Charlene "Charlie" Bradbury - real name Celeste Middleton - was a young, intelligent computer expert and hacker, who became involved in hunting and a very close friend to Sam and Dean. She was responsible for helping the Winchesters take down the Leviathans, and helping decipher the Book of the Damned.



Celeste Middleton (There's No Place Like Home) was born to Gertrude Middleton and an unknown father. When she was young, her mother would read The Hobbit to her, which would in turn instil her love for fantasy and sci-fi when she was older. (Pac-Man Fever) The Wizard of Oz books were also Celeste's favourite books in her childhood. (Slumber Party) Circa 1997, when Celeste was twelve, she got scared at a sleepover and called her parents to pick her up, but on their way to get her, Celeste's parents got hit by a drunk driver; the accident killed Celeste's father and left her mother braindead. (Pac-Man Fever, There's No Place Like Home)

Celeste suffered terribly over what happened to her parents, suffering from a bout of depression and anti-authority disorder, and blaming herself for what had happened because of how her call to them had been the only reason her parents were on the road that night. (Pac-Man Fever, There's No Place Like Home) Celeste would also get in trouble with the law shortly after the accident when she used her computer hacking skills to steal a company's unfinished videogame project, The Red Scare, and reprogrammed it to reflect her liberal political views and released it for free. Celeste was tracked down and arrested, and afterwards went on the run, taking and using false identities. Over the following 16 years, Celeste would sneak in to visit her vegetative mother in hospital in Kansas and read to her, and used her false IDs to pay for her mother's life support. (Pac-Man Fever)

7x20 Charlie+DickRoman

Charlie under Dick's watchful eye in her assignment to hack Frank's drive. (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo)

Celeste eventually became an employee and IT expert at Richard Roman Enterprises under the alias Charlie Bradbury, and would in her free time use her hacking skills to make online charity donations under RRE's name. (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo)

Fighting the LeviathansEdit

Circa 2012, due to Charlie's impressive hacking skills, Dick Roman assigned her to hack into Frank Devereaux's hard drive within a three-day time. After twenty-four hours of work, Charlie managed to break into Frank's drive and access his files, learning his information on the Leviathans and their conspiracy within Richard Roman Enterprises; she initially didn't believe it, until she spied Dick having a Leviathan subordinate kill and replace her superior, Pete. Before Charlie could flee town again to escape the Leviathans, Sam and Dean Winchester contacted her to get her help in retrieving Dick's files behind a series of Roman Enterprises archaeological digs and in stopping Dick getting Frank's info.

Overcoming her fears, Charlie returned to Roman Enterprises the following night, and, directed by Sam and Dean by earpiece, she slipped past security in Dick's office to download his emails. Charlie then sent Dick's emails and info on her computer to Sam and Dean and wiped them and Roman Enterprises from Frank's drive, along the way delaying Dick's valuable package long enough for Sam and Dean to get to it first; but Dick came to see how Charlie was doing on the assignment before she could leave.

7x20 CharlieSaysGoodbye

Charlie says goodbye to Sam and Dean. (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo)

Charlie tried to escape once a fake of Dick's package arrived, but Dick locked the building down before she could escape. Charlie was saved from the Leviathan when Bobby Singer attacked Dick (breaking Charlie's arm in the process) and distracted him long enough for Sam and Dean to get in and rescue her. Charlie afterwards opted to disappear again, bidding Sam and Dean good luck against Dick Roman and demanding they never contact her again. (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo)


8x11 CharlieLARPingMeetsSam+DeanAgain

Charlie, as the Queen of Moondoor, meets Sam and Dean again. (LARP and the Real Girl)

Shortly after Charlie helped Sam and Dean against the Leviathans, Dick Roman was killed and Roman Enterprises went bankrupt, and Charlie afterwards came back out of hiding under the new alias of Carrie Heinlein. Under her Carrie alias, Charlie joined the LARPing game of Moondoor, becoming the Queen of one of the game's four kingdoms. For over a year things fared well, until two of Charlie's Moondoor subjects were killed and Sam and Dean returned to investigate. Charlie initially wanted to stay away and flee again rather than risk becoming a target for monsters again, although Dean and Sam got her to stay and help.

