Death's ring
5x21 DeathRingMain
Historical information
Use(s) : Partial source of Death's power
Users : Dean Winchester
Affected creatures : Humans
Production information
Appearance(s) : Two Minutes to Midnight
Swan Song
Appointment in Samarra
Meet the New Boss
I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Death's ring is one of the Four Horsemen's rings, specifically Death's. It is at least a partial source of Death's role and power (although he can apparently function without it), and it's part of the collective key with the other rings to Lucifer's cage.


5x21 DeathRing

The ring on Death's finger. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

Death's horseman ring manifests as a small silver ring adorned with a square-shaped white stone. It serves as Death's means of channeling his powers when he manifests in physical human form, although unlike the other horsemen, Death is still capable of functioning without it. Death's ring can also be combined with the other three horsemen's rings to form the key to Lucifer's cage. (Two Minutes to Midnight, Appointment in Samarra)

Though meant for Death, the ring can also at least partially work for other beings such as humans if they wear the ring. For example, If a human were to put Death's ring on, then unless and until they took the ring back off, they would have a level of Death's power and would take Death's place reaping the dying in the natural order. Among the powers a human gains while wearing Death's ring is that they exist in the Veil, and they can end dying humans' lives with a touch. However, it would seem that the wearer doesn't gain Death's full power from the ring, as while Dean Winchester was wearing Death's ring, he was confined to the Veil like a regular reaper, and was unable to interact with or be perceived by the living. (Appointment in Samarra)


6x