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Castiel, nicknamed Cass for short among his friends, is an angel who was responsible for rescuing Dean Winchester from Hell, and who rebelled against Heaven and joined the Winchesters in stopping the Apocalypse, becoming good friends with Sam and Dean. Castiel has also become famous and infamous amongst angels and demons for the massive things he has done, for which he is either respected and loathed. They include: slaughtering thousands of angels when he temporarily imbibed Purgatory's Leviathans and monster souls, unwittingly helping Metatron cause the Fall that cast all the angels from Heaven, and freeing Lucifer a second time by becoming his willing vessel.



Like all other angels, Castiel was created by God sometime before humanity, although Cass himself never actually met God. When humanity dawned and Lucifer began to rebel against God over God deeming humans superior to angels, Castiel and his old friend and fellow angel Uriel both witnessed Lucifer at the time of the latter's rebellions, although Cass was not enthralled by Lucifer's power, beauty and charisma as Uriel was. (On the Head of a Pin)

Castiel and Uriel were at some point assigned with a garrison under Anna to watch over the Earth in solitude, which they did with no word from their superiors in Heaven for centuries or possibly millennia. (On the Head of a Pin) Castiel and at least one of his superior angels watched the first amphibious fish emerge from Earth's oceans onto land, and Castiel also witnessed humanity build the Tower of Babel among other biblical and historical events on Earth. (The Man Who Would Be King) Naomi also indicated that Castiel was among the angels that carried out the Tenth Plague of Egypt of killing all the Egyptian firstborn children whose homes didn't have lamb blood on the front door, but that Cass' participation in it was erased from his memory. (The Great Escapist)

Taking his vessel

4x20 CastielPossessesJimmy

Castiel takes Jimmy as his vessel. (The Rapture)

In early 2008, Castiel began contacting Jimmy Novak, a human whose bloodline made him a suitable vessel for Cass, and after getting Jimmy to prove his faith and become more comfortable with Cass' presence, Castiel got Jimmy to consent to angelic possession on the condition that Jimmy's family was protected. Castiel then possessed Jimmy as his vessel. (The Rapture)

4x3 Castiel+DeanIn1973

Dean talks with Dean after transporting the latter back to 1973. (In the Beginning)

The Winchesters and the 66 seals

When Dean Winchester unknowingly broke the first of the 66 seals that kept Lucifer bound in his cage by torturing in Hell, Castiel was among an incursion of angels sent to free and resurrect Dean. Cass and the angels fought their way through Hell to Dean's soul, where Cass personally grabbed and raised Dean from Hell and resurrected Dean back into his body on Earth. (Lazarus Rising)

Castiel subsequently served as something of a liaison between the Host of Heaven and the Winchesters, while also helping with Uriel to try and stop the demons breaking the remaining seals. When Lilith and the demons began breaking Lucifer's other 65 seals to release him and start the Apocalypse, Castiel attempted to get Dean to help the angels stop Lilith breaking the seals, (Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester) and warned Dean to get Sam to stop embracing his demonic nature. (In the Beginning)

4x9 Castiel+UrielComeForAnna

Castiel and Uriel come to capture a humanised Anna. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Cass was initially cold, chilling and impatient with Dean and the latter's lack of respect towards the angels, but over time, Castiel began to warm up to and become emotionally close to Dean, and began to attempt to defend the Winchesters and give them chances to stop seals being broken without the angels intervening to take more drastic measures. Castiel even became more and more doubtful of his orders from the Host of Heaven and the Host's plans and morality. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester) This in turn led to Castiel's superiors demoting him and making Uriel his superior.

4x16 CastielBetrayedByUriel

Castiel is almost killed by Uriel after discovering the latter's true colours. (On the Head of a Pin)

When the angels learned that Castiel and Uriel's original superior Anna was on Earth as a mortal and could be used in her mortal state by the demons as a means of listening in on all of the angels' plans and orders, Uriel and a reluctant Cass were sent to retrieve Anna from the Winchesters so she could be punished for disobeying, although they failed when Anna regained her grace. (Heaven and Hell)

After the angels managed to capture Alastair through Sam and Dean, when a string of unexplained angels' deaths began to occur, believing the demons to be responsible, Uriel and a reluctant Castiel went to Dean to torture Alastair into revealing who was behind it using the torturing skills Dean had learned in Hell. This in turn caused Cass to even further doubt Heaven and question his orders and loyalties and consider rebelling. When Alastair was killed, Castiel learned that Uriel had been behind the angel killings, and was a Lucifer loyalist who was gathering other angels to join in allying with Lucifer, and Cass and Anna subsequently killed Uriel. (On the Head of a Pin)

4x20 CastielRepossessesJimmy

Castiel repossesses Jimmy from Claire after returning from Heaven. (The Rapture)

When Castiel discovered an unknown secret (possibly that the angels higher up the celestial hierarchy secretly planned to allow all the 66 seals to be broken so that the Apocalypse could start, and/or that Lilith was in fact the 66th seal and thus killing her would start the Apocalypse), he attempted to tell Sam and Dean about it, but before they could reach Cass, Castiel was taken from his vessel back to Heaven to be reconditioned into loyalty solely to Heaven rather than the Winchesters. After Cass was fully reconditioned, he was allowed to return to Earth, in time to save the Winchesters and Jimmy Novak's family from demons, and then repossessed Jimmy and kept the angels' secret plans from Sam and Dean. (The Rapture)

4x22 Castiel+ChuckFaceRaphael

Castiel and Chuck face Raphael together. (Lucifer Rising)

After 65 of Lucifer's seals were broken and only Lilith was left, Cass was ordered to free Sam from his demon blood detox so that Sam could kill Lilith and release Lucifer, and Cass also turned the rogue freedom-fighting Anna over to the angels. (When the Levee Breaks) While Sam and Ruby went to kill Lilith, Castiel and Zachariah brought Dean to a saferoom from the approaching Apocalypse. Cass tried to explain why he was following Heaven's orders despite knowing that it would start the Apocalypse, but Dean refused to listen and was deeply upset with Cass and felt that there was a choice. Eventually, this caused Castiel to side with the Winchesters over Heaven, rebelling against Zachariah and releasing Dean from the angels' custody so he could stop Sam from killing Lilith. Just after Cass freed Dean, the archangel Raphael obliterated Cass to remove the threat of a fallen angel being in the presence of the prophet Chuck Shurley. (Lucifer Rising)

