Production information
Season : 9
Episode : 14
Original airdate : 25 February, 2014
Directed by : Jerry Wanek
Written by : Robert Berens
Preceded by : The Purge
Followed by : Thinman

Captives is the fourteenth episode of Season 9 of Supernatural.


The Winchester brothers find the bunker is haunted, and are further shocked to discover the ghost is in fact Kevin, who sends them to find a warehouse where the demons are holding his missing mother. Meanwhile, Castiel is captured by Bartholomew, who tries to recruit his old friend to his cause.

Full synopsisEdit

At the Men of Letters' bunker, the bunker's lights and other systems are experiencing interference and electrical problems, and there are indications of a mysterious presence stalking Dean in his room. When Sam hears Dean yell from his room, Sam goes out into the malfunctioning bunker to find him, and an unseen ghost appears and attacks him before Dean fends it off - confirming that the bunker is somehow haunted. Sam and Dean subsequently begin arming up with salt rounds against the ghost, and discuss how it is the bunker is haunted - the bunker's warding from all supernaturals would mean the ghost must have died inside the bunker, and the fact the activity's starting up now would have to mean it died recently, during the Winchesters' occupation of the bunker. Both the brothers quietly suspect based on this that the ghost may in fact by Kevin; Dean refuses to believe it, but the evidence begins to sway to the contrary when calling out Kevin's name to the spirit causes the ghostly activity to spike.

Elsewhere, at a funeral for the recently-deceased Darlene Foster, when a man attending the funeral is alone in the cemetery, Castiel ambushes and subdues him. Castiel questions the man, revealed to be an angel, and dialogue between them reveals that Darlene Foster was possessed by an angel called Rebecca (whom the angel Cass is questioning knew) when she died. Rebecca was once a friend of Metatron, which is why Castiel is going to Rebecca's friend for answers, but the other angel reveals that Rebecca has abandoned Metatron and the politics of Heaven, and started another angel faction on Earth after the Fall - Rebecca's faction didn't make war like the others and tried to live peacefully among humankind, but Rebecca and her followers were recently attacked and exterminated by Bartholomew.

Back at the bunker, the ghost activity has apparently settled down, and Sam and Dean are checking the coffee machine to indicate any more activity (seeing as how the spirit activity seemed to centred around it). While Dean is left alone in the kitchen with the coffee machine, he calls out to the spirit in hopes it is indeed Kevin - Dean apologises for Kevin's death, and he deeply blames himself for getting Kevin killed. The ghost then returns and successfully breaks through the Veil and fully manifests, and is revealed to indeed be Kevin. Kevin explains that the reason he's stayed behind as a ghost is because Metatron's spell locking down Heaven has resulted in everyone who's died since the Fall remaining trapped in the Veil as ghosts. Kevin asks Sam and Dean for a favour if they want to make things with him right - Kevin has heard in the Veil from messages between the spirits that a new ghost, Candy, supposedly saw Kevin's mother Linda alive recently, and Kevin wants Dean and Sam to contact Candy and find Kevin's mother for him.

Back at the cemetery of Rebecca's funeral, Castiel is ambushed and captured by two of Bartholomew's angels - they were searching for Rebecca's angel whom Castiel questioned, but take Cass instead as Bartholomew has been searching for him. Sam and Dean drive to Wichita, Kansas, at a woodland spot which is supposed to be Candy's death spot, to perform a ritual to contact Candy's spirit and learn where she saw Linda Tran (using a radio and the bunker's coffee machine). Elsewhere, Castiel is being held by Bartholomew's angels in a waiting room until Bartholomew is brought to see him. Bartholomew then arrives; he first coldly ensures Cass is unarmed as security protocol, before unexpectedly greeting and embracing Cass as an old friend.

Back in Wichita, Sam and Dean are waiting with the contacting ritual for a response from Candy's spirit, and they discuss the lack of recent contact from Crowley. Candy then makes contact with the brothers by speaking to them through the radio, and explains where she saw Linda: before Candy died, she and Linda were among people that Crowley and another demon were holding captive in concrete cells as hostages, but around the time frame of Crowley's disappearance to find the First Blade, the other demon killed Candy when the latter managed to escape and flee into the woods. A dishevelled Linda Tran is then shown chained in a dark, concrete cell, when the unseen demon captor comes in to torture her. Sam and Dean subsequently drive off to find which out of three local storage facilities could be the one where the demons are holding Linda and their captives, but remain perplexed why Candy was killed if Crowley had wanted the captives alive as human leverage.

Meanwhile, back at Bartholomew's base of operations, Bart and Cass discuss old times - their dialogue reveals that Bartholomew served under Castiel as a foot soldier during the heavenly civil war against Raphael (back in Season 6), and was part of an incursion which won them a major victory in the war (and his low position in the war was apparently the source of his ambition to rise from following orders to giving them as his faction's leader). It is also revealed that Bartholomew is not in Cass' good books, for Bart tortured and killed his angel captives during the war. Bartholomew shows Castiel around Boyle Ministries, Inc., which Bart and his angels have taken since their human allies became of no more use to them, and he assures Cass that he doesn't want Cass dead. Cass remains untrusting of Bart because of what he did to Rebecca's faction, which Bart explains was a bureaucratic means of retroactively stopping any more potential opposition to him from appearing. Bartholomew explains to Castiel that he wants to outrace Malachi in finding Metatron and taking Heaven back, and that he wants Castiel to join him.

