's phone and used it to bring Sam and Dean (particularly Sam) to see the convention by sending them a fake SOS. Throughout the convention, Becky regularly sent sexual appeal and extreme flirtation Sam's way, much to Sam's discomfort, and to Chuck's dismay (since the latter was interested in Becky, but she was remaining uninterested in him and fixated on Sam).

Towards the end of the convention, Becky witnessed with the other attending Supernatural fans as one of a trio of real ghosts on a killing spree in the building attacked the hotel manager before Chuck fiercely fought it off with an iron microphone-holder, impressing Becky and finally getting her interested in Chuck.

5x9 BeckyBlowsSamKiss

Becky gives Sam an erotic wink while a dismayed Chuck sulks on. (The Real Ghostbusters)

The morning after the ghosts had been stopped, Becky, ending up together with Chuck, sadly 'broke up' with Sam; though Sam was disturbed by Becky's frenetic fantasies about the alleged love between them, he played along and pretended to be heartbroken for Becky. Becky also told Sam about the Supernatural book Time Is on My Side, specifically how it gave the Colt's hidden location since its theft by Bela Talbot as being in Crowley's possession. (The Real Ghostbusters)

Marrying SamEdit

7x8 Becky+SamMarried

Becky and Sam, the latter secretly drugged with love potion, get married, to Dean's shock. (Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!)

Chuck and Becky's relationship didn't work out, and before the end of the Apocalypse, Chuck had dumped Becky. Chuck nervously said he'd found he "had too much respect for her," and Becky analogously suspected that she'd "intimidated him with [her] vibrant sexuality." (Swan Song, Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!) As a result of the breakup with Chuck, Becky started fixating on Sam again, possibly even more so than before.

Wanting to have Sam as her 'true love,' Becky obtained a love potion supply from Guy, whom she believed to be a wiccan (unaware that he was actually a crossroads demon). Aware of Sam and Dean's annual trip to Vegas from the Supernatural book, when Sam was camping out in the Nevada desert without Dean during the stay, Becky used the love potion on Sam to make him suddenly fall in love with her and quickly marry her at a local chapel.

Becky afterwards took Sam to Pike Creek, Delaware so that she could show him off to all her former-bullies and -rivals at her upcoming high school reunion. She and Sam also began working together as partner hunters investigating a series of people having their dreams come true and then die in freak accidents, and Dean and Becky grew hostile towards each-other due to Dean's rightful suspicions and distrust about Sam's marriage to Becky. When Becky ran out of her last love potion vial just as the previous dose on Sam wore off, she resorted to knocking Sam out and tying him down to the bed at her family's local honeymoon cabin, before leaving to get a love potion refill from Guy. When Becky discovered that Guy was in fact a crossroads demon, he offered her a deal for her soul: to make Sam fall in love with her permanently, and to extend her ddeadline to 25 years before her soul was due.

7x8 DemonTrappedDevilsTrap

Becky gets to trap an actual demon in a devil's trap. (Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!)

Though Becky was tempted by Guy's deal due to her insecurities about whether or not she would ever be able to find someone who would love her for who she was, she ultimately took up Sam's advice that she was better than this, and freed Sam and helped him, Dean and Garth Fitzgerald IV to trap Guy. Becky also finally got to be a real part of the action with Sam and Dean when, during a skirmish with Guy and his demon intern Jackson, Becky managed to kill Jackson with the demon knife and saved Sam's life in the process; she also finally saw Crowley in person when the latter came to take and punish Guy for exploiting a loophole in Hell's soul deal system. Sam and Becky afterwards annulled their marriage, although Sam tried to cheer Becky up, and gave her a nudge in Garth's direction. (Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!)

Continuing Chuck's workEdit

After Chuck had disappeared at the end of the Apocalypse, Becky had apparently uploaded all of his unpublished Supernatural works (chronicling the events from Dean's resurrection by Castiel to Sam's sacrifice to stop the Apocalypse) to Amazon, under the username BeckyWinchester176. The unpublished Supernatural books were initially assumed to be fanfiction, before they were verified as Chuck's work (Slumber Party) and accepted by the fans as canon. (Fan Fiction)


Becky was a highly geeky, passionate, cute and frenetic individual, who had a lot of enthusiasm, passion and devotion for the Supernatural books (and, by extension, the paranormal reality that the books chronicled). She could also be very much of a quirky sexy towards someone such as Sam who held her fixation, displaying sex appeal and somewhat-melodramatic love fantasies when someone had caught her eye or when she believed she and someone were in love; this behaviour could, rather comically, make being near or around Becky very uncomfortable for men such as Sam who didn't reciprocate her energetic attraction.

Due to her very energetic outlook and behavior, Becky could be remarkably impulsive and slightly manipulative to get her own way where Sam and/or Supernatural was concerned; she once pickpocketed Chuck's phone to send a fake major SOS out to Sam and Dean in order to bring them to the Supernatural convention. After getting dumped by Chuck, Becky came to feel more hopeless and insecure about her geeky inner-self and her romantic future, to the point that she was willing to take her attraction to Sam a great step further; going from simply groping him and throwing sexual appeal his way to drugging him with love potion into marrying her, although Sam afterwards encouraged Becky that she would find the right man someday if she just let herself find him without forcing someone to love her.



  • Becky's known online usernames on Supernatural websites and forums include: Samlicker81 and BeckyWinchester176.

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