The Apocalypse

Shortly after his death by Raphael, Castiel was mysteriously resurrected (suspected but unbeknownst to him at the time, by God) in time to save Sam and Dean from being tortured by Zachariah in the angels' efforts to force Dean to consent to angelic possession by Michael as the latter's true vessel for Heaven's Apocalyptic war against Lucifer. Castiel subsequently carved Enochian sigils into the Winchesters' ribs to hide them from the angels (unintentionally including Cass himself and thus forcing him to get the brothers' location whenever he wished to find them). (Sympathy for the Devil)

5x1 CastielResurrectedKillsAngel

A resurrected Castiel kills one of his angel brothers to rescue Sam and Dean. (Sympathy for the Devil)

Castiel lost some of his powers as a result of being cut off from Heaven due to his disobedience, and thus was unable to heal Bobby's legs. With Lucifer free and the Apocalypse set in motion, Castiel hoped to find God so that he would stop Lucifer, and set off in search of him with Dean's amulet. (Good God, Y'All!) During the Apocalypse, as he was effectively trapped on Earth, Castiel was taught by Dean several human customs and such and how to try and adapt, often with humorous results. (Free to Be You and Me)

Dean and Castiel started the latter's search for God by tracking Raphael down in hopes that he would give them God's location, but this proved fruitless. (Free to Be You and Me) Castiel subsequently decided to Dean that if the Winchesters were to kill Lucifer, they would have to find the Colt and use it on Lucifer. (The End) During the Apocalypse, Castiel subsequently helped Sam and Dean deal with several hunts and other threats, including the matter of the fate of Jesse Turner, (I Believe the Children Are Our Future) and freeing the brothers from a pocket realm of television channels that the trio discovered were created by the missing archangel Gabriel. (Changing Channels)

5x10 CastielTrappedInHolyFire

Castiel held captive in holy fire by Meg and Lucifer. (Abandon All Hope...)

Eventually, Sam, Dean and Castiel obtained the Colt from the secretly-rogue crossroads demon Crowley, and they and Jo and Ellen Harvelle tracked Lucifer down to the demon-occupied town of Carthage, Missouri to attempt to kill Lucifer with the Colt. Castiel was captured by Lucifer and Meg until he escaped, and the mission failed when Lucifer proved immune to the Colt and the Harvelles were killed in the mission. (Abandon All Hope...) Castiel continued to aid Sam and Dean; sending them back to 1978 to foil a Terminator-like attempt by Anna to kill the brothers' parents before their birth, (The Song Remains the Same) and also investigating a case which the trio initially believed a rogue cupid was behind before they discovered it was actually the Horseman Famine. (My Bloody Valentine)

When Sam and Dean were temporarily killed and sent to Heaven before being resurrected again, the tem learned that God was indeed alive but uninterested in stopping the Apocalypse. This caused a betrayed Cass to lose faith in God and give up on seeking out his help, (Dark Side of the Moon) and to fall into depression and alcohol, although he continued to help Sam and Dean attempt to avert the Apocalypse. (99 Problems)

After Adam Milligan was resurrected as a supposed backup vessel for Michael, when Dean became ready to give in to the angels' efforts and say yes to Michael, Castiel was left deeply betrayed and enraged with Dean over the fact that Dean had given in after everything Cass had done to help Dean stay strong and defiant against Heaven. Castiel subsequently helped Sam and Dean rescue Adam from Zachariah, in the process using an angel-banishing sigil on himself which sent him away and left him weakened and caused him to lose all his remaining angelic abilities. (Point of No Return)

5x21 CastielInHospitalAfterLosingPowers

Castiel in hospital after becoming mortal. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

When Castiel learned that Dean had fully defied and said no to Michael, he apologised for doubting Dean's strength and regained his faith in the Winchesters, stronger than before. Cass subsequently helped the team retrieve Pestilence's Horseman ring in Sam and Dean's mission to use all Four Horsemen's rings to reimprison Lucifer in his cage, and he also helped Sam and Bobby stop an attempt by Pestilence's demons to spread the Croatoan virus against humanity. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

Shortly afterwards, when Sam said yes to Lucifer so he could retake control of his body and send himself and Lucifer into the cage, and failed, Castiel initially lost hope that the Apocalypse could still be stopped, but subsequently helped Dean and Bobby stop Michael and Lucifer from beginning the Battle of Armageddon. However, when Cass sent Michael away by molotoving him with holy fire, this angered Lucifer into obliterating Castiel. (Swan Song)


6x20 CastielReturnsToHeaven

Castiel returns to his angel siblings in Heaven after the end of the Apocalypse. (The Man Who Would Be King)

Shortly after his second death by Lucifer, after Sam had trapped himself, Adam, Michael and Lucifer in Lucifer's cage and successfully stopped the Apocalypse, Castiel was resurrected by God again; this time upgraded and imbued with more enhanced powers and now capable of functioning independently of Heaven. After his second resurrection, Sam and Dean's triumph of freedom over destiny brought Castiel to regain his faith in God and to develop a strong belief in choice and free will and in fighting for it. (Swan Song)

In the aftermath of the end of the Apocalypse, Castiel secretly and successfully raised Sam from Lucifer's cage, unknowingly leaving his soul behind. Afterwards, with Michael's imprisonment in the cage having effectively ended the elder archangel's rule over the angels, Castiel returned to Heaven to try and sway the angels into embracing choice and free will, as he had done, over order and the archangels' plans; but Cass faced a serious threat and challenge when Raphael intended to take command of Heaven and restart the Apocalypse.

Lacking enough power on his own to defy let alone defeat Raphael, Castiel resorted to making a secret alliance with Crowley - who had taken over the demons as King of Hell after Lucifer's defeat - to secretly aid Crowley in his attempts to open Purgatory, in exchange for half of the deceased monster souls there with which Castiel could defeat Raphael. Crowley also gave Castiel a loan of 50,000 souls with which to launch a first strike against Raphael, and as a result, a civil war started in Heaven; in which Castiel led a freedom-fighting faction of angels against Raphael's 'traditionalist' faction. (The Man Who Would Be King)

Civil war and the search for Purgatory

6x3 CastielVsRaphael

Castiel fighting with Raphael for Heaven's stolen weapons. (The Third Man)

Over the following year after the end of the Apocalypse and afterwards, while Castiel and his faction fought in Heaven against Raphael and the archangel's followers, Sam prayed on Earth numerous times for Castiel to come and try to explain how Sam had escaped Lucifer's cage, but Cass did not answer. (Exile on Main St.) However, when Dean prayed to Castiel to come help the brothers, Cass this time responded and came upon seeing the brothers were on the trail of the missing weapons of Heaven. Castiel, Sam and Dean subsequently tracked the Staff of Moses that the brothers were investigating down to Cass' old friend Balthazar, whom Cass found was living a hedonistic lifestyle on Earth. Balthazar ultimately unofficially sided with Castiel when Raphael and the traditionalist angels attacked; saving Cass and causing Raphael a setback with Lot's Salt. (The Third Man)

