Production information
Season : 10
Episode : 1
Original airdate : 7 October, 2014
Directed by : Robert Singer
Written by : Jeremy Carver
Preceded by : Do You Believe in Miracles?
Followed by : Reichenbach

Black is the first episode of Season 10 of Supernatural.


"Dean is a demon and running amuck with Crowley while Sam tries to figure out what happened to his brother. Meanwhile, Castiel is dealing with his diminishing grace."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

Two - six weeks after the events of Do You Believe in Miracles?, Sam is searching with a disturbing mix of ferocity and desperation for any lead on where Dean and Crowley are; chaining up and torturing crossroads demons such as Dar for information, and tracking any demonic omens around the country from at the bunker. Sam's only real clues as to what happened to Dean are that, shortly after where Do You Believe in Miracles? left off, he found that Dean's corpse had disappeared and all that was left was a note in Dean's handwriting: "Sammy, let me go." Castiel, having returned to helping on Earth and leaving Heaven to peacefully sort itself out after Metatron's defeat, has also been trying to help Sam in the search to find Dean, but Cass has now become bed-ridden and seriously unwell from his grace's diminishing state, so Sam begins backtracking and telling Cass to rest and not to worry.

Meanwhile, at a bar called the Black Spur in Beulah, North Dakota, a very-much-alive and transformed Dean is living up life as a demon and the King of Hell's partner-in-crime; spending nights drinking and badly singing karaoke, playing foosball against other bar patrons with Crowley, and sparking a temporary, strictly-sexual relationship with bar waitress Anne Marie. Dean has also been fighting off rogue demons who had been loyal to Abaddon; a series of former Abaddon-loyalists have been going after Dean for revenge, but Dean easily and mercilessly cuts each one of them down with the First Blade. One day, right after a game of foosball, Dean catches sight of Matt, Anne's paranoid ex-boyfriend, harassing her and getting violent with her. Dean follows them outside, where he interrupts their argument, to brutally beat Matt to a pulp in front of a shocked Anne and warn him to never go anywhere near her again.

Sam finds what he thinks may be a clue: a man called Drew Neely, who killed his family and disappeared three years ago, has been murdered at a Gas-N-Sip in Wisconsin, and Sam suspects that Neely was possessed by a demon who may be another possible lead on the search for Dean. Heading to Wisconsin to investigate, Sam watches security footage of Neely's murder supplied by the police, and interviews the cashier witness. The footage shows, to Sam's shock, that Neely's attacker is in fact Dean, and that Dean killed Neely with the First Blade in a fight when Neely attacked Dean with an angel blade; but that's not all: a freeze-frame of the tape shows Dean's eyes flashing demon-black. Meanwhile, the same security footage of Dean's attack on Neely has made its way to someone else - Cole Trenton, an ex-Marine with extensive military experience, receives a fax picture of Dean's captured face from the footage from an unknown informant; this prompts Cole to pack up his military gear and weapons and set out after Dean, lying to his concerned wife and child that he's going on a military deployment overseas.

After interviewing the cashier witness to Neely's death, Sam looks at Neely's phone, and finds a text sent to the phone to alert him that Abaddon's killer was at the Gas-N-Sip, confirming that Neely was an Abaddon-loyalist demon. Sam calls the number that sent Neely the text, and it's none other than Crowley, revealing that he's the one who's been leading the Abaddon-loyalists towards Dean. After what he's learned from the security footage, Sam believes that Dean is indeed dead and one of Crowley's henchmen is possessing his corpse, and he vows to make Crowley pay for that. However, Crowley then breaks the truth to Sam about how Dean has actually been revived by the Mark of Cain with his soul mangled into a demonized state: "The only demonized soul inside of Dean is his and his alone." Crowley proceeds to taunt Sam with the fact that Demon Dean isn't Crowley's pet or puppet but is his best friend and partner in crime. Sam vows that he will either save Dean or die trying, and then he will kill Crowley once and for all. An unfazed Crowley hangs up, but Sam has traced the call and located Dean and Crowley's whereabouts.

