10x14 CainMain
Biological information
Race : Human (formerly)
Demon (Uber-demon)
Family and relatives : Adam and Eve (parents)
Abel (brother; deceased)
Colette Mullen (wife; deceased)
Winchester family (descendants)
Toliver family (descendants; deceased)
Approximately 1/10 of humanity (descendants)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Died : 2015
Notable affiliations : Lucifer (formerly)
Knights of Hell (formerly)
Dean Winchester
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Timothy Omundson
First appearance : First Born

Cain - also known as the Father of Murder, among many others names - was one of the earliest humans, infamous for making a deal with Lucifer and killing his brother Abel, after which he became one of the strongest and most murderous demons ever. Cain was also the original wielder of the First Blade, and was responsible for giving the Mark of Cain to Dean Winchester. Cain was the founder and mentor of the Knights of Hell, but he left Hell and the Knights after he fell in love and was turned away from his kind's evil ways for a while.



Cain was one of the first ever humans to live on Earth; he was the firstborn son of Adam and Eve, and the older brother of Abel. Cain also apparently had children while he was still human. (The Executioner's Song) At some point, when Abel began talking to and becoming ensnared by Lucifer, Cain, to save his brother from being damned to become Lucifer's pet, struck a deal with Lucifer: Abel's soul would be allowed to ascend to Heaven, if Cain's would go to Hell in Abel's place. Lucifer accepted the bargain, on the moreover condition that Cain would have to be the one to kill Abel and send him to Heaven; Cain did so, striking Abel down with the First Blade (a blade Cain had crafted from an animal's jaw), and committing the first murder in human history in doing so. (First Born)

6x22 Cain+Abel-CastielsMemory

Castiel remembers Cain killing Abel. (The Man Who Would Be King)

Lucifer also branded Cain with what would go on to be called the Mark; which would curse Cain with an insatiable and constantly-growing murderous urge to slaughter and kill with the First Blade. (First Born) After killing Abel, Cain, rather than become the murderer the Mark would make of him, took his own life with the First Blade. But even in death the Mark wouldn't let Cain go, and Cain was brought back and reborn as a demon. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

After the Mark transformed him into a demon, Cain became a very powerful and high-ranking soldier of Hell. Lucifer ordered Cain to make more strong demon soldiers like him, and Cain subsequently founded the Knights of Hell as an elite order of demons that Lucifer had handpicked. Cain was responsible for training and teaching each and every one of the Knights and making them the powerful and ruthless warriors they became. (First Born)


Cain and his fellow Knights of Hell spent centuries wreaking havoc and destruction upon the Earth wherever they went (which in turn earned Cain a very feared reputation among the other demons). However, this ended in the mid-19th century, when Cain met and fell in love with a human named Colette Mullen. In spite of knowing who and what Cain was and what he'd done, Colette forgave Cain for all his past atrocities, and Colette brought Cain to renounce the demons' evil ways and to learn to resist the Mark and stop killing.

9x11 CainHoldsDyingColette

Cain holds Colette in 1863 as she dies in his arms. (First Born)

In an attempt to goad Cain back into killing and into rejoining them, the Knights of Hell took Colette away from him. This only enraged Cain into taking the First Blade back up (the Mark of Cain made the Blade the one weapon powerful enough to kill Cain or the other Knights when used by the Mark's wielder) and hunting down and slaughtering the Knights of Hell in his search for his wife, until Abaddon was the only other Knight left.

Cain eventually tracked Abaddon down in Jasper Springs, Mississippi in 1863, and found that she had possessed Colette. When Abaddon began killing Colette due to Cain's refusal to come back to her and the demons, Cain stabbed her with the First Blade, but Abaddon smoked out and escaped before the Blade could kill her, and thus only Colette was mortally wounded by the Blade. Colette made Cain promise not to go find Abaddon for revenge and to not go back to killing and violence, before dying in Cain's arms. Cain afterwards upheld Colette's dying wish by retiring from the affairs of Hell and the demons and from killing, and going into hiding and retirement. He also threw the First Blade away to the bottom of the deepest ocean (the Mariana Trench) to honour Colette's wish that he wouldn't go back to killing. (First Born)

Giving Dean the MarkEdit

9x11 CainAboutToGoBackToKilling

Cain, having broken his vow to Colette after 160 years by giving Dean the Mark, prepares to take killing demons back up. (First Born)

In 2014, Crowley and Dean Winchester tracked down Cain, who was living alone in Missouri as a bee collector at this time, in Dean and Crowley's search for the First Blade. Initially, Cain refused to help them and sent Crowley and Dean away. Later, after Dean and Crowley had broken back into Cain's home to find the Blade, Abaddon's demons besieged the three in Cain's house.