Later, Dean tried to get Castiel to help him with discovering what was wrong with Sam, but Cass was initially unconcerned about it and felt he needed to focus his attention on the heavenly civil war with Raphael. (You Can't Handle the Truth) However, Castiel shortly after learned that Sam's soul was in fact missing, still in Lucifer's cage from before Cass raised Sam, although Cass still did not tell the brothers that he was responsible for Sam's return from Hell. (Family Matters)

6x10 CastielWatchingPorn

Castiel watching and trying to understand pornography. (Caged Heat)

Later again, to Cass' chagrin, Sam tricked Castiel into coming to help him, Dean and Meg locate Crowley's monster prison and launch an assault and infiltration in the prison against Crowley. Castiel reluctantly participated in the assault on Crowley's monster prison, and ended the assault, hid his alliance with the King of Hell and tricked Sam and Dean into believing Crowley dead, by pretending to destroy Crowley's human bones. (Caged Heat) As Dean searched for a means of retrieving and restoring Sam's soul, Castiel was against it due to fear of the damage the soul had suffered in Lucifer's cage and how it would affect Sam, (Family Matters) though Dean ultimately succeeded in restoring Sam to his soulful self. (Like a Virgin)

Soon after Sam's soul was restored, Castiel and his civil war against Raphael began to affect Sam and Dean and become an obstacle for them: at one point Castiel had Balthazar send Sam and Dean into an alternate universe as a decoy while Cass retook the weapons of Heaven; (The French Mistake) and another time, Castiel had Balthazar change history so there would be more human souls in the present for Cass to use power from in his war efforts against Raphael, until Atropos forced Castiel to have history changed back to normal. (My Heart Will Go On) Castiel helped Sam, Dean and Bobby with tracking down and finding a means of killing Eve upon learning that Eve had returned to Earth to overrun it with monsters; Castiel sent Sam and Dean back to 1861 Sunrise, Wyoming to retrieve phoenix ash to kill Eve with, (Frontierland) and he assisted the team in tracking and killing Eve and her Jefferson Starships in Grants Pass, Oregon. (Mommy Dearest)

6x20 CastielWorksForCrowley

Castiel working with Crowley to find a way of opening the gate to Purgatory. (The Man Who Would Be King)

After the team defeated Eve, they began to suspect Castiel had been helping a still-alive Crowley; Cass initially managed to cover his tracks, but eventually accidentally confirmed their suspicions to be correct. Despite the trio's attempts to convince Castiel against opening Purgatory due to the risk of releasing all the creatures in the monster realm, Cass chose to continue in his and Crowley's mission to open the door of Purgatory out of concern over the risk that Raphael would otherwise win the civil war for Heaven. (The Man Who Would Be King) Cass also brought Balthazar into Castiel's plans to open Purgatory, and Cass' relationship with Dean fractured when Crowley had demons target and nearly kill Lisa and Ben Braeden despite Cass' attempts to get Crowley to stop. (Let It Bleed)

6x22 CastielEmpoweredWithPurgatorySouls

Castiel is mutated and massively empowered by the monster souls from Purgatory. (The Man Who Knew Too Much)

Shortly afterwards, Castiel and Crowley learned and obtained the means of opening the door to Purgatory from Eleanor Visyak, and Castiel double-crossed Crowley so that the King of Hell couldn't have the power of half of Purgatory's monster souls. This caused Raphael and Crowley to join forces against Castiel and take the monster blood for opening Purgatory from him; but Cass tricked the two by secretly giving them dog blood instead, and he subsequently performed the Purgatory-opening ritual himself and successfully absorbed all the souls in Purgatory, becoming a powerful, universal god-like being. (The Man Who Knew Too Much)

The new God

7x1 CastielMassacresHeaven

Castiel massacres Raphael's angel followers in Heaven. (Meet the New Boss)

After taking in all of Purgatory's monster souls, Castiel then used his new universal powers to defeat Crowley and obliterate Raphael, but he was corrupted by the immense power of all the souls and decided to replace God rather than return the souls to Purgatory. (The Man Who Knew Too Much) Castiel also chose to let Sam, Dean and Bobby live but threatened to use his new godlike powers against them if they attempted to stop him. The empowered and corrupted Castiel then set out to right what he saw as all the blasphemous and dangerous wrongs in the universe, wiping out all of the angels that had followed Raphael in the heavenly civil war, and killing and punishing hundreds of humans on Earth that he felt were causing sin and suffering in God's name - among the humans Castiel punished and killed for this varied from a corrupt senator to a hypocritical homophobic preacher.
7x1 CastielOverwhelmedByLeviathans

Castiel deteriorates further as the Leviathans take control. (Meet the New Boss)

However, the Leviathans that Castiel had absorbed from Purgatory with the monster souls began to strengthen and attempt to take control and escape from Cass. Castiel was initially arrogant and confident that he could keep the Leviathans contained within him and repair the damage the sheer weight of the Purgatory souls and Leviathans was causing to him, but when the Leviathans began to take control and managed to use Cass to massacre an office, Castiel realised that he indeed needed to get rid of the monster souls and the Leviathans before the latter broke free of Cass.

7x2 CastielAboutToReleaseLeviathans

Castiel is overwhelmed and taken over by the Leviathans, and about to release them onto humanity. (Hello, Cruel World)

Castiel subsequently went to Sam, Dean and Bobby, and they returned everything Castiel had absorbed from Purgatory, and the souls' power with them, which caused Cass to come to his senses and realise what he had done when imbued with the Purgatory souls. A guilt-stricken Castiel immediately became determined to make up to Dean and the world for his actions and mistakes, but moments after sending the power back to Purgatory, some of the Leviathans having held on and stayed inside Cass took control and fully possessed Castiel. (Meet the New Boss) Shortly after taking control from Castiel, when Cass' vessel began to combust from the immense weight of containing the Leviathans, the Levis guided Cass into the local reservoir, where Castiel exploded and died, releasing the Leviathans onto the Earth. (Hello, Cruel World)

Return and insanity

7x17 CastielAsEmanuel

An amnesic Castiel living with Daphne as Emanuel. (The Born-Again Identity)

Some weeks - months after his third death and the release of the Leviathans, Castiel was resurrected by God again, but this time he was amnesic and unaware of who he was, what he'd done or that he was an angel. The amnesic Castiel was found by Daphne Allen in a river and came to live with and eventually married her. Daphne and Castiel chose the name Emanuel for the amnesic Cass. When Castiel rediscovered his angelic healing abilities, he chose to use them to heal and help others.

