Bela Talbot
3x15 BelaTalbotMain
Biological information
Race : Human
Family and relatives : Father (deceased)
Unknown mother (deceased)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Born : Ca. 1984
Died : Early 2008
Notable affiliations : Herself
Lilith and Crowley
Winchester brothers (on and off)
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Lauren Cohen
Other Actors/Actresses : Tiera Skovbye
First appearance : Bad Day at Black Rock

Bela Talbot - original name Abbie - was a thief and con artist responsible for stealing and selling supernatural items and objects to paying clients. She was killed by a hellhound in 2008 due to a deal she'd made with a crossroads demon as a child to kill her parents. According to some fans this is because her father raped or abused her while her mother did nothing to stop him.


Bela is introduced in the episode "Bad Day At Black Rock" as a conniving thief who cons two men to break into a warehouse owned by the Winchester's father in order to steal a cursed rabbit's foot, that grants the holder good luck, unless they lose physical contact with it, then the luck turns bad and the person will die within the week. The brothers recover the foot, but without their knowledge, Bela pickpockets it away from Sam. Knowing that if she touches the foot, she will be cursed with it's bad luck, she keeps it wrapped in cloth. Her intent is to sell it to a client for 1.5 million dollars. Knowing Sam is now cursed with bad luck, Dean tracks Bela down and steals the foot back, intending to destroy it to break the curse. While arguing in her hotel room, Bela reveals she located the foot by using a Ouija Board in order to communicate with the spirits of people it had previously killed. Both Dean and Bela aim guns at each other, but Dean makes his way out of the hotel room, and since he now touched the foot, Bela's bullets cannot hit him. Later in the night Bela confronts the brothers in a graveyard to take the foot back, holding them both at gun point. Dean scoffs at this idea and tries to reason with her, saying she wouldn't really shoot anybody. Bela disproves him by shooting Sam in the shoulder, surprising Dean greatly. Bela doesn't seem intent on killing either man, but threatens to keep shooting at Sam until they relinquish the foot. Dean agrees to give the foot to Bela, but tricks her by tossing it at her. She catches the foot with her bare hand, thus cursing her with its bad luck unless its destroyed. She relinquishes the foot and allows the brothers to burn it. She remarks that she's now on the bad side of a fairly psychotic buyer, to which the brothers have no sympathy. Bela leaves the graveyard, but not before pickpocketing Dean's jacket (which he had removed and set on a headstone), stealing $46,000 worth of scratch off tickets (the foot had given him the winning tickets). Both brothers are angered by the theft, but don't feel that its worth tangling with Bela over.

Bela's next major appearance occurred in 'Red Sky At Morning' when the brother's are working a case of a mysterious drowning death that seems to have occurred in response to the victim seeing a ghost ship. By the time the brother's interview one of the relatives of the first victim, Bela has already been on the scene (going under the name Alex) in order to try and make a profit on the case. The boys go to the harbor and find that Bela has stolen their car and then had it towed. They demand to know what her reason is for being there, and she explains that it's easy for her to make money off lonely old women who are rich by selling them charms and performing seances so they can communicate with their dead cats. Dean accuses Bela of being a con and heartlessly scamming these old women but Bela defends herself by saying that the comfort she provides (whether these seances work or not) is real to her clients, and thus worth the price she charges. Sam asks how she sleeps at night, to which she replies "On silk sheets. Rolling naked in money." Bela also angrily informs the brothers thanks to their meddling, Gert, (the aunt of the first drowning victim) is no longer paying Bela to investigate the death of her niece and is demanding real answers. Dean warns Bela that the ghost ship is very real and meddling in the case could be dangerous, but she dismisses his caution. She warns the brothers to stay out of her way before they cause more trouble for her.

