Cole Trenton
10x2 ColeMain
Biological information
Race : Human
Family and relatives : Edward Trenton (father; deceased)
Unnamed wife
Unnamed son
Status : Alive
Biographical information
Notable affiliations : United States Marine Corps
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Travis Aaron Wade
First appearance : Black

Cole Trenton is a former-Marine who sought revenge on Dean Winchester for killing Cole's father years earlier.




Cole is an intelligent, toughened, independent and strategic soldier and hunter, with expert tracking and combatting skills for a "newbie" hunter, due to his military experience. Cole is also highly adaptive; able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and revelations, such as encountering and accepting the existence of demons; although his extreme military experience against human monsters and his aforementioned adaptability can make him overconfident in the face of his enemies that he's seen and knows it all now, and cause him to fail to expect further unexpectable developments.

Though Cole can be a little ruthless about pursuing his darker, personal quests such as his revenge hit on Dean (i.e., kidnapping other people, and resorting to torturing them when pleas for their help fail), he is actually a good man, who matters very much to his family and who will not give up on doing everything he can to help one of his friends when they're in serious trouble. Cole also has an extremely strong will against pain and torture, showing both; intense will and durability through electrocution meant to remove a Khan Worm from him, and also a very extreme amount of control over both extreme dehydration and the Khan Worm's influence, the latter of which has proven to be very difficult to resist.





  • Due to the fact that Cole's late father was apparently a supernatural creature (confirmed by Dean in Girls, Girls, Girls to be an unknown, liver-eating kind of monster), some fans have suggested that Cole himself might unknowingly be a monster like his father, if his father was already a monster before Cole was born. However, it is presumed by Cole and Dean on the show that Cole is human and that his father was turned sometime after Cole was born.

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