Dean was eventually led to Emanuel in hopes that he could heal Sam's severe mental damage from Lucifer's abuse of Sam's soul while in was in the cage, and Dean took Emanuel to Northern Indiana State Hospital to save Sam. On the way, Emanuel worked out from Dean and Meg that he was their lost friend Cass, and relearned from defeating the demons besieging the Hospital how to smite demons. This in turn restored Castiel's memories, and, though shocked with grief over his actions in abusing Purgatory's power and freeing the Leviathans, Cass managed to compose himself enough to save Sam from the latter's tormenting illusion of Lucifer by moving the mental damage and the hallucination from Sam's mind into Castiel's own. However, the tormenting illusion left Cass catatonic and he became a patient at the Hospital under Meg's care. (The Born-Again Identity)

7x17 CastielTakesSamsCageScars

Castiel takes in Sam's 'cage-match scars' from his memories of Hell. (The Born-Again Identity)

Castiel eventually awoke from the catatonia when Sam and Dean released one of the Word of God tablets, and had recovered from Sam's Lucifer hallucination but was left insane from the illusion's torment and Cass' own guilt. Castiel went with Sam, Dean and Meg as they attempted to keep the newly-activated prophet Kevin Tran from Hester and Inias so that Kevin could translate from the Word of God how to defeat the Leviathan, then after Kevin was safely in the Winchesters' custody, Cass left to randomly and unpredictably explore and act in his insanity. (Reading Is Fundemental)

7x21 CastielInsane

An insane Castiel displays his affinity for board games. (Reading Is Fundemental)

After Sam and Dean completed the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen with which to kill the Leviathan leader Dick Roman, Castiel returned to them, but was unwilling to assist in the upcoming battle against the Leviathan-occupied SucroCorp as he was still haunted from the damage he caused the last time he participated in a war. But with Dean's encouragement and support, Castiel eventually chose to join Sam, Dean and Meg in their assault on SucroCorp, and Cass and Dean found Dick and killed him with the bone. However, as a consequence of the bone's use on Dick, it transported Dean and Castiel to Purgatory with Dick's essence, leaving them trapped there with no way back to Earth. (Survival of the Fittest)

Time in Purgatory

8x2 CastielInPurgatory2

Castiel after a year in Purgatory, before reuniting with Dean and Benny. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

Moments after Dean and Castiel arrived in Purgatory, Cass separated from and abandoned Dean (Survival of the Fittest) so that most of the deceased monsters and the remaining Leviathans in Purgatory would largely pursue Cass and leave Dean alone. During Castiel's time alone and separate from Dean in Purgatory, he apparently regained his sanity and most of his original personality (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

Eventually, after a year, Dean finally located with and reunited with Castiel, and the duo along with the deceased vampire Benny Lafitte set about travelling through Purgatory to a portal back to Earth, (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?) fending off attacks by monsters and Leviathans along the way. (Blood Brother, A Little Slice of Kevin) When Dean, Benny and Castiel reached the portal out of Purgatory, Cass sent Dean into the portal by himself with Benny's soul before it closed, with Cass choosing to stay behind in Purgatory as penance for his past actions and the damage he'd caused. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

8x7 NaomisHeavenOffice

Castiel in Naomi's office in Heaven, about to be brainwashed to act as Naomi's agent. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

Return from Purgatory

A matter of hours - weeks after Dean and Benny escaped Purgatory, Castiel himself was rescued from the monster realm by an incursion of angels sent by Naomi. Naomi subsequently brainwashed Castiel to serve as an agent for her without even knowing or remembering, and sent him back to Earth, where Cass reunited with Sam and Dean and helped them rescue Kevin and half of a Word of God tablet on demons from Crowley. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

8x7 CastielVsCrowley

Castiel confronts Crowley in the mission to rescue Kevin and the Word of God. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

After returning from Purgatory to the Winchesters, Castiel chose to try and become a hunter like the brothers, and so helped investigate cartoon deaths in Oklahoma City with Sam and Dean, which the trio learned were being caused by the elderly psychokinetic Fred Jones. (Hunter Heroici) Cass also became determined to try and do good to attempt to make up for his past mistakes and their consequences. Eventually, when Naomi learned through Castiel that Crowley was looking for one of the Words of God, this one on angels, she manipulated and sent Cass to locate the captive Samandriel with Sam and Dean and kill him, so that Naomi could learn what Crowley had discovered about the angel Word of God tablet. (Torn and Frayed)

8x17 CastielAttemptsToKillDean

A controlled Castiel almost kills Dean. (Goodbye Stranger)

Castiel subsequently went missing while Naomi trained the brainwashed Cass in Heaven to assassinate the Winchesters once they found the angel tablet, until eventually, Naomi sent Castiel back to the Winchesters on Earth to find the angel tablet with them before Crowley, then kill Sam and Dean. Through Meg, Castiel, Dean and Sam found the Word of God angel tablet in one of Lucifer's crypts, and Naomi then forced the controlled Cass to turn on Dean and attempt to kill him. But before Castiel could finish Dean off, his bond with Dean and the Word of God's power allowed Cass to break free of Naomi's control. Afterwards, seeing that Naomi could not be allowed to gain the Word of God, Castiel fled from Sam and Dean and went on the run across North America, taking the angel tablet with him, to keep the tablet safe from Naomi and her angels. (Goodbye Stranger)

Metatron and Heaven's inner-conflict

8x21 CastielCapturedByNaomi

Castiel is captured by Naomi and her angels. (The Great Escapist)

After escaping Naomi's control, while evading her angels' pursuit of him, Cass hid the Word of God inside his own vessel, to keep it hidden while also retaining the immunity to Naomi's control that the Word of God gave him. Castiel managed to evade Naomi's angels for some time by teleporting between all the Biggerson's restaurants across North America, staying in each one for only very brief periods of time, until Naomi's angels eventually managed to lure Castiel out and capture him by killing everyone in one of the Biggerson's to force Cass to stop and see what had happened.