Charlie and the Winchesters investigated what could have been behind the deaths, finding signs that indicated a rival Moondoor kingdom was involved and went to reach the said kingdom and learn of their role, but while Charlie was alone, she was captured. When her captor revealed herself as a fairy, Gilda, who was being bound by a LARPer to obey him and kill his enemies, Charlie was instantly smitten with Gilda and began making out with her, only to be interrupted when Sam and Dean arrived. Gilda's controller, Gerry, then tried to force her to kill the Winchesters and wipe Charlie's memory so Gerry could have her for himself and win the game, but he was stopped when Dean and Charlie destroyed his spellbook. Gilda then returned to the fairy realm with Gerry to put him on fairy trial. The following day, Charlie, Sam and Dean led Charlie's Moondoor kingdom in a Battle of the Kingdoms. (LARP and the Real Girl)

8x11 CharlieXGilda

Charlie and Gilda making out before being interrupted by Sam, Dean and Gerry's untimely arrival. (LARP and the Real Girl)

It is known that at some later point, Charlie came across Chuck Shurley's Supernatural book series, and learned from it about the Winchesters' past and personal lives as well as their saving of the world from the Apocalypse. (Pac-Man Fever, Slumber Party)

Djinn case and letting goEdit

While Charlie was in Kansas visiting her vegetative mother, when she learned of a case with a body's insides liquefied, she contacted Sam and Dean at the Men of Letters' bunker to let them know, and Dean agreed to let her partner with him on the case as a hunter-in-training when she proved to be a good marksman. Charlie also kept secret about her mother and why she was really in Kansas. After Dean got Charlie a fake FBI ID and suit, they made a failed attempt to access the body at the local morgue, and so set about breaking in the following night. That night, a similar body turned up, and Dean and Charlie learned with Sam that it had had a blue handprint on it. The trio subsequently broke into the coroner's office, only to learn that the bodies had been incinerated by coroner Jennifer O'Brien.

8x20 Charlie+DeanCharliesNightmare

Charlie and Dean in Charlie's djinn-induced Red Scare nightmare, fighting off the Red Scare monsters. (Pac-Man Fever)

Sam, Dean and Charlie afterwards set about learning from their databases what creature they could be dealing with, and discovered it to be a 'bastard offshoot' djinn. Charlie then made up an excuse to leave to make a payment to her mother's hospital bills, and she was subsequently captured by the djinn, Jennifer O'Brien. Jennifer took Charlie captive at a shipping warehouse, where she poisoned Charlie, her poison sending Charlie into a comatose dream state where she was constantly living The Red Scare in a nightmare. Dean managed to enter Charlie's nightmare and join her using African Dream Root, and when he realised that Charlie's fear holding her there was losing her mother, Dean got Charlie to see that her mother was already gone and to let go; freeing them from the dream state and waking them up in the real world, where Sam had already killed Jennifer and the other djinn.

8x20 CharlieReadsHobbitLastTime

Charlie reads The Hobbit to her mother one last time as she is taken off life support. (Pac-Man Fever)

The following day, Charlie bade goodbye and parted ways with Sam and Dean, then learned to let her mother go and had her taken off life-support; visiting her mother one last time to read The Hobbit to her once more. (Pac-Man Fever)

Dorothy and OzEdit

By late 2013, Charlie had taken up hunting (albeit as a hobby), and worked two cases which involved a teenage vampire and a ghost respectively. She also got a job with an unknown company, but got fired when she found out that the company was outsourcing to child labour.

Sam and Dean called Charlie back to the bunker to help them with hacking the bunker's ancient computer, and Charlie managed to download its files. Shortly afterwards, Dorothy and the Wicked Witch were accidentally released into the bunker from a binding spell that had held them over the decades, and Charlie was amazed that it was the Dorothy from the Oz books of her childhood. Charlie and Dorothy warmed up to and befriended each-other after a somewhat rocky introduction.

9x4 CharlieZapped

Charlie is fatally zapped by the Wicked Witch. (Slumber Party)

Charlie learned from James Haggerty's research that poppy seed extract could repel the Witch, and the team made four bullets that used these against the Witch. Charlie brought the bullets to Sam and Dean, then went with Dean to find the key to Oz in his room before the Witch did. The Wicked Witch then arrived and attacked Dean for the key, and Charlie was killed by the Witch's electrical blast when she jumped in front of one to save Dean. Charlie had a brief experience of Heaven, reliving a Christmas with her family, before Dean secretly had Gadreel resurrect Charlie. Dean initially lied to Charlie that she'd simply been knocked out, but Charlie pieced together the truth and that Dean was hiding something when she learned from Dorothy that the Christmas memory she'd experienced was Heaven.