Cain became interested in Dean, recognising how alike the two of them were, and forced the latter to live up to his reputation by allowing several demons in for Dean to fight off and kill. Deciding Dean was worthy, Cain ultimately decided to give the Mark to Dean so that the latter could retrieve the First Blade and use it to kill Abaddon. After replicating the Mark onto Dean, Cain, knowing that he would fall back under the Mark's murderous influence once he started killing again, made Dean promise to use the First Blade to kill him as well after Abaddon, then teleported Dean and Crowley away to safety, and set about easily exterminating Abaddon's attacking demon forces. (First Born)

Giving in to the MarkEdit

10x14 Cain+CastielAtCainsGravesite

Castiel at Cain's burial site, horrified to discover Cain "has been very busy." (The Executioner's Song)

After Cain passed the Mark on to Dean, he was forced to go on the run from Abaddon's demons until Dean finally succeeded in killing Abaddon and ending the war for Crowley. However, by that time, Cain had fallen back under the Mark's influence as a result of fending off and killing Abaddon's demons; and having lost all and any faith and hope that anyone could resist the Mark's thirst for murder, Cain gave up entirely on living with the Mark without having to kill. Believing that his bloodline and descendants were tainted with an increased capacity for killers from the First Murder millennia ago, and that cleaning up the consequences of his own mistakes was the least that he owed the world, Cain decided to sate the Mark and clean up his mistakes by going after and killing off every human who was originally descended from him; despite the fact that Cain's descendants were 1/10 of the entire human population, and that not all of his descendants had ever done anything wrong.

Cain's genocide against his descendants came to Dean and Sam's attention when he teleported into and back out of a secure penitentiary to kill serial killer Tommy Toliver who was among his descendants. Castiel tracked down Cain's mass burial site in Bogg's Marsh where he was burying all of his descendants as he murdered them, and though Cain was secretly tempted to destroy Cass upon confronting him, he instead fled and left Cass alive; counting on Cass reporting back to Dean so that Dean would come gunning after Cain with the First Blade, inadvertently allowing Cain to reclaim the Blade.

10x14 CainDefeatedDeath

Cain, defeated by his 'student' in an honorable fight, bows his head in acceptance of his death. (The Executioner's Song)

When Cain went after Tommy Toliver's young son Austin Reynolds in Ohio as his next target, Sam, Dean, Cass and Crowley, having anticipated this and gotten to Austin first, were able to use trickery with an illusion spell to lure Cain into a devil's trap, temporarily containing him. Dean went into the trap, armed with the First Blade, to confront Cain alone, and the two wielders of the Mark of Cain fought. However, because Dean held back throughout the fight out of fear of the Mark overtaking him, he was outmatched by Cain's demonic strength and telekinesis, and Cain reclaimed the First Blade at last.

Cain then intended to kill Dean with the Blade, considering it merciful to end Dean's life now rather than let Dean live to be overtaken by the Mark and driven to kill everyone he loved, but Dean managed to cut Cain's hand off and grab the First Blade, defeating Cain and ending the fight. When Cain said that he would never stop killing and thus Dean would have to kill him, Dean sadly stabbed and killed Cain with the First Blade, ending the Father of Murder's long and grief-ridden life. (The Executioner's Song)


Cain was unusually human for a demon; he was shown to love his brother Abel and his wife Colette very much, and he was capable of respecting, sympathizing with and caring about those such as Dean whom he viewed as his students and kindred spirits of sorts. Cain was also capable of great loyalty and selflessness for the people he loved; he sacrificed his soul and Abel's life, and later his own humanity, to save Abel from Lucifer, and he upheld Colette's dying wish to leave killing behind forever for over 160 years before circumstances forced him to finally give up and break his vow.

Despite his more human and positive qualities though, Cain was still a very fierce, cold, terrifying, unstoppable and true killer when he followed his old ways and the Mark's influence; deeply feared among and avoided by other demons, Cain had millennia of experience in and understanding of murder and killing and what made a true killer, and had forged a very dark and feared reputation among demonkind for both his unstoppable strength among demons and the immense amount of murder he'd committed in his old days. Cain was known to have an affinity for bees, commenting that they were noble creatures and were a vital symbiote without which humanity wouldn't survive.

By the time he was found by Dean and Crowley, Cain had become a withdrawn and solitary but still-intimidating and strong-willed person, who was tired with the world, and who sought to be left alone and to avoid all unwanted attention that could lead to him having to fight and end up returning to his old ways. Though Cain was outwardly laid-back, apathetic and uncaring and wanted nothing to do with the affairs of hunters or other demons, underneath this, while he claimed that he'd just given up on the world, his loyalty to Colette had actually survived for over a century-and-a-half, before he finally sadly gave up and decided to help Dean and return to his old ways.

