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Blood communication
8x1 GobletOfBloodCommunications
Historical information
Use(s) : Long-range communication
Users : Demons
Production information
Appearance(s) : See full list below

Blood communications is a means used by supernatural beings - usually and typically demons - through which to contact and communicate with each-other across long distances in a telecommunications-esque manner. It required blood for the communication spell, and a demonic goblet was usually used but was not a necessity.


Blood communications' component was fresh blood, which was usually drawn from a living or dying human, (Scarecrow onwards) but alternatively, dog blood or demon blood could be used. (Road Trip, Black) Once a sufficient amount of fresh blood was obtained, the user would usually say a Latin incantation (which depended on who the user wished to contact) to activate and establish communications through the blood. (Scarecrow onwards) It was also possible to use just a small amount of blood without any container to establish blood communications, although this was less reliable, and was more of an SOS signal than two-way communication. (Sacrifice)

1x11 BloodCommunication-Goblet+KnifeOfBlood

Meg with the demonic goblet and knife commonly used for blood communications. (Scarecrow)

There were several specific steps and components which were often used in blood communications, but were not a necessity. They included: drawing the blood into a specific supernatural goblet (one identifiable by its bronze-grey colour and its outer-surface being decorated with depictions of numerous distorted screaming faces); using a specific small greyish blade that came with the aforementioned goblet; and the user twirling the blood. (Scarecrow onwards)

The blood communications required, or at least could have, both the caster and the one they wish to contact each possessing the required fresh blood. (Heaven Can't Wait) When blood was being used for this form of long-range communications, it would usually react in some way, apparently depending on what being was contacted - when a demon was contacted using blood communications, the blood would writhe and/or bubble, (Scarecrow onwards) but when Pestilence was contacted, the blood would instead pop flies out in bubbles. (The Devil You Know) When blood communications was being used by a caster to contact and speak with another being, it would seem that the contacted being's voice speaking through the blood was inaudible to human ears (being heard as very faint, quiet, distorted and unintelligible whispers), but demons could clearly hear and understand what the contacted was saying. (Scarecrow onwards)


6x20 BloodCommunication-EllsworthsMultipleBasinsOfBlood

Ellsworth using multiple basins of blood to coordinate monster-hunting demons in the field. (The Man Who Would Be King)

There incantations used to activate blood communications after the blood was obtained varied, but were always Latin:


8x23 BloodCommunication-MakeshiftDistressCall

Crowley uses a small handful of blood to send out a makeshift SOS via blood communication. (Sacrifice)

The blood communication is very powerful and practically infallible - it is possible to establish communications even from in a devil's trap, (Sacrifice) and the signal can even extend across realms to establish communications between Earth and Hell. (Heaven Can't Wait) It also not only works even in the magic-free alternate universe, but can also be used from there to establish contact with beings in the Winchesters' universe. (The French Mistake) The strength and clearness of the blood communications' signal between the two speakers was said to vary and sometimes be poor in quality in a manner analogous to with human telecommunications such as telephones. (Heaven Can't Wait)



  • Though blood communications is usually used by demons, it can also be used by horsemen (as seen in The Devil You Know), and even by angels (as seen in The French Mistake); although the latter species view the blood communications with immense disdain and prefer to only use it as a last resort.

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