The next confrontation between the brothers and Bela occurs when she is trying to find out more information on the ghost ship, knowing it has some connection to the 'dry drownings' (of which there has been another). The brothers drive Bela away from the second victim's brother, Peter, who describes the ship, and informs the brothers that he also saw the ship as well. The brothers know that Peter is now marked for death, and decide to try and intervene. Bela scorns this attempt, saying its a waste of time and telling the brothers that she intends to identify the ship to put a stop to the murders. Dean asks Bela how she became so calloused, sarcastically asking "what, did daddy not give you enough hugs or something?" To which she icily replies "I don't know. Your daddy give you enough?" Bela says they shouldn't look down her nose at her, that the brothers hunt out of vengeance and obsession, and are just a stone's throw from being a serial killer, whereas she is merely doing her work for payment. The next day Bela locates the brothers where they are using a vacant house to stay in, asking how things went in trying to protect Peter. Their silence confirms what she already knew, Peter is dead, murdered by the ghost from the ship. Bela loosely apologizes for being cruel the previous day and reveals to the brothers she's ID'd the ghost ship. As they discuss details, she reveals that the reason the spirit is still active is because before he was hanged his right hand was cut off to make a Hand of Glory. She gives the brother's the location of the hand (locked up tight in a museum) and offers to help them access it. Bela helps the brothers into a charity ball being hosted the museum, posing as Dean's date while Sam is forced to accompany Gert (who shamelessly flirts with him all night, making Sam uncomfortable.) Prior to arriving at the ball, Bela, upon seeing Dean in his tux, remarks "When this is over, we should really have angry sex." Dean brushes off the comment, but smirks as he turns away. Using her acting skills, Bela helps Dean gain access to the upstairs of the museum where the hand is being kept. Dean retrieves the hand, and Bela offers to hold it, saying it will be less conspicuous in her purse rather than in his pocket. Dean, still untrusting of Bela, refuses to let her have it. At some point in the evening, Bela manages to pickpocket Dean and replace the hand with a ship in a glass bottle she found upstairs. She sells the hand immediately, but as she sits in her car counting the money, she looks up and sees the ship.

Terrified for her life, Bela returns to the brother's hide out, begging them to help her. Dean is all but disgusted with Bela, but Sam is more curious. During the evening, the brothers had discovered why the ghost was targeting particular victims; he had been hanged by his own brother- thus the ghost was choosing victims who had spilt their own family member's blood. The first victim had killed her cousin in a car accident, and the brothers that had been killed had murdered their father for inheritance money. Bela refuses to say who in her family she killed. She turns to go saying "I'll do what I've always done and handle it myself." Dean remarks that she sold the only thing that could save her life (and there's no way for her to retrieve it before the ghost would come for her), however Sam comes up with another plan. They go to the cemetery and begin a ritual to summon the spirit of the hanged man's brother. The ghost appears in the middle of the ritual and touches Bela, causing her to begin to drown. Sam continues reading and summons the hanged man's brother. The two spirits confront each other and dissipate into nothingness, thus ending the spirit's power over Bela so her lungs stop filling with water. The next morning Bela returns to the brothers' hideout to find them packing up. She gives them ten thousand dollars, saying that she dislikes being in people's debt. Dean remarks "so ponying up ten grand is easier for you than saying thank you? You're so damaged." Bela smiles at this and says "takes one to know one" and leaves.

Bela's next appearance comes in "Fresh Blood" in which the hunter Gordon tracks her down to find out the Winchester brother's location. At first Gordon threatens her, but Bela keeps her cool and says she does not respond to threats. Bela spies a centuries old mojo bag on Gordon's belt and says she'll find the boys if he gives it to her. Gordon agrees, and Bela makes a simple phone call and asks Dean where they are. Later in the episode, when the brothers need to track Gordon down, Bela uses her Ouija board to find his location.

In "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" the brothers contact Bela and ask for her help when their friend Bobby Singer falls into a coma. Bela agrees to help and asks for nothing in return, saying she owed Bobby a debt. This is a lie, she only came to steal the Colt, an extremely powerful gun that can kill any being. The brothers are enraged when they discover the theft and set out to hunt Bela down.

