Blade Runners
Production information
Season : 9
Episode : 16
Original airdate : 18 March, 2014
Directed by : Serge Ladouceur
Written by : Brad Buckner
Eugenie Ross-Leming
Preceded by : Thinman
Followed by : Mother's Little Helper

Blade Runners is the sixteenth episode of Season 9 of Supernatural.


Crowley finally makes contact with Sam and Dean again, only to reveal that he's fallen off the wagon in his addiction to human blood, and that his demon concubine has sold him out to Abaddon. The brothers race to detox Crowley and find the First Blade before Abaddon does, and are led to a Man of Letters turned witch; but instead of giving them the Blade, the witch intends to make Dean part of his supernatural collection.

Full synopsisEdit

Sam and Dean are growing impatient at the lack of contact from Crowley since he disappeared to retrieve the First Blade and bring it to Dean, and are wondering why he isn't answering any of Dean's calls and where he is. Sam and Dean even summon and attempt to force a crossroads demon (possessing Snooki) to give them Crowley's location, but he hasn't been heard of since he began searching the ocean for the First Blade. Meanwhile, Crowley has in fact 'fallen off the wagon' into his addiction to human blood, which has caused his repressed infection of humanity to come to the surface; leaving him degenerated and holed up in a hotel room with a demon concubine Lola, where he subsists on pizza and sex, and living human blood slaves, and spends his days watching love movies and lacking any attention for his kingdom's power struggle against Abaddon. However, Lola is actually a spy who's passing information from Crowley onto Abaddon's faction - the most recent info update being Crowley and Dean's search for the First Blade. Crowley eventually finds out when a demon lowlife sells Lola out, and kills her.

Based on what Cain said about hiding the First Blade at the bottom of the deepest ocean, Sam pinpoints this place as the Mariana Trench. Crowley then finally calls the brothers to ask for their help with his addiction, and gives them his location. When Sam and Dean arrive at Crowley's hotel room, they're disgusted and unimpressed at Crowley's addiction and his lack of focus or attention, as a drugged and degenerated Crowley can barely even make any excuses and rants about the humanity he's been infected with being his burden. As they need Crowley in a clear state of mind to get to the First Blade, particularly upon learning that Abaddon likely now knows through Lola about the search for the Blade, Sam and Dean take Crowley back to the bunker and lock him back up in the demon dungeon for a detox.

Crowley explains that the First Blade was excavated from the Mariana Trench and passed between several owners before Crowley lost the trail. Sam, Dean and Crowley go to the last owner Crowley tracked the Blade's history to, a dealer named André Develin, and Crowley learns through briefly possessing him that the First Blade was bought by the Kansas City National Museum of Antiquities. Posing as FBI agents, Sam and Dean head to the Museum to retrieve the Blade, but are too late, as two demons have already raided the museum vault in search of the Blade (killing three of the museum staff in the process) but found nothing. Sam and Dean force the museum curator Dr. McElroy to confess to them that before the demons broke in, she illegally sold the First Blade to an anonymous collector called Magnus. Sam recognises Magnus as the alias the Men of Letters often used when incognito, and so suspects the Blade's buyer may have been affiliated with the Men of Letters.

Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean learn from the Men of Letters' records and a fully-detoxed Crowley (who is furious now that the blood's worn off, and blames Sam and Dean for his addiction which has let his kingdom begin losing the power struggle), that Magnus is most likely still alive due to being removed from the order before it was eradicated by Abaddon in 1958. Looking through the Men of Letters' files, Dean and Sam find their most likely match to Magnus is Cuthbert Sinclair, a master practitioner of spells, who was kicked out of the Men of Letters in 1956 for proposing radical spell projects. Crowley reveals that he'd been searching for a surviving Man of Letters in hopes of gaining access to the bunker, and the closest his demons could track the survivor was to an empty field. Sam and Dean suspect the field may contain a fully-warded and invisible home or access point for Magnus, and so call out in hopes of persuading Magnus to let them in by revealing they're legacies of Letters as Henry Winchester's grandsons. The Winchesters succeed, and are transported into Magnus' posh mansion. Magnus tests the brothers' strength by pitting them against two of his pet monsters, before introducing himself to them.

After talking with Magnus about his past with the Men of Letters and Henry (and how he's filled his invisible warded mansion with a massive supernatural collection of creatures and artefacts, and used his spellwork skills to retain his youth despite his age of 90), Dean and Sam demand he hand them the First Blade so they can use it to stop Abaddon from bringing Hell on Earth. But when Magnus learns that Dean has the Mark of Cain, he expels Sam from the mansion back to the field with Crowley, and takes Dean captive as a new acquisition to "complete the set" with the Blade. Magnus first unsuccessfully tries to get Dean to submit to eternity as Magnus' antiquity and collection, and when a disgusted Dean rejects this, Magnus instead opts to use his spellwork to slowly brainwash Dean over time. Magnus also forces the First Blade into Dean's hand, activating the Mark of Cain. The Mark and Blade's effects cause Dean to feel an intense rush, which Magnus reveals will grow with each use of the Blade until Dean grows to enjoy it.

Meanwhile back outside, Sam sets about bypassing Magnus' warding to break back into his mansion, and finds a spell which acts as the key past Magnus' invisibility spells. After Crowley obtains all the exotic ingredients for the spell, Sam and Crowley successfully reopen the portal into Magnus' mansion, and enter to find and rescue Dean. While Crowley skulks around and avoids detection, Sam gets captured by Magnus when he falls for Magnus' shapeshifter decoy. Magnus intends to more conventionally break Dean into obeying his will by torturing Sam in front of him, but Crowley frees Dean; who then attacks and decapitates Magnus with the First Blade. Though Magnus is dead, the Mark of Cain remains active and Dean remains in an intense, murderous state, until Sam talks him back to his senses.

With Magnus dead and the First Blade now in their possession, Crowley and the Winchesters return from Magnus' mansion, to find the Impala has been ransacked by Abaddon's demon supporters and an Enochian warning from Abaddon left for Crowley. Sam reminds Dean that now they have the First Blade, they don't need Crowley anymore and so they should kill him now, but Crowley is aware that the boys plan on killing him as soon as they don't need him. To this end, Crowley takes the First Blade to 'safekeep' it as his bargaining chip until Dean has a chance to kill Abaddon, then teleports away with the Blade.







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