One of Naomi's angels, Ion, subsequently betrayed her and turned Castiel over to Crowley, who managed to take the angel tablet from Cass and incapacitate him with a bullet forged from the metal of an angel blade. Castiel eventually escaped by removing the angel metal bullet and killing Ion with it, and subsequently returned to Sam and Dean (The Great Escapist) and moved into the Men of Letters' old bunker with the Winchesters. (Clip Show)

8x22 Castiel+Metatron

Castiel meets Metatron and discusses the conflict in Heaven. (Clip Show)

While out shopping for food for Sam and Dean, Castiel met with the missing Scribe of God, Metatron, who talked Cass into helping him complete the three Trials of God to seal all angels in Heaven, so that the angels would be forced to sort out their strife and conflict without the warring affecting the Earth. Metatron and Castiel managed to complete the first trial by killing a Nephilim, (Clip Show) but as the two fallen angels were setting about completing the second trial, Metatron was captured by Naomi. With Dean's help, Castiel then completed the second trial of taking a cupid's bow; but Naomi afterwards arrived to peacefully talk, and tried to warn Cass that these were not the Trials of God and that Metatron was tricking Castiel into helping him complete a spell that would lock all angels out of Heaven.

8x23 CastielWatchesAngelsFall

A mortal Castiel watches as his angel kindred fall from their home. (Sacrifice)

In his hopes of repairing the anarchy done to Heaven by his past actions, Castiel ultimately decided that Naomi was lying about Metatron's true intentions, but upon going to Heaven to fight her, Metatron turned on Cass and revealed that Naomi had been telling the truth about him. Metatron subsequently took Castiel's grace as the last part of the spell, leaving Cass human and powerless, and then sent Cass back to Earth, where Castiel was left watching powerlessly as Metatron's spell removed all of Heaven's angels and sent them falling to Earth. (Sacrifice)

Human and graceless

After the Fall in which Metatron's spell had locked all the angels out of Heaven and left them weakened and scattered around the world, Castiel was left wandering, homeless, and vulnerable to mortal injuries without his grace and forced to try and adjust to other human weaknesses and biological needs such as food, drink and sleep. Castiel eventually met with one of the expelled and fallen angels, Hael, and tried to teach her about free will, but this caused Hael to attempt to possess Castiel, forcing Cass to turn on and kill her. (I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here)

9x3 CastielHomeless

Castiel living homeless in the city. (I'm No Angel)

Castiel subsequently set over the following days - weeks about reaching the Men of Letters' bunker, resting at homeless camps in the city when he could and trying to avoid the other angels, who were vengeful towards and hunting him for his role in the Fall, while continuing to adjust to the issues and quirks of being human. When the angel bureaucrat Bartholomew sent rogue reapers after Castiel, one of them possessing April Kelly found Cass and first seduced and had sex with him (Cass was unaware that it was a reaper possessing a human), then took him hostage for his role in the Fall. When she learned Castiel did not know how to reverse Metatron's spell, the reaper killed Cass, but Ezekiel resurrected Castiel shortly after. Cass subsequently returned with Sam and Dean to the bunker, but was forced by Dean to leave again to stop the angels coming and risking Sam's life. (I'm No Angel)

9x6 CastielAsGasStationEmployee

Castiel working at a Gas-N-Sip store. (Heaven Can't Wait)

After leaving the bunker, Castiel got a job as an employee at a Gas-N-Sip store, where he tried to socialise with and befriend his peers and also became attracted to his boss Nora; Cass felt he was doing what little good he was capable of with his small duties at the store due to having lost confidence in his ability to help Heaven as an angel. When Castiel read about several deaths in the area and suspected them to be supernatural, he called Dean in to investigate, and Cass recognised them as being caused by a Rit Zien of Heaven. While Dean dealt with the Rit Zien, Castiel went to an invitation to Nora's that he had taken as a date or dinner, only to be crushed to discover it was actually a babysitting task. While caring for Nora's baby, Castiel was tracked down and attacked by the Rit Zien, Ephraim, but Dean subsequently killed Ephraim. (Heaven Can't Wait)

9x9 CastielBecomesAngelAgain

Castiel takes Theo's grace and becomes an angel again. (Holy Terror)

Later, when Castiel heard of a brutal angel slaughter at a bar in Caribou, Wyoming, he joined Sam and Dean in investigating the massacre using his fake FBI ID from Dean. While Dean and Sam investigated into how the slaughter was part of a feud between two rising angel factions, Castiel tried to pray out to help from God, attracting the neutral angel Muriel's attention. Castiel and Muriel were then captured and tortured by Malachi and his angels, who demanded that Castiel tell them Metatron's weaknesses, which he did not know, and Castiel learned in the process that Ezekiel was among the angels who did not survive the Fall and thus that the angel that was healing Sam was not who it said it was. While Malachi left his torturer Theo to kill Castiel, Theo betrayed Malachi and asked that Castiel sign him up to Metatron's cause. However, when Theo freed Cass from his bindings, Castiel used an angel blade to steal and consume Theo's grace and become an angel again. His celestial powers restored, Castiel killed Malachi's angels and escaped, and then contacted Dean from a payphone to warn him that the angel in Sam wasn't Ezekiel and was not to be trusted. (Holy Terror)

Wings restored

9x10 CastielEnragedGadreel

A furious Castiel learns that the imposter angel is the very one who let Lucifer ruin the universe. (Road Trip)

After becoming an angel again by taking Theo's grace, Castiel returned to the Men of Letters' bunker, to find that the imposter angel had killed Kevin, taken both the Word of God tablets and was out there possessing Sam's body. Dean and a reluctant Cass subsequently made a deal again with Crowley, to free the demon if he'd help them find the angel possessing Sam and remove it from Sam. After locating and capturing the angel and bringing it back to the bunker, Dean and Castiel had Crowley hack the angel's brain to try and alert Sam's suppressed mind to expel Gadreel. Though Crowley successfully hacked and extracted the angel's real identity as Gadreel - with a furious and disgusted Cass blaming the revealed Gadreel for all the suffering and destruction his failure to stop Lucifer corrupting the original humans had left the universe in in the modern age - they were unable to reawaken Sam's mind to eject the angel. However, Sam was successfully alerted to the situation and expelled Gadreel, when Crowley used demonic possession to enter Sam's dreams and tell him. (Road Trip)

After Gadreel was expelled, Castiel began searching for Gadreel and Metatron in hopes of punishing them and reversing the Fall; initially alongside Sam, (First Born) before working alone when Sam and Dean rejoined to stop Abaddon.
9x18 CastielsAngelsGathered

Castiel takes leadership among the fallen angels in the war to retake Heaven from Metatron. (Meta Fiction)

While hunting for Metatron's angel associates, Castiel was captured by Bartholomew, who wanted Cass to join his ruthless campaign to find Metatron and rule over angelkind. Castiel refused to comply to Bartholomew's monstrous bureaucratic ways and subsequently killed Bart in self-defence, then resumed his search for Metatron. (Captives)

