Charlie (Bloody Mary)
1x5 Charlie
Biographical information
Race : Human
Occupation : Student
Status : Alive
Production information
Appearance(s) : Bloody Mary
Actor/Actress : Marnette Patterson

Charlie was a friend of Jill and Donna Shoemaker, who lived in Toledo, Ohio, and helped the Winchesters solve the Mary Worthington case.


Charlie at some point had a boyfriend, whom she loved but also feared. One night, the two had an argument at the boyfriend's house, and Charlie broke up with him and left, ignoring her boyfriend's warnings that he would kill himself if she left him.

Bloody MaryEdit

After Steven Shoemaker was mysteriously killed, Charlie was initially suspicious of Sam and Dean Winchester and who they were; and after Jill died as well, Charlie learned that a Bloody Mary-style Ghost was plaguing Toledo. She tried to help the Winchesters by helping them get access to the Shoemaker house and to Donna.

One day, when Donna unknowingly summoned the Spirit to her and Charlie's school after Charlie tried to warn Donna about it, the Ghost began stalking Charlie because of her boyfriend's death; forcing Sam and Dean to put Charlie under protection from the Spirit until the brothers put Mary to rest, after which they returned her home.

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