When Charlie learned that Dorothy was the daughter of L. Frank Baum and that Baum had written the Oz books after Dorothy became marooned in the fairy realm's land of Oz, she realised that Baum may have left Dorothy a clue in the books to the one weapon that could kill the Wicked Witch. Following Charlie's idea, she and Dorothy got the ruby slippers from Dorothy's stored bike in the bunker garage and realised they could kill the Witch. Charlie then went to find and kill the Wicked Witch with the slippers while Dorothy fought a Witch-possessed Sam and Dean off. As the Wicked Witch cast a spell to bring her armies to Earth, Charlie successfully killed the Witch by stabbing her in the head with the ruby slippers, then closed the door to Oz before the Witch's armies could come through.

9x4 Charlie+DorothyEnterOz

Charlie says goodbye to the Winchesters and heads into Oz with Dorothy. (Slumber Party)

Following the Wicked Witch's defeat, Dorothy offered Charlie to come with her into Oz to help her defeat the Wicked Witch's remaining forces there, and Charlie accepted in spite of Dean's attempt to sway her from the dangers in Oz. Charlie also agreed to keep the truth about how she'd been killed and resurrected a secret, on the condition that Dean eventually told her the truth about it. Dorothy and Charlie then used the key to Oz to reopen the door and head into Oz together. (Slumber Party)

Double CharlieEdit

While Charlie and Dorothy were in Oz, the War for Emerald City began, and their side was losing. To win the war, the Wizard of Oz convinced Charlie to allow him to use the Inner Key of Oz on her to split her into two versions of herself: one containing all of Charlie's darkness, the other all of her goodness, so that the former Charlie could be used as a weapon to win the war. Dark Charlie defeated the enemy and won the War for Emerald City single-handed, but she committed truly awful atrocities in doing so, so after the War was over, a horrified Good Charlie was scared to be made whole and ever have Dark Charlie as a part of her again. To try and prove to Good Charlie how much the same person they were, Dark Charlie returned to Earth with the intention of tracking down and taking revenge on the drunk driver who hit Charlie's parents all those years ago. Good Charlie was able to follow Dark Charlie back from Oz with the intention of stopping her, but was unable to return to Oz or get any help from the Wizard when Dark Charlie broke the key to Oz.


Dark Charlie threatening Barbara Cordry in her hunt to track down the drunk driver who killed her parents. (There's No Place Like Home)

After the two Charlies had returned to Earth, Dark Charlie began following the trail of people involving in getting the Middleton case sealed, by assaulting, capturing and torturing each one of the people into giving up the next person's name: she first tortured a court denographer, then the Topeka D.A. Peter Harper, and next councilwoman Barbara Cordry. Sam and Dean tracked Dark Charlie down when she went after Cordry, but Dark Charlie got the bank statement information from Cordry that would lead her to the drunk-driver, then got away.

Immediately afterwards, Good Charlie met up with Sam and Dean and, after explaining the double-Charlie situation to them, she and the Winchesters traced the Middleton case coverup back to Russell Wellington, the drunk driver, so Dean went to stake out and protect Wellington from Dark Charlie, while Good Charlie and Sam returned to the Men of Letters' bunker in search of another way of re-accessing Oz to get help with Dark Charlie from the Wizard.

10x11 GoodCharlieShowsUp

"What's up, bitches?"
Good Charlie shows up in front of a gobstruck Sam and Dean just after Dark Charlie gets away. (There's No Place Like Home)

Good Charlie and Sam discovered that Clive Dillon, the Man of Letters who had originally discovered the key to Oz and afterwards gotten trapped in Oz before being rescued by L. Frank Baum, was still alive and was living under a new name in Junction City, and went to ask him for help re-accessing Oz. Meanwhile, Dark Charlie tracked Wellington down; and she was able to fool Dean into believing that she only wanted him to see what his actions had made her into, then mercilessly killed Wellington and escaped again, planning to next go find Good Charlie.