Leading the angels to war

After Castiel killed Bartholomew, he came under growing pressure from Bartholomew's ex-followers among many other fallen angels to lead them in the war to retake Heaven, but refused out of insistence that he was unworthy of leadership, and continued the hunt for Metatron on his own. (Captives, Meta Fiction) While Cass was tracking a series of angel murders committed by Gadreel with the Horn of Gabriel after learning Gadreel was Metatron's new lieutenant, Cass was captured by Metatron. Metatron wanted Castiel to take up leadership of the fallen angels in the war against him and serve as the main villain of Metatron's own story, offering to spare Cass if he obeyed, though Cass rejected any bargaining with Metatron. Metatron also uploaded all of humanity's fiction and pop culture into Cass's brain, with the effect of making Cass more 'pop culture savvy' and intelligent. Metatron shortly afterwards released Cass at a ransom exchange for Gadreel (whom Sam and Dean had captured). (Meta Fiction)

9x22 Castiel+OthersContactedByMetatron

Castiel with the Winchesters and his angel army, as they are contacted Metatron and Cass accused of the angel suicide-bombings. (Stairway to Heaven)

Afterwards, Castiel took up leadership among the fallen angels, (Meta Fiction) forming a massive and powerful angel army and faction which began to outnumber and outcompete Metatron's own angel followers. When Castiel learned that there was treachery and/or conspiracy among his faction's ranks, he called Sam and Dean in to investigate. (King of the Damned, Stairway to Heaven) The conspiracy among Castiel's faction grew worse and serious when some of Cass's own angel and reaper followers began abominably suicide-bombing Metatron's followers and claiming (falsely) that Cass was the one who'd ordered this. When Metatron himself accused Castiel of orchestrating the angel bombings, Cass lost all his followers over to Metatron when he refused to kill Dean to prove himself to the angels. (Stairway to Heaven)

Defeating Metatron

9x23 Gadreel+CastielInfiltrateHeaven

Castiel and Gadreel infiltrate Heaven by 'Wookie' fake-prisoner method. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

After the loss of his angel army to Metatron, Castiel was initially left with only Sam and Dean in the now all-but-futile war to overthrow Metatron, until Gadreel (having become disgusted and disillusioned with Metatron's abhorrent war crimes such as the orchestration of the angel suicide-bombings) came to change sides to Castiel and the Winchesters in the fight against Metatron. (Stairway to Heaven) While Dean (and to a lesser extent Sam) began hunting on Earth for Metatron as the latter made his move to rule over humanity as their new Messiah, Castiel and Gadreel set about infiltrating Heaven to find the angel Word of God and depower Metatron's Godlike powers. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

After entering Heaven through Metatron's angels' private portal, Castiel and Gadreel were discovered and locked up in Heaven's dungeon, until Gadreel sacrificed himself to break Cass out. Castiel afterwards found the angel Word and reverted Metatron to an ordinary angel by breaking the tablet, then tricked Metatron upon the latter's return into revealing his monstrous true colours over angel radio to every angel in Heaven and on Earth.
9x23 Castiel+HannahLockUpMetatron

Castiel and Hannah lock a defeated Metatron away in Heaven's dungeon. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

The angels subsequently revolted against a now-depowered Metatron, but instead of killing Metatron, Castiel had him locked away in Heaven's dungeon. Though the angels felt Castiel had proven himself a leader, Cass still didn't want leadership again. With Metatron defeated and the angels restored to Heaven, Castiel was now faced with the issue of replenishing his stolen grace before it burned out and killed him. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)


Alternate realities

5x4 FutureCastiel

A depressed and drug-immersed Castiel in an alternate 2014. (The End)

  • In the alternate future which Zachariah sent Dean into, where the Apocalypse was not stopped and Lucifer had plagued the Earth with the Croatoan virus, Castiel was among the members of the refugee camp Camp Chitaqua by 2014. As a result of the Host of Heaven abandoning the Earth, Castiel had lost all his remaining angelic power, and had become bitter and depressed with the Apocalyptic situation and thus immersed himself in drugs and women. It is unknown whether or not this alternate future Castiel was killed during the failed assault on Lucifer in 2014. (The End)
  • In the alternate universe where the supernatural and the Winchesters and their lives are fictional, Castiel's counterpart in this reality is a human actor called Misha Collins, who portrayed Cass in the show Supernatural, until he was murdered by Virgil. (The French Mistake)


Castiel was an impulsive, naïve, competitive and ignorant but also strong and determined angel. Likes most other angels, Castiel originally usually expressed little to no outward emotion, which in turns produced complexities and flaws in his persona, but Cass did still lack the condescending superiority complex and blank apathy common among angels. Castiel's lack of emotion in turn sometimes caused a naivety of and lack of understanding in human sarcasm and similar human traits, which could lead to humorous and comical situations when Cass was shown said traits from humans or himself attempted to mimic them for blending-in purposes. Castiel was sometimes also called out as childish for his stubborn, impulsive and naïve behaviour.

Though Castiel at first attempted to avoid becoming too emotionally close to humans and others, he became good friends with Sam and Dean, and the brothers encouraged Cass to become more selfless, kind and caring, and Cass has also exhibited an interest in humans and lacks the disdain, prejudice or superiority complex towards humans that many other angels display. Castiel's time and friendship with the Winchesters along with his own experiences have also taught him ways of bending the rules to his and his friends' benefit, and other cunning and intelligent tricks. Castiel also considers himself Sam and Dean's personal guardian angel, and thus is very loyal to them and cares about them deeply, although he is not above sometimes following his own ideas or intentions if the Winchesters disagree with him on it. Castiel developed an especially profound bond with Dean, capable of breaking Naomi's control over Cass, and he more frequently and openly exhibits friendly affection towards Dean.

Castiel still, unlike some other angels such as Raphael and Uriel, had faith in God but not to the fanatical level Michael does, and would attempt to follow his Father and choose the right path to the best of his abilities despite not always understanding God's intentions or the reasons for it. When God revealed his lack of concern about the Apocalypse, Castiel was left deeply betrayed, and lost his faith in God and sunk into alcohol and depression for a while; but after the Apocalypse was stopped and free will overcame and defeated fate and destiny, Castiel regained his faith and became convinced God had chosen to help, and would sometimes looked up to God for guidance. By the time of the team's search to save Dean from the Mark of Cain, Castiel seems to now view God in a non-spiritual and down-to-earth manner as a distant father figure.