Crowley, having anticipated Sam's move, goes to Dean and tells him that it's time for them to go now that Sam is coming for them. Crowley wants Dean to come with him to Hell to rule at his side as his second-in-command. Crowley also admits that he was the one who's been sending the Abaddon-loyalists after Dean, but explains that it was meant to keep Dean trained-up and sharp and to ensure he had something to sate the Mark's need for bloodshed on. Dean is angered to learn that Crowley let Sam find them, but Crowley tells Dean that he's doing all this for Dean, and tells Dean to take the night to decide whether or not to accept Crowley's offer of a place at his side. That night, Dean drinks and sings karaoke even worse than before, even violently shoving people who try to usher him away offstage. Later, while he's in bed with Anne bringing him water, he suggests to her that the two of them take off together. Anne, having realized after seeing what Dean did to Matt that he's not a good person and that beating up Matt had nothing to do with her "honor," refuses him. In response to Anne's words, Dean coldly and cruelly tells her that she was indeed wrong about him, and humiliates her for sleeping with him like "every [other] skank in every small-town dive that he passes through." Anne leaves, admitting that she's so messed up that she's actually going to think she deserves to be treated this way.

Meanwhile, while Sam is tracking Dean and discovering the truth about what's happened to his brother, Castiel is contacted by Hannah for help. Hannah reveals that after Metatron's imprisonment, the majority of the angels have returned to Heaven and are peacefully governing themselves, but there are still a few rogues who have remained on Earth. Hannah wants Castiel to help her find two particular rogues - Daniel and Adina - who have killed an angel who's tried to bring them back to Heaven, so that they can be punished for their crimes. Cass agrees. As they track Adina and Daniel down in Cass's Pimpmobile, Hannah is concerned about Cass's current condition with his fading grace and how he won't be able to leave it unattended for much longer, but Cass angrily refuses to let another angel be killed and its grace taken to replenish his.

Cass and Hannah eventually find Daniel, who is living in the woods with Adina out of appreciation for all the nature and beauty there. Daniel and Adina have found much else on Earth that they admire and enjoy, and the reason they killed the last angel sent after them was because it had tried to forcefully take them back to Heaven against their will when they'd refused. Cass and Hannah stay peacefully into nightfall at Daniel and Adina's campsite. Cass is sympathetic and understanding about what Daniel and Adina see on Earth and in humans, but Hannah persists that Heaven needs rules and order to maintain Heaven's new peace and balance, so all angels must decide if Daniel and Adina are to be granted freedom to remain on Earth. Tensions rise over the matter and a fight breaks out; during which Cass is forced to kill Daniel to save Hannah, before an outnumbered and grief-stricken Adina gets away. Injured and weakened after the fight, Cass and Hannah drive off in the Pimpmobile. Cass is upset by how things went, particularly at how another angel is now dead when all Daniel and Adina had wanted was to be left alone. Hannah still insists that the chaos that order is needed to prevent is what allowed bad angels like Naomi, Bartholomew and Metatron to rise in the first place. Cass counters that after years of experience on Earth with the humans, he's learned that not everything that comes out of chaos is bad: the chaos on the Earth has brought forth hope, art, dreams and love, which Cass admits are "human things."

While Sam is on his way to the Black Spur, his car breaks down on a remote road. Cole, who is driving by, pulls over and approaches as a man offering to help, before casually revealing that Sam's car was sabotaged by him and then beating Sam down and kidnapping him. Cole takes Sam to a makeshift base at a barn, and ties Sam up. Cole apparently isn't a hunter and doesn't know anything about the supernatural, but he does want to hunt down and kill Dean in revenge for something really bad that happened in the past. Sam, knowing about Dean's demonic state while Cole doesn't, tries to warn Cole that messing with Dean seriously isn't a good idea right now, but Cole doesn't listen. Cole uses Sam's phone to call Dean, who is driving, alone, and demands that Dean come to meet him or he will kill Sam. However, Dean refuses to trade or negotiate in any form, and turns the tables on Cole: callously declaring that he'd told Sam to let him go, so whatever mess Sam is in is not Dean's problem, but that still isn't going to stop him from killing Cole if he ever finds him. Dean then hangs up, leaving Cole unsure about whether or not to follow through on his threat to kill Sam, while a stone-faced Dean continues driving down the stormy road.









  • In this episode, Sam has a broken right arm (alluded in the episode as being due to a botched demon hunt with Cass), and it remains this way for the following several episodes. This was because Jared Padalecki had dislocated his shoulder, reportedly in a wrestling match with Osric Chau in Rome, forcing the writers to write his arm cast into the episodes.
    • This is not the first time that Jared Padalecki has suffered an injury during filming which was written into the following episodes; it also happened when he broke his arm during filming of Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things.


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