Meanwhile, when Good Charlie and Sam confronted Clive Dillon on his doorstep about Oz, Clive revealed to them that the Wizard of Oz was in fact his own crazed, manipulative, power hungry dark half released with the Inner Key, just as Dark Charlie was, before Clive was rescued from Oz. As the key to Oz couldn't be repaired from on Earth, Clive came up with another way of getting the Inner Key from the Wizard; he mortally wounded himself, forcing the Wizard to immediately cross to Earth to heal and save them both. Once the Wizard arrived, he tried to kill Sam, forcing Good Charlie to kill Clive, and the Wizard with him. Meanwhile, Dark Charlie followed Dean to Clive Dillon's house, but Dean fought her off rather than let her corrupt Good Charlie; however, due to the Mark of Cain's influence, Dean lost control over himself and ended up severely beating up and injuring Dark Charlie until Sam got Dean to stop.

10x11 Good+DarkCharlieReunited

Good and Dark Charlie are reunited and made whole again. (There's No Place Like Home)

Sam and Dean afterwards used the Inner Key to reunite Good and Dark Charlie and make Charlie whole again, then took her back to the bunker to rest for two days following the injuries she'd been left with from Dark Charlie's fight with Dean. After Charlie had gotten enough recovery, she left the bunker, but intended to do everything in her power to help the Winchesters find a way to save Dean from the Mark of Cain, agreeing to look into the Book of the Damned for Sam. (There's No Place Like Home)



Charlie is a bubbly, eccentric and geeky social misfit, and in this respect enjoys LARPing, electro-pop and gaming, and commonly uses geek slang. She is also openly lesbian and flirtatious. Charlie is very intelligent and skilled with computers, data and hacking. When dealing with very dangerous threats and enemies such as supernatural monsters, Charlie can be timid and nervous, but is actually very brave; she overcomes her fears to do what's right and doesn't give up. Charlie possesses an authority problem, which she expresses through hacking with or into companies' computers and work. To those whom she cares about, Charlie is a deeply brave, determined and loyal friend, who will never give up on them or on helping them, nor let them give up on themselves.

Good and Dark CharlieEdit

Good Charlie, due to being Charlie with all of her soul’s inner-darkness gone, had a very happy, sweet-hearted and cheery disposition. As Charlie's good half alone, she was involuntarily practically incapable of doing something considered "bad," even when it would serve for good, although she proved in the end that she was capable of doing something like killing when her friends were dying and when the person she would kill forgave her. In spite of her cheeriness, Good Charlie found being all-good without any darkness annoying, as it rendered her unable to hit on or check out women like her full-self or dark self could. However, Good Charlie was still very intelligent and good with computers, and still able to help and do good by going after Dark Charlie and helping the Winchesters. She also greatly feared Dark Charlie and didn't want her as a part of her again, although she ultimately accepted that she couldn't just bury and lock up her own darkness.

Dark Charlie, very much unlike Good Charlie or Charlie's complete self, was extremely vicious, nihilistic, twisted, psychotic, brutal and sadistic. She was obsessed with proving to Good Charlie how much a part of the same person they are, by seeking to kill Russell Wellington for hitting their parents. Dark Charlie enjoyed inflicting torture and agony on others just for the sake of it, and being violent for no reason. She was also contemptuous of "good-guy codes," regarding peaceful methods and attempts to be better than one's own inner-darkness as flaws and weaknesses, and she believed that people's dark sides are their true selves and thus something to be embraced over their sense of morality. Dark Charlie was also a very good liar, able to easily trick and fool Dean twice with deception. She was very intelligent and cunning as well, able to second-guess Dean’s moves and always be one step ahead of him.



  • Charlie hinted in her first appearance that Charlie Bradbury wasn't her real name. Her real name, Celeste Middleton, was finally revealed in There's No Place Like Home.
  • It is mentioned in Pac-Man Fever that the car accident that left Charlie's mother comatose occurred 16 years before and that Charlie was 12 years old at the time; this would place Charlie's age in 2015 at 30.
  • Charlie mentioned in The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo that she had a tattoo of Princess Leia in her slave girl costume straddling a 20-sided die, which she got at Comic-Con while drunk.
  • Charlie was apparently a very good marksman, landing both out of two shots to the head in target shooting in Pac-Man Fever.
  • When briefly killed in Slumber Party, Charlie was able to go to Heaven; however, this is inconsistent with the revelation in Captives that the effects of the Fall meant that human souls couldn't cross over during the following period before Metatron's downfall.