After Castiel's second resurrection and the stopping of the Apocalypse, Cass developed a sense of pride and became more stubborn, impatient, calculating and arrogant; and he also displayed high ambition, intelligence and cunning in getting the power of Purgatory's souls and tricking Crowley and the Winchesters. When Castiel absorbed the deceased monsters of Purgatory and was corrupted by the power, he lost his original assuring and kind but fierce persona and became almost entirely absolute and cold, although he did retain some lingering affection for Dean, Sam and Bobby. When Castiel lost control of the Leviathans, he returned to his original personality, and was left deeply guilty and remorseful over his severe abuse of the Purgatory souls' power and the suffering on Earth and devastation to Heaven he had caused with it, and became remorseful and determined to make up to Dean and others for what he had done.

After Castiel's third resurrection, in his Emanuel identity, Cass possessed a more human personality and mindset, although he was still more distant than humans often were, and retained courageous and compassionate intentions to help others with his abilities and displayed understanding of others. When Castiel's memory was restored but before he took in Sam's hallucinations of Lucifer, his normal personality mostly returned, except he exhibited overwhelming guilt and remorse over what he had done to Sam by taking Sam's mental dam down and to the Earth by releasing the Leviathans, which in turn caused Cass intense self-loathing.

After Castiel took in Sam's mental damage, following his recovery, the severe tormenting illusions of Hell and Lucifer coupled with Cass' own guilt over what his actions had caused greatly altered Cass' persona, to what was considered insane by angel standards. Castiel's 'insane' personality was much more carefree, eccentric, inattentive, unpredictable and dim-appearing, and overly calm and optimistic in light of negative things and situations. When insane, Cass was also much more open about his feelings, likings and attractions, sometimes upredictably blurting them out for all to hear for little to no reason. But beneath the optimistic, odd, carefree and childish exterior Cass displayed when he was insane, he remained deeply guilty and fearful of causing more damage if he ever acted again; however, when Dean convinced Cass to help stop the Leviathans, Castiel joined the Winchesters in the assault on SucroCorp without fear or hesitation.

Following Dean and Castiel's year in Purgatory, Cass's sanity and original personality were restored, although according to Cass it was uncertain if he truly is indeed sane again. After returning from Purgatory, Castiel has also exhibited a more laid-back persona and more human emotions, as well as a taste, interest in and appreciation for human concepts and hobbies. Despite his more open and laid-back persona since Purgatory, Castiel does still retain a strong wish and desire for penitence and making up for his past mistakes and their consequences, seeking to help others and find any way he can of gaining redemption for the devastation he caused to Heaven and his angel siblings.

After Castiel was duped by Metatron into helping him cast all the angels from their home in Heaven and subsequently lost his grace and became human, Cass struggled with his new humanity and its needs, quirks and issues; it caused Cass to develop a respect for humanity and their strength against their own greeds and vices, and it also resulted in him gaining a more human mindset, instinct and behaviour. When graceless and human and thus forced to adjust to human needs and feelings, Castiel expressed a mix of exhaustion and fascination with human needs such as sleeping, eating, drinking, urinating and the relaxation of showering; he also developed a craving for foods such as burritos. Castiel at first wanted to try to help fix the Host of Heaven again, but he soon lost his remaining faith and confidence in his ability to help Heaven and decided he'd failed and proven unworthy as an angel due to how all of his attempts to make Heaven and the angels better had only made them even worse; and Cass thought that the only way he could do any good now was through menial tasks as a human employee. However, when Malachi and Bartholomew began a civil war on Earth to retake Heaven, Castiel decided he would have to be strong and ready to help contain and stop it.

After Castiel became an angel again by taking Theo's grace, he seemed to have regained some of his pre-graceless personality traits such as his more calculating and logical side. However, his displays of emotion were now noticeably more human, and his understanding of humans' feelings and emotions about themselves seemed to have improved (most likely from his temporary experience of humanity when he was graceless). Cass was much wiser and more empathetic and less ruthless than before as well, and held human life in very high value (having learned from when he was temporarily killed as a human), being highly reluctant to risk a human's life even if that human wanted to. Castiel also lamented losing his human taste for PB&J after gaining Theo's grace removed his human sense of taste. During the angel war to retake Heaven, though Castiel was strongly motivated and determined to return his kind to their home and put a stop to Metatron, he later proved when asked to punish Dean and prove himself to his angel army that at heart he cared more about his friends in Sam and Dean than his people, and would always put Dean and Sam as family before the future of angelkind.

Shortly after becoming an angel again, Cass would lose his original confused reaction to pop culture references and become more 'pop culture savvy', when Metatron transferred all the fiction he'd ever read to Castiel's mind, although Cass would still at times fail to piece together the meaning behind the pop culture references' uses. Castiel's new vast knowledge into human stories, fiction and pop culture thanks to Metatron also made him much more witty, intelligent, cunning and resourceful, to the point that Cass was ultimately able to outwit Metatron into bringing about his own downfall.

After his time as a human and gaining Metatron's detailed human knowledge, Castiel evolved further out of his original angelically-ruthless, cold and overly-resolved mindset with experience; taking on a more concerned, wizened, conscientious, thoughtful and slightly-sarcastic persona. Castiel commented regarding his personality's evolution that when he'd first met the Winchesters, he'd fully believed he was serving a higher purpose, but now sees things in a more earthly light as people trying to do good in a world where it's easier to do bad.

Castiel also, due to his own experience of humanity when he was graceless, lost any lingering views of the Winchesters and humans as inferior, and now looked up to Sam and Dean as good role models of how to make the right choices and live a very good use of life, and was now slightly better at social interactions (although still slightly quirky and awkward). Cass now, just like Bobby, believes in fighting to save and protect family at any cost no matter the consequences. However, Cass did still have a lot of trouble with letting go of and moving on from the past mistakes and messes that he couldn't fix, such as what had happened to Claire's life because of him, refusing to not at least do his very best to fix the consequences he'd caused them.

After his experience under the effects of Rowena's attack-dog spell, a new side to Cass's personality has started to become prominent in his thoughts and choices: his feelings that he is just the puppet or spare part that everyone keeps dragging around. He admitted that he felt sick and tired of having his strings pulled and being his enemies' and friends' tool, and has grown more insecure in his confidence that he is an important part of the team who matters. These insecurities also gave him a great anger. His low feelings of self-worth even led to Castiel saying yes to becoming Lucifer's vessel in the hopes that Lucifer could defeat the Darkness if he was freed.

