Clap Your Hands If You Believe...
Production information
Season : 6
Episode : 9
Original airdate : 19 November, 2010
Directed by : John Showalter
Written by : Ben Edlund
Preceded by : All Dogs Go to Heaven
Followed by : Caged Heat
Supenatural - The X-Files Intro S06E09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe00:28

Supenatural - The X-Files Intro S06E09 Clap Your Hands If You Believe

Unique alternate version of title sequence

Clap Your Hands If You Believe... is the ninth episode of Season 6 of Supernatural.


"Dean has a lot to deal with: a brother without a soul, a conscience, or much interest in Dean's welfare. And fairies (including a tiny winged naked lady) who've been kidnapping first-born sons - like Dean."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

Sam and Dean arrive in Elwood, Indiana, to investigate the disappearances of four people. The disappearances have coincided with crop circles showing up in the local crops and fields, and bright lights being sighted in the sky, which has in turn spread rumour that the missing people have been abducted by aliens. Throughout the investigation, Dean has to deal with Soulless Sam's completely unempathetic personality, with Dean trying to get Sam to at least pretend to care until they can restore him to his souled self. The last witness whom Sam and Dean go to for information about the disappearances is local clockmaker Mr. Brennan, the father of the first abductee. When they visit him, Mr. Brennan is miserable and throws the Winchesters out of his store before they can even ask him more than a few questions, claiming that his son is never coming back.

The Winchesters are suspicious of Mr. Brennan's behavior, so Sam stays to watch him for anything else suspicious, while Dean looks around the crop where Patrick Brennan disappeared. However, when Dean is in the crop field, to his shock, a bright beam of light suddenly appears from above and pursues him through the corn. As Dean is screaming about what's happening with him over the phone to Sam (who is totally unmoved and only interested in hearing which kind of close encounter it is), the light catches up with Dean, and Dean vanishes into the light in a flash before the light fades away. Sam heads to the cornfield to find Dean, but when he only finds Dean's discarded cellphone and no other trace of him, a collected and unfazed Soulless Sam sets about heading to a local UFO follower camp. Sam goes to Wayne Whittaker, a UFO chaser at the camp's centre, for information on how to combat aliens, but Sam's disgusted to find that all Whittaker has are useless interviews with abductees, and Soulless Sam makes no effort to hold back his disdain at this. Sam immediately afterwards runs into Sparrow Jennings, a UFO-geek at the camp, who seems interested in him and in his brother's disappearance.

At around 3 AM, Dean suddenly reappears in the crop field in a flash of light, mid-gunfight. Upon seeing he is back from wherever he went, Dean makes his way back to town, but upon returning to the motel, he finds Sam and Sparrow sleeping together. Once Sparrow has left, Dean is furious that Sam was having sex while he was missing, but Soulless Sam simply doesn't understand what else he should have spent his time doing when he didn't know how to find Dean. Dean is also shocked to learn that he's been gone all night, since for him only an hour has passed since he vanished. A shaken-up Dean reveals to Sam that when the light in the crop abducted him, he found himself in a probing room with beings too bright to look at, and the beings sent him back when he went berserk on them for trying to probe him. Sam and Dean are now convinced that aliens must be real and are behind Elwood's disappearances.

The next night, while Sam researches at the library for any legitimate lore on aliens, Dean stays behind at the motel. However, while Dean is alone in his motel room, the lights go out, as a small being in the form of a flying orb of light arrives. When Dean squints at the light and sees the form underneath (his later comments reveal it to be a tiny, naked woman with wings) the entity goes berserk and attacks him, before he traps it in the room's microwave and uses it to blow the entity up. When Sam returns, Dean can see the gory remains of the entity staining the microwave's interior, while to Sam the microwave interior looks completely bare and clean. The Winchesters summarise from this that whatever these entities are, only Dean can see them and they're invisible to Sam. When Sam hears Dean's description of what he saw underneath the entity's orb form, he pieces together that these entities aren't aliens at all, but rather are a particular mythological race who are behind UFO sightings and abductions in modern times - fairies.