In "Jus in Bello" Sam and Dean intent to hunt Bela down, but she puts in a tip to an FBI agent on their whereabouts, leading them into a trap and causing them to be imprisoned. She is not apart of the rest of the episode.

Bela's final appearance is the episode "Time Is On My Side." The brothers are desperate to recover the Colt, believing it could save Dean from his deal with the Crossroads Demon. Dean asks Bobby for help in finding her and Bobby gives him a contact, Rufus Turner, who had called Bobby saying he had seen Bela recently. Dean goes to Rufus's house, and over a drink of whiskey, Rufus gives Dean a file with information on Bela. Dean then hunts Bela down at a hotel room, angrily holding her at gun point while he searches for the Colt. Bela tells him that she sold it weeks ago, and knowing how desperate Dean is (almost to the point of shooting her) she tells him that maybe he could track down the buyer. Dean knows there's not enough time for that and angrily shoves Bela into a wall. He reveals that he knows her former name was Abbie, and that her parents died under very shady circumstances, accusing her of their murder. In flash backs during this conversation, it is implied that Bela was being sexually abused by her father as a young girl, though Dean is unaware of this. As Dean holds her against the wall, he knocks loose a small herb tucked above the doorway. He notices this but does not comment on at the time. In response to the accusation of her parents murder, Bela replies "They were lovely people. And I killed them. And I got rich. I can't be bothered to give a damn." Dean holds his gun at her, deciding whether to shoot her or not. In the end he relents, saying Bela isn't worth the bullet. He leaves to go find Sam who had stayed behind in their previous location working on a case. Bela however had pick pocketed a receipt of the motel where the brothers are staying. She makes a phone call saying she that "it worked, he found me" and denying Sam had been with Dean during the confrontation.

Later in the night she breaks into the brothers hotel room and plans to kill them, using a silencer to shoot them in their beds, but discovers that the brothers escaped in time. It is almost midnight when Dean calls Bela and mentions the herb he saw in her hotel room, Devil's Shoestring, and the only use for it is to hold hellhounds at bay. He reveals that Bela's parents died ten years ago on that day, and deduces that Bela made a deal with a demon to kill them, and now her deal's come due. Bela admits she stole the Colt to try and get out of her deal, but that the demon who holds it changed the deal, saying they wanted her to kill Sam. Dean has no sympathy for her as she begins to cry and begs for help. Dean tells her that if she had just come to them weeks before and asked for help they could have taken the Colt and likely saved her. Bela says that it could have saved Dean too, and the demon who holds the deals are the same, an up and comer named Lilith. Bela says that Lilith holds every deal made by Crossroad demons. Dean demands to know why Bela would volunteer the information, and she says "Because just maybe you can kill the bitch." Dean ends their call by saying "I'll see you in hell." Bela hangs up the phone and approaches the window of the motel room as the clock strikes midnight. She hears the baying of hellhounds and although her death is not shown, it is assumed she is killed and her soul taken to Hell.


Bela has been shown to have a conniving, unsympathetic personality. She is frequently sarcastic and cynical and usually is only nice if she wants something. Bela appears cold and heartless, but this likely stems from having no one else to rely on or trust but herself in her entire life. She does not like to ask for help, only doing so if absolutely necessary. She went so far as to steal the Colt from Sam and Dean to try and to get out of her deal herself rather than admit she needed their help. Bela is intelligent and is very clever in how she manipulates people. She's also brave, refusing to be intimidated by the likes of Sam, Dean, or Gordon. She is good at keeping her composure under pressure, refusing to break down in front of Dean when he accuses her of killing her parents, only becoming distraught during the last few minutes of her life. Bela is not someone who can be trusted- she repeatedly betrays the Winchester brothers even after they save her life. She appears to be selfishly motivated, though she seems to repent this in the end by telling Dean the name of the demon who holds his deal in order to give him and Sam a fighting chance to save his life. She has very little regard for what people think of her, and is very honest about the sort of work she does.




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