5x14 CupidMain
Species information
Type : Spirit (Angel)
Notable distinctions : Pathokinetic ability to bring human couples together
Related to : God
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Roman mythology
Native range : Earth
Production information
First appearance : My Bloody Valentine

Cupid is a low-ranking angel order, specifically the third class of cherubim, which served Heaven by pathokinetically influencing humans to bring couples together for certain bloodlines and destinies.

Role in Heaven's hierarchyEdit

Cupids ranked below run-of-the-mill angels on Heaven's chain of command, and are categorized as third-class cherubim. Cupids served the Host of Heaven, particularly the archangels, by using their pathokinetic skills to bring certain human couples together, with the purpose of ensuring that the right bloodlines are merged to bring about the birth of new vessels or other people with special destinies. According to Castiel, at the time of the Apocalypse, there were dozens of cupids all over the Earth for these purposes. (My Bloody Valentine)


5x14 EnochianCupidPairingMark

The Enochian mark of union left on the hearts of those touched by a cupid's influence. (My Bloody Valentine)

On Earth, cupids can influence the material plane without fully manifesting; in this state they're invisible and intangible to humans, and the only indicator of their presence is a light breeze. (My Bloody Valentine) Alternatively, cupids can manifest in human form. When they do, there is some discrepancy over whether they conjure a physical body for themselves, or possess a vessel like other angels do; one encounter with a cupid indicated it to be the former, while another heavily implied it to be the latter. (My Bloody Valentine, Book of the Damned)

Cupids are weaker than the regular low-level angels that outrank them; said angels are capable of telekinetically overpowering and tethering cupids.

Like other angels, cupids are unfazed by physical attacks from a human (only being hurt emotionally, if that), and are probably capable of superhuman strength, since they can easily lift a grown man off the ground and their hugging even causes regular-level angels to feel discomfort. (My Bloody Valentine) However, cupids' most notable and unique ability is that they are extremely skilled at pathokinesis - they can manipulate feelings and emotions between two humans to make them feel attracted to each-other, and with enough work, cause the two humans to fully fall in love. When a cupid uses its pathokinesis to bring two human lovers together this way, it leaves an imprint in the shape of a specific Enochian mark on the affected humans' hearts. (My Bloody Valentine)

Cupids apparently at least partially achieve their pathokinetic influence through their cupid's bow; an angelic power or artefact, which manifests on their human form as a black imprint on their hand in the shape of a bow and arrow. A cupid can be separated from its bow by cutting the bow out of its hand with an angel blade. (Sacrifice) Very much unlike most angels, at least some cupids are very cheerful, easily-saddened, friendly, childish and sensitive, possibly due to the fact they spend much more time on Earth than most other angels. (My Bloody Valentine, Sacrifice)

Society and cultureEdit

8x23 CupidBow

A cupid's bow manifests on its hand. (Sacrifice)

Cupids greet humans and fellow angels by hugging them very tightly, which, according to Castiel, is cupids' equivalent to a handshake. Cass also stated that apparently no-one like cupids' hug-greeting, for obvious reasons concerning the discomfort. (My Bloody Valentine)

Cases and encountersEdit

  • John and Mary Winchester were brought together by a cupid. It was apparently difficult at first due to the friction between them, but eventually the cupids managed to mold them into a "perfect couple." (My Bloody Valentine)
  • One cupid was assigned to an unknown town in early 2010, and was responsible for bringing together: Alice and Russell, Jim and Janice, and another couple at a local restaurant. Castiel captured the cupid and forced it to manifest when he, Sam and Dean suspected it of causing the couples it had touched to kill each-other. Shortly after the trio found the cupid was innocent, it teleported away in upset when Dean punched it in a bout of anger. (My Bloody Valentine)
  • A cupid, Gail, was assigned to Houston, Texas in 2013, disguised as a delivery woman, to bring Dwight Charles and Rod together. Just after Gail completed her assignment, Dean and Castiel went to her to take her bow for closing the gates of Heaven (or so the two believed). Gail allowed them to remove her bow in the hopes that their plan would fix the chaos in Heaven. (Sacrifice)
  • After Castiel had smuggled a captive and graceless Metatron out of Heaven, they were spotted at a diner by a cupid posing as a trucker. The cupid, embittered and seemingly unstable over Heaven's broken state because of Castiel's actions over the years, attacked and tried to kill him in the parking lot, but was stabbed from behind by Metatron with an angel blade and killed. (Book of the Damned)

Known cupidsEdit


5x14 CupidTraditional-ValentinesDayCard

A traditional depiction of Cupid on a Valentine's Day card. (My Bloody Valentine)

In classical mythology, Cupid is the name of the god of attraction, affection, erotic love, and desire. Cupid is the son of Mars and Venus, and the husband of Psyche. Cupid is described as possessing two different kinds of arrows - golden-tipped arrows, which cause those hit to feel uncontrollable desire and love; and lead-tipped arrows, which cause those hit to experience aversion and hatred. Cupid is also associated with bees and dolphins. Christian medieval mythographers alternatively interpreted Cupid as a demon of lust and fornication.


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