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6x4 DemonContract

Bobby Singer's demonic contract from his crossroads deal with Crowley. (Weekend at Bobby's)

Deals and pacts can be made between humans and supernatural entities, usually with binding contract that bind both parties in the pact to uphold their respective end of the bargain. The most common and well-known kinds of supernatural deals and pacts are crossroad deals between a human and a demon, in which the demon grants the human's wish in the deal in exchange for the human's soul after a deadline.

Demon dealsEdit

Deals between a demon (typically a crossroads demon) and a human, referred to as the human selling their soul, are the most common. In these sorts of deals, typically but not always, a vain, greedy or desperate person will summon a demon (through means such as a crossroads). The deal will allow the demon to grant the human's wish, and the human will then have a limited time period left on Earth to enjoy their granted wish, before their deadline is up; this time is usually ten years exactly, but can vary from one year to up to twenty-five. Once the person's time is up and their contract due, a hellhound will be sent to kill the person and send their soul to Hell.

When a demon deal is made, the demon is bound to uphold their end of the bargain, and the human to uphold their contract and its terms lest the deal collapse. A demon can also alter reality and emotions and even life and death in a deal to make the human's wish in the pact come true, although this seems to be due to the deal's binding contract rather than any innate power, and the demon can only alter the world to fit the human's wish. It was implied by Crowley that ownership of the dealing human's soul is required for the demon to be able to access the power needed to uphold its end of the deal; however, Azazel did not need ownership of the other party's soul in a deal to access resurrection and other abilities to uphold his end, and could access this power just through the pact itself.

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