Sam and Dean go to Marion, a highly eccentric local fairy expert, for information on fairies and how they can be stopped. The Winchesters learn from Marion that fairies come in many different types, classes and forms, and are powerful entities from another dimension. While no-one knows exactly why fairies abduct people back to the fairy realm, it is known that they only ever take firstborn sons - like Dean. Fairies can be appeased by an offering of cream, and they can only be seen either by people who have previously been to their world or by a person whom the fairies allow to see them. Marion tells Dean and Sam that fairies are weakened by silver and iron, and are bound so that they cannot cross spilled grains without first counting each grain. After Sam and Dean leave Marion's, they spot Mr. Brennan buying masses and boxes of cream, and suspect from what Marion told them about fairies loving cream that Brennan probably knows something about them. The Winchesters' suspicions are confirmed when Dean breaks into Brennan's clock store to find doll-sized fairies (elves) are running Brennan's workshop.

Elsewhere, Sam is trailing Mr. Brennan, and confronts him at a bar about the elves running his workshop. Brennan confesses that his clockmaking business was failing, so he resorted to using an old spellbook belonging to his grandmother to summon a leprechaun for a deal. The leprechaun sent the elves to make Brennan's business popular in exchange for his son, but the fairies didn't stop with Patrick Brennan, and have exploited the deal to come into the world indefinitely and abduct more firstborns. Brennan confirms that the spellbook has a reverse-spell that can send all the fairies back to their realm, but the elves have it tightly guarded and kept away from Brennan in a vault in his workshop. Meanwhile, Dean is being stalked on the streets of Elwood by an eerie-seeming tramp - actually a type of fairy called a redcap, which has been sent by the fairies to deal with Dean after the latter returned from the fairy world. Dean tries to jump the redcap in an alley while it's following him, but he instead ends up jumping and attacking the Tipton county district attourney. Dean immediately gets arrested for hate crimes (the DA is a little person, and his yells to Sam to fight the fairies are misinterpreted as homophobia), leaving Sam and Brennan to stop the fairies on their own.

While Dean is sleeping during the night in the police station's jail cell, the redcap returns and appears inside the cell within him - leaving Dean trapped as the redcap attacks and brutally fights him. Meanwhile, Sam and Mr. Brennan slip past the elves (who are unconscious from cream's alcoholic effect on fairies) and get to the spellbook, but the leprechaun shows up and kills Brennan. The leprechaun is revealed to be Wayne Whittaker, having set up his false identity as a UFO specialist to cover up his fellow fairies' activity with the UFO myths. Whittaker tries to tempt Sam against reading the spellbook; claiming that through a deal, he can easily return Sam's missing soul from Lucifer's cage, since fairies' magic is much more powerful than angels' and unchallenged by Lucifer. Sam refuses, prompting Whittaker to begin violently attacking Sam to stop him reading the book. Sam manages to temporarily stop Whittaker by spilling grains in front of him, and while Whittaker is busy counting them, Sam reads the spellbook. Sam recites the reverse-spell, sending Whittaker, the elves and the redcap back to their world, and saving Dean's life just in time.

After the fairies are defeated, Dean is released from jail when the DA drops the charges against him, and he and Sam share a beer on the Impala's hood the next day. Dean talks with Sam about why Sam rejected Whittaker's deal to restore his soul, and whether or not Whittaker was lying about being able to get Sam's soul back. Dean worries that Sam might be having second thoughts about getting his soul back. Sam denies it, but his contemplating expression hints otherwise.









  • As well as the title card, the font of the captions naming locations in this episode is changed to parody The X-Files.
  • When Dean is looking through alien lore sites before being attacked by the tinkerbell, one of the website pages, specifically, has multiple spelling errors and grammar inconsistencies.


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