After returning to his old ways and falling back under the Mark's influence, Cain lost all hope of living with the Mark without killing, and became driven to follow the Mark's thirst for murder without any hope of stopping. He came to believe that nothing could ever cure the Mark or fight off its influence, thinking that anyone whom the Mark touched would one day inevitably give in to it and kill everyone they loved and break, and he felt that it was better to just give in to the Mark than to try and futilely fight it. Cain also occasionally showed tendencies toward bloodlust and megalomania after giving in to the Mark, considering "swatting" others in his way such as Castiel "like a fly" just because he could. However, Cain did still try to direct his need to kill for the Mark onto what he believed to be a taint upon humanity (his own bloodline, which he believed was poisoned from the First Murder).

Powers and abilitiesEdit

9x11 CainSmitesDemon

Cain uses a demonic smiting touch to kill a demon. (First Born)

As an uber-demon and the original Knight of Hell, Cain was an extremely strong and powerful demon; he was far, far stronger than not only low-level demons but also the King of Hell himself and even angels. Cain's superior supernatural strength against angels and other high-ranking demons rendered him very resilient against their offensive powers, capable of negating some of their abilities such as teleportation with his presence, and able to easily fend off and defeat them like "swat[ting]" "a fly." (First Born, The Executioner's Song)

As a demon, Cain possessed the basic abilities of all demons, albeit enhanced to a level above regular demons' due to his high-level power; including telekinesis, instantly teleporting himself and/or others from one spot to another, causing electrical disruptions with his presence, immense superhuman strength far above any human's, and immunity to mortal methods of killing. (First Born, The Executioner's Song)

Cain's most notable and unique power was his demonic smiting touch: analogously to angels, Cain too was capable of destroying and killing demons through placing his hand against the demon's head, and channeling a red energy into the vessel which killed the demon inside. Cain could also temporarily supernaturally-seal entire buildings against even legions of low-level demons, and could remove or restore this protective lockdown on a whim with a snap of his fingers. (First Born)


Cain was immune to most methods of killing demons, and was also more resilient against most non-fatal demonic vulnerabilities. The demon-killing knife was not only unable to kill Cain but had no effect on him whatsoever. (First Born) The only weapon that could kill Cain was the First Blade. A devil's trap could hold Cain but apparently only temporarily, and even so, Cain would still retain his telekinesis and super-strength while within the trap. (The Executioner's Song)


9x16 Cain+AbelLore

Lore on Cain and Abel and the First Murder. (Blade Runners)

According to the Book of Genesis, Cain was the elder brother of Abel and the firstborn son of Adam and Eve, and therefore the first human born and one of the second ever generation of humanity. Cain is described as having been a crop farmer. Cain was responsible for killing Abel and committing the First Murder; Cain's motives are believed to have been jealousy and anger, because God had accepted Abel's offering of a lamb but rejected Cain's offering of grain.



  • Cain and Dean are in many ways very similar: both are elder brothers who have taken extreme and reckless actions and self-sacrifice to save their younger brother from harm or corruption. Somewhat poetically, Cain and Dean are actually related, as Michael stated in The Song Remains the Same that Dean and his paternal family are descendants of Cain and Abel, and Cain confirmed in The Executioner's Song that Dean is indeed one of his descendants.
  • As noted by fans and viewers, and also shown through Team Free Will's attempts to empathise with and reason with Cain, Cain retains much more of his humanity than other demons. Though unconfirmed, a few fans have suggested that this may be because Cain was turned by the Mark of Cain's effects rather than by centuries of agony and corruption in Hell.
    • Fans have suggested Cain's origin as an uber-demon could also explain why Cain possesses powers and immunity beyond those of even white-eyed demons like Alastair.
  • Due to how Cain was turned into a demon by the Mark of Cain rather than by Hell's tortures, some fans have suggested that Cain's vessel may in fact be his original body from when he was human, as was the case with Dean when the latter was himself turned into a demon by the Mark.
  • Interestingly, when Dean kills Cain in The Executioner's Song, while the moment the First Blade makes impact with Cain's body isn't visible onscreen, Cain's body seems to lack the internal flashing effect that appears when other demons are killed, or the explosive blast effect that appeared when Abaddon was killed with the Blade.
  • Though it has not been directly stated in the series, fans believe that the First Murder committed when Cain killed Abel was what set the precedent of Cain's bloodline being able to act as vessels for Michael and Lucifer; because just as the First Murder was one brother killing the other, so was the fight between Michael and Lucifer that was predestined to happen until the Apocalypse was derailed.
  • Cain's demonic eyes were never seen. Though it can be presumed based on the fact that Demon Dean and Knights of Hell have black eyes that Cain's demonic eyes were probably black as well.

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