The Campbell family are a Scottish-American family that has consisted of experienced and veteran hunters for many generations. They are married into the Winchester family and are the maternal biological relatives of Sam and Dean, through Mary Campbell and John Winchester.

Family membersEdit


The Campbells were known to be a hunter family that had learned and accumulated a lot of supernatural knowledge over the generations that was unknown to even experienced veteran hunters like John Winchester and Bobby Singer. Samuel Campbell boasted that the tricks and secrets he knew as a Campbell would put both John and Bobby to shame. (Exile on Main St., ...And Then There Were None)

The Campbells' expanse of knowledge included the vampire cure for reverting vampirism-infected victims who have not yet fed back to their human state, (Live Free or TwiHard) and an antidote for djinn poison. (Exile on Main St.) They apparently also possessed knowledge of Eve. (...And Then There Were None) The Campbell family's library included a journal saying phoenix ash could kill Eve, and the journal of Samuel Colt himself. (Frontierland)

However, while the Campbells were very knowledgeable on monsters, there were still many things that they didn't know. They originally thought that the Colt was just a hunter's "bedtime story," and had believed it was impossible to kill a demon. (In the Beginning)


  • Though unconfirmed, based on the cameo of an Aquarian Star on Mary's hunter bracelet in In the Beginning, it is thought that the Campbells may have been among the select few "very elite" hunters, as described by Henry in As Time Goes By, who knew of and were trusted by the Men of Letters before the order's extinction in 1958.

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