Powers and abilities

4x1 CastielRevealsWings

Castiel reveals his angelic nature to Dean by showing his wings. (Lazarus Rising)

Original abilities

Before his rebellion against Heaven in 2009, Castiel was shown to possess all the powers of regular angels - including entering human dreams, smiting demons, telekinesis, teleporting, and transporting others and himself through time. Even when weakened by being cut off from Heaven, Cass was apparently quite powerful by even angel standards, as he was able to take on and defeat several of his siblings by himself, and even Cass's superior Anna didn't dare fight Castiel directly.

Fallen angel

When Castiel was cut off from Heaven due to his rebellion by siding with the Winchesters to stop the Apocalypse, he lost some of his powers and was left weaker without his link to Heaven due to his status as a regular angel at the time. Cass became unable to heal humans' physical injuries such as Bobby's inability to use his legs or successfully smite demons anymore, and while he was still able to transport himself and others through time the process was now much more weakening for him. Castiel did retain some of his other powers such as telekinesis and teleportation though. After Castiel activated an angel-banishing sigil on his own vessel, he apparently lost all of his remaining angelic abilities and was rendered human.


After Castiel's second resurrection and upgrade from a regular angel by God, he regained his original abilities but stronger and more enhanced than before - including healing, resurrection, teleporting, smiting, slight reality-warping, soul-reading, psychokinesis removal and chronokinesis - and could now function with his powers independently of Heaven.

When Castiel returned from Purgatory, his powers were initially weaker from his time in the monster realm, although he quickly recovered his full seraph abilities. After Metatron took Castiel's grace, Cass lost his angelic powers (excluding hearing angel radio and recognising other angels) and was rendered human and powerless. Cass has regained most of his full powers (excluding teleportation and time travel, due to the Fall's angel-diminishing effects) after reabsorbing his original grace.

Stolen grace

While using other angels' (specifically Theo's and Adina's) grace as a substitute following the loss of his original grace, Castiel regained at least some of his angelic powers and abilities - he could now once again heal wounds to other angels, and smite both humans and weaker angels easily, although he could no longer teleport due to the effects of the Fall. However, each use of Castiel's restored powers would now weaken him and shorten his remaining lifespan, due to the stolen grace gradually burning out. The angelic powers Cass gained from substitute grace apparently also weren't as effective as his original grace's seraph abilities.


Castiel could increase his strength and power by absorbing souls or at least harnessing their power; the power of 50,000 souls made Castiel strong enough to strike against Raphael, and when Castiel absorbed the 30-40 million deceased monster souls of Purgatory along with the Leviathans, Cass was mutated into an immensely powerful, nigh-Godlike being.

In the latter empowered state, Castiel was capable of inhibiting the powers of, and even obliterating, archangels with very little effort, and he was also completely immune to angel blades and Enochian angel-warding. However, when Castiel empowered himself this way, the sheer weight of the Leviathans and all of Purgatory's souls was enough to threaten to combust and destroy Cass given time.


As an angel, Castiel could be trapped or blocked by holy fire and Enochian angel-warding, and could be temporarily blasted and banished from his current location in Earth by an angel-banishing sigil. Cass could be killed by angel-killing weapons such as an angel blade, could be obliterated by an archangel, or could perish after absorbing and being overwhelmed by a massive amount of power (in the forms of a vast multitude of souls and/or Leviathans). Castiel is also susceptible to Rowena's attack dog spell.

There are also a few methods of rendering Castiel's angelic abilities completely powerless. He can be rendered human by removing his grace. Also, his original powers as a regular angel faded away after he fell until he was rendered completely mortal; although this weakness has been nullified after he was resurrected "new and improved." Eve was capable of 'unplugging' and blocking Cass's powers.

Forms taken (possession)


  • Castiel was obliterated by Raphael in 2009 for rebelling against Heaven, but was afterwards resurrected by God. (Sympathy for the Devil)
  • In 2010, Lucifer obliterated Castiel out of fury at him over molotoving Michael with holy fire. God resurrected Castiel again minutes later, also restoring and upgrading his angelic powers. (Swan Song)
  • After he was overwhelmed and destroyed by the Leviathans he absorbed from Purgatory, Castiel was apparently resurrected by God once again, but this time without his memory. (The Born-Again Identity)
  • Castiel was killed in his human state by the rogue reaper possessing April Kelly in 2013, and Gadreel resurrected him shortly afterwards. (I'm No Angel)
  • He killed by Lucifer (again) by an angel blade but was resurrected by Jack.


In post-biblical Judeo-Christian religion, Castiel or Cassiel is the Angel of Thursday and is applied to the month of November. He is described as an archangel who, unlike many other angels, watches the events of the cosmos unfold with little interference. He also presides over the deaths of kings. He is an angel of solitude and tears.


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  • Castiel's iconic trademark outfit between Season 4 and 8 was a suit with a blue tie and a cream-coloured trenchcoat (from his vessel Jimmy Novak wearing that when Castiel had possessed him), but after he lost his grace and became human in Sacrifice, he abandoned his original outfit. After becoming an angel again, from Road Trip onwards, Castiel's trademark outfit has changed to a brown trenchcoat over a white buttonup shirt and black-grey pants.
  • Castiel was originally intended to be a short-lived character, who would be killed off in On the Head of a Pin, but this was changed and Cass remained a regular character from Season 4 onward when he proved extremely popular among Supernatural fans.
  • In comparison to his vessel Jimmy Novak, Castiel has a much deeper, more gravelly voice when possessing him; unlike other angels who seem to have the same vocal features as their vessels do. It was revealed in The Things We Left Behind that Cass can, with effort, force himself to sound more like Jimmy's voice would. It has also been shown that the feature of making Jimmy's voice deep and gravelly is unique to Cass, as Lucifer and the Leviathans both respectivelyused Jimmy's voice without the gravelly tone when they respectively possessed Castiel.
    • Misha Collins gave Castiel this gravelly voice as what he thought the human equivalent to Cass's powerful inhuman true voice would sound like. He admitted that it puts a lot of strain on his vocal chords, and that he came to regret it for this reason after the plans to make Cass's tenure on the show short were changed.
  • Castiel has uniquely shown that even after regaining his grace, he can be possessed by another angel and share his vessel with said other angel, who is dominant in control; he can even be held by the other angel in the subconscious, just like when an actual human is possessed.
    • It has been suggested by fans that this may be because after Jimmy's soul is gone from his body and in Heaven, Castiel now acts in its place as the spirit which gives permission to an angel to inhabit the body and take control.
  • Castiel might be God's favorite angel as he has been brought back to life many times. He has earned the jealously or fear from the other angels for this.