Back at Sam and Dean, the brothers head to one of the warehouses, Castle Storage, where they go to the nerdy employee Del for the stay records. They find that the warehouse's blueprints show it has three isolated adjacent units on Corridor Q (fitting Candy's description of three holding cells for each of the captives), and that a unit across the facility is leased to a D. Webster (which the brothers recognise as fitting Crowley's sense of humour if D. Webster is a demon cover-up). Dean is led by Del to the D. Webster unit, while Sam slips off to search the Corridor Q units. Dean finds no sign of the captors or anything demonic in the Webster unit, but Sam finds a tortured Linda chained up in one of the Q units. However, as Sam frees Linda, the demon captor - revealed to be Del - sees them on his phone through the unit's security camera and locks them inside the unit, then knocks Dean out and takes him captive.

At Boyle Ministries, Inc., Bartholomew shows Castiel his massive seeking operation - his office has a large database of recorded sightings of Metatron's appearances on Earth since the Fall, with which they hope to eventually reach Metatron in time and capture him; Cass displays motivation to use the vast information to lure Metatron out. Bartholomew notes that having Castiel working alongside his would greatly increase his faction's strength and capability, and Bart believes that with his ruthless leadership and Cass' determined motivation, they could succeed in taking back and ruling Heaven and then possibly even the universe, and of restoring order and subjugating all freedom and bloodshed. Bartholomew's angels then bring in Rebecca's captured follower, and Bart intends to torture him for info and then kill him, and demands that a stunned Castiel help him with that.

Back at the Castle Storage warehouse, after Sam gets Linda free of her chains, she sets about using engineering knowledge she picked up from Kevin's projects to hack the unit door's power line and get it open. As Linda hacks into the electrical wiring, she expresses hope at the thought of escaping and finally seeing Kevin again. This makes Sam guilty and so he silently indicates Linda Kevin's current fate; an upset Linda angrily demands Sam take her to her son anyway after they're free, before continuing with hacking the wiring. Elsewhere, Dean awakens, tied up and captured by Del. Del vents to Dean that he was left in charge of the human hostages at the warehouse by Crowley, but since Crowley has gone MIA in the search for the First Blade, Del's frustration at feeding and cleaning up after the hostages rather than following his evil demonic nature has caused his frustration to boil over, which is why he killed Candy and began torturing and abusing Linda. Del's anger and frustration intensifies further when he learns Crowley has been allying with Dean while Del was rotting here at the prisoner-care assignment.

Back at Boyle Ministries, Inc., Bartholomew brutally tortures the captured Rebecca-follower angel, and once Cass is convinced by the follower's claims he is the last survivor and gets Bart to stop, Bart demands that Cass kill Rebecca's follower himself to prove himself to Bart and the faction. Cass refuses to commit murder, even as Bartholomew tries to egg him on by reminding Cass of his past mass murders of angels, and Cass insists that he is not that kind of angel anymore. Castiel realises the only two options he will have with Bartholomew are to either obey or be killed, and so he refuses to comply. Bart then kills Rebecca's follower before a horrified Castiel can stop him. bart then, in respect at Cass' decision to die rather than join Bartholomew's ideals, demands a fight between the two of them to test Castiel's alleged belief he's superior to Bart; Cass refuses, until he's forced to fight to defend himself when Bart pulls an angel blade on him. Cass manages to subdue Bartholomew in the fight, but he refuses to kill Bart and declares he'd rather be Bart's perception of being nothing than become part of the angels' murdering of each-other. However, Bart still tries to backstab Cass with another blade, resulting in Cass using the blade to kill Bartholomew. The late Bartholomew's stunned guards then let Castiel pass them and walk out.

Meanwhile at Castle Storage, Del is beginning to release his pent-up demon malice on Dean, and Del is about to kill Dean when Sam arrives, fighting Del and quickly subduing him. Sam and Dean subsequently capture Del in demon handcuffs, but instead of killing Del themselves, they allow a vengeful Linda to do the honours as revenge for what Del did to her. Linda kills Del with the demon knife, then leaves with Sam and Dean to be taken to her son.

After returning to the bunker, Sam and Dean confirm with Kevin's overwhelmed ghost that they found Linda alive and rescued her, before a tearful Linda arrives and reunites with her son. Dean and Linda subsequently search among Kevin's old research and belongings for the object Kevin's spirit might be bound to, so that Linda can take it home and with it Kevin, and she works out it is a ring Kevin has which had belonged to his late father. Dean warns Linda of how ghosts tend to deteriorate dangerously the longer they remain on Earth, but Linda takes the responsibility as Kevin is her son. Back at the cemetery, Castiel visits Darlene Foster's grave to pay his respects to the late Rebecca for how she had tried a better, more peaceful way of existence by living quietly among humanity. One of the angels that followed Bartholomew before his death then arrives to talk with Castiel - the angel explains that Cass' actions have convinced him that he has more of a choice than he'd originally thought, and so he and two other angels with him choose Castiel as their leader.

Back at the bunker, Dean and Kevin have a heart-to-heart about the Trans' reunion, and Kevin declares he intends to stay with and take care of his mother now, rather than let her out of his sight as he did before she was captured. Kevin also thanks Sam and Dean for all they've done, and he also assures Sam he doesn't hold anything towards him over Gadreel killing him while possessing Sam; Kevin also reveals that he could still see and hear Sam and Dena's arguing before he succeeded in making contact, and encourages the brothers to let it go and move on already. Kevin then leaves the bunker with his mother. Sam retreats to his room without a word to Dean, and Dean takes the hint and does the same.









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