4x6 BuruburuMain
Species information
Type : Spirit (Ghost)
Notable distinctions : Is the ghost of a person who died in fear
Spreads fear-increasing ghost sickness
Main weaknesses : Fear
Salting and burning corpse
Related to : Human
Historical information
Native range : Earth
Production information
First appearance : Yellow Fever

The buruburu is a specific type of ghost - one which died in great fear and terror, and consequently spreads fear onto others as a spirit through ghost sickness.


A buruburu is a spirit which embodies fear - it is a ghost born of fear when a person dies in great terror, and it infects living people with fear via ghost sickness; causing the person to slowly relive the buruburu's own death by developing parallel physical symptoms and increasing terror, until they die of heart failure. It would seem that the buruburu itself targets the one/s responsible for its death with ghost sickness, but once they're infected, they can pass it on to anyone else who's susceptible.

A buruburu can be put to rest with the same fear it is born of and spreads; essentially 'scaring the ghost to death.' Sam Winchester and Bobby Singer neutralised the buruburu Luther Garland this way by binding him and forcing him through a reenactment of his death (being dragged by a chain around his neck across the road where he died). When a buruburu is destroyed, the ghost sickness in the infected still alive will instantly clear up.

Besides its unique characteristics, a buruburu possesses the same basic and usual ghostly characteristics; it can be as usual put to rest by salting and burning its mortal remains, and it can also be physically bound by iron and spellwork.

Known buruburuEdit

Hunts and encountersEdit

  • Luther Garland became a buruburu after he was killed by Frank O'Brien in 1998 by chaining him by his neck to the back of a truck and dragging him up and down the road by his workplace; haunting the lumber mill where he'd worked. Ten years later, Luther infected Frank and three of his friends with ghost sickness, killing them in great terror like that which he'd died in. However, the ghost sickness from Frank was also passed on to Sheriff Al Britton (who'd covered up Luther's murder), and Dean Winchester got infected by Frank's corpse. Luther was ultimately put to rest, and Dean saved just in time (though Britton had already died); when Bobby Singer and Sam Winchester bound Luther with a spellwork-inscribed iron chain and drove him up and down the same road he'd died on, scaring his spirit to rest. (Yellow Fever)


  • There is no specific real-life lore of the buruburu as a spirit, but its name means in Japanese: to "shake" (usually from the cold), or to "shake" as in nod one's head.

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