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Historical information
Use(s) : Bodily fluid and effective life essence
Numerous spells and rituals
Weapon or weapon component
Monster sustenance
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Appearance(s) : TBA

Blood is a vital bodily fluid in humans, animals and in creatures in human form, which serve as sustenance to some monsters and as a component in rituals, spells and supernatural weapons.

Types and forms of bloodEdit

  • Human blood - the blood of a human's body
  • Demon blood - the blood of a demon's vessel; demon blood has several supernatural properties and effects
  • Dead man's blood - blood from a non-fresh human corpse
  • Angel blood - the blood of an angel from its vessel
  • Lamb blood - the blood of a lamb
  • Vampire blood - the blood of a vampire; is used for turning new vampires
  • Vamptonite - human blood tainted with the Turducken formula
  • Purified blood - human blood that has been purified of spiritual corruption through a recent Christian confession
  • Dog blood - the blood of a canine dog
  • Hellhound blood - the blood of a hellhound


Spells and ritualsEdit

  • Goblet of blood - the goblet requires fresh human blood for contacting others across great distances like telecommunications
  • Angel-banishing sigil - the sigil must be drawn in human or angel blood
  • Binding blood spell - Kali's spell which would bind others to her required the subject-to-be-bound's blood.
  • Purgatory-opening ritual - the ritual to open the door to Purgatory on an eclipse requires the blood of a virgin and a creature native to Purgatory
  • Demon-curing - restoring a demon's humanity requires injecting the demon subject with purified blood every eight hours, then feeding the demon the purified blood directly to complete the ritual
  • Angel-tracking ritual - the ritual to track and locate angels requires human blood
  • Vampire cure - the Campbell family's cure for reverting newly-sired vampires to humans requires the blood of the vampire that turned the vampire that is to be cured
  • Time travel - Henry Winchester's time travel ritual needed for a sigil to be drawn in the caster's blood, and the time-travel spell would send the caster to a son or descendant due to the blood connection
  • The first of the three Trials of God to seal all demons in Hell includes bathing in a hellhound's blood
  • Universe-travel ritual - lamb's blood is among the components of the ritual to cross from the Supernatural universe to the supernatural-free reality
  • Demon un-exorcism - raising an exorcised demon again requires the blood of the demon's exorcist
  • Death-binding spell - the ritual to summon and bind Death includes the blood of the summoner
  • Cloaking flame spell - the escape spell used by Eckhart requires the caster's blood


  • Dead man's blood - blood from dead human corpses causes temporary blood sickness in vampires if it enters their system
  • Vamptonite - Turducken-tainted blood was designed to kill non-Leviathan creatures that feed on humans; including vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters and ghouls
  • Lamb's blood - combined with a silver knife, lamb blood can kill a djinn
  • Weapons forged from dragon blood are capable of killing dragons
  • Three Bloods of the Fallen - the blood of three specifics creatures that, together with the bone of a pure-hearted saintly human, creates a Leviathan-killing weapon:
  • Tricksters can only be killed by a stake dipped in a recent victim's blood
  • Dog's blood - weapons dipped in dog blood are capable of killing Veritas
  • The blood of someone under a siren's spell, together with a bronze knife, can kill said siren
  • The blood of an unknown distasteful thing was a component in killing Chronos along with an olive branch


  • Special children - feeding a human infant demon blood when it is exactly six months old will give it partial demonic nature and power
  • Vampires - victims are turned into new vampires through the subjects ingesting vampire blood or blood exchange
  • Croatoan - the Croatoan virus infects new hosts through blood-to-blood contact


  • Vampires - vampires feed on fresh human blood
  • Djinn - djinns consume human blood from their poisoned victims
  • Vetala - vetala feed directly on fresh human blood
  • Special children - Azazel's special children can boost and charge some of their powers such as telekinesis over demons' natural forms through consuming demon blood, although this can also cause addiction

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