Caged Heat
6x10 MegTorturesCrowley
Production information
Season : 6
Episode : 10
Original airdate : 3 December, 2010
Directed by : Robert Singer
Written by : Brett Matthews
Jenny Klein
Preceded by : Clap Your Hands If You Believe...
Followed by : Appointment in Samarra

Caged Heat is the tenth episode of Season 6 of Supernatural.


"Meg wants to kill Crowley before he kills her, and she needs Sam and Dean's help to find him. After much prodding, Samuel gives them a clue to Crowley's whereabouts. Cass reluctantly follows. But breaking into a prison proves as hard as breaking out."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

Sam and Dean are still capturing monsters for Crowley, which they hand over to Crowley's demons at a rendezvous for the demons to take to Crowley; the most recent delivery being a rougarou. Crowley tortures the captured monsters at a hidden location for the way of accessing Purgatory, killing the Alpha Shapeshifter (whom Crowley has captured along with the shapeshifter infants that the Alpha has conceived and amassed over the last several monts) when the latter doesn't tell him where Purgatory is. Dean is getting sick of working with Crowley and getting nowhere with their agreement to get Sam's soul back, and Sam feels the same about working with Crowley but insists that they need to keep playing along since they currently have no other chance of getting Sam's soul back. While the Winchesters are arguing, they're jumped and tied up by a group of demons, led by Meg.

Meg threatens Sam and Dean and demands Crowley's location from them, but Sam is unintimidated and claims that Meg needs them too bad to kill them - he calculates that Meg and the other Lucifer loyalists have been run out by Crowley since he took over Hell so he wouldn't be uncontested, and Meg confirms that she wants to find Crowley so that she can kill him with the Winchesters' demon knife. Sam strikes a deal with Meg - he and Dean will help her get to Crowley, and in return she'll torture some information out of him for them before they kill him (although Sam and Dean keep quiet about the fact that Sam's missing soul is the info they want from Crowley).

Dean is furious that they're working with Meg after she killed Ellen and Jo, but Sam says they need Meg's help like she needs theirs. Sam agrees that they'll kill Meg and her demons as soon as they've fulfilled their ends of the deal before Meg can kill them. So that they'll have 'insurance' to stop Meg from double-crossing them, Sam tricks Castiel into coming down from the conflict in Heaven by sending out a prayer to him in which he lies that they've found the Ark of the Covenant. Though Cass is furious and says he's too busy with the war in Heaven to help, Sam reminds Cass that he owes them, and Soulless Sam shows that he will hunt down and kill Cass if the latter doesn't help them. Cass agrees to help them find Crowley.

Cass tries to use a location spell to find Crowley, but it is unsuccessful. So Sam, Dean and Cass raid the Campbell compound in search of any evidence of Crowley's location, but Samuel catches them red-handed. Samuel refuses to help the Winchesters find Crowley, prompting a disgusted Dean to demand to know why Samuel working for Crowley in the first place. Samuel reveals that his deal with Crowley was that the latter would bring Mary back from the dead. Dean tries to convince Samuel against staying loyal to Crowley, warning him from personal experience that nothing good ever comes out of resurrections, and pointing out how Samuel will ever be able to tell Mary that he made a deal with a demon and wouldn't help her sons, but Samuel snaps and tells the Winchesters to get out at once. However, Samuel later comes around, and goes to Sam, Dean and Cass to give them the location of the monster prison which Crowley takes the captured creatures to.

Cass and the Winchesters meet up with Meg and her demons, and get ready to set off for the monster prison to break inside together. Before they leave, Cass talks with Dean and reveals he thinks it wouldn't be a good idea to restore Sam's soul - since Sam's soul is likely to be so horrifically mutilated and broken from enduring over a year of torture from Michael and Lucifer in the cage that returning it to Sam would probably cause him unimaginable suffering and a lifelong coma or paralysis. Dean insists that they need to take that risk and restore Sam to his souled self because of how much of an emotionless killer Sam is in his current soulless state. Unbeknownst to either of them, Sam is eavesdropping on the whole thing.

At the monster prison, once Cass slips the group inside, they find all kinds of creatures tortured and locked up in the prison's cells; among the vampires, and even Brigitta, the djinn that tried to kill Dean. (Exile on Main St.) The group are attacked by hellhounds guarding the prison, and the demons other than Meg are killed. Meg tries to smoke out and flee so that Cass and the Winchesters can continue on their own from here, but is trapped inside her vessel due to a spell Crowley has put on the facility. Meg tells Sam, Dean and Cass to take the demon knife and to find and kill Crowley, while she holds the hellhounds off (stealing an angel blade, to kill the hounds with, off Cass with a kiss). Cass, Dean and Sam run ahead while Meg fights against the hellhounds, and though she is badly injured in the skirmish, Meg comes out victorious. However, she is then immediately captured by the demon possessing Christian Campbell. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are suddenly caught and captured by Crowley's demons when Samuel, having sold them out, banishes Cass with an angel-banishing sigil.

Crowley has his demons throw Sam and Dean in separate empty cells until their fates for turning against Crowley are prepared. Samuel goes to Dean's cell, trying to justify his betrayal by claiming that he's doing this for Mary and that Dean and Sam are strangers to him; but an intensely disgusted Dean shuns Samuel as a traitor and a hypocrite who has chosen a demon over his own grandsons. As Samuel stands by, demons take Dean out of his cell, and lock him in the prison's grizzly bathroom with a pair of ghouls to be the creatures' "breakfast." While Dean struggles against the attacking ghouls in the bathroom, the demons come into Sam's cell to take him away as well, but are incapacitated by a devil's trap that Sam has managed to draw on the ceiling. Sam immediately escapes to find and rescue Dean, and arrives in time to kill the ghouls.

Meanwhile, Christian is torturing Meg with the demon knife, but Meg is enduring the torture and just laughing at Christian's lack of torturing expertise. When Christian is momentarily distracted, Dean sneaks up on him from behind, taking the demon knife and using it to kill him, before releasing Meg. Once dawn comes, Sam, Dean and Meg lure Crowley by setting off the monster prison's fire alarm, and capture him in a devil's trap. The Winchesters have Meg torture Crowley for what they want, and Crowley encourages Sam against getting his soul back - warning just what Cass feared about Sam's soul being harmfully ravaged and cripplingly excruciating from its torture in the cage. Calculating Crowley is useless to them, Sam lets Meg go ahead with killing Crowley, but as she advances, Crowley manages to grab the demon knife off of her and uses it to break the devil's trap holding him. But before Crowley can retaliate on Meg and the Winchesters, Castiel returns with a bag of Crowley's bones (having apparently found them after Crowley hid them), threatening Crowley into backing down and giving them what they want. When Crowley admits that he can't get Sam's soul back, Cass sets the bones on fire, seemingly killing Crowley. Meg then teleports away before Sam and Dean can kill her now that their deal is finished.

After completing the mission and killing Crowley, Sam and Dean thank Cass for helping them, and Cass admits that he'd rather be with them on Earth than leading the war effort in Heaven. Before Cass teleports away, Sam has him help them once more by wiping out the captive monsters left in Crowley's prison. Once Cass is gone, Sam talks with Dean about what Crowley said about his soul's damaged state and reveals he overheard Cass saying the very same thing. Dean tries to convince Sam that he just can't stay this way, but Sam decides that it isn't worth the risk and he's better off without his soul, and Sam walks away as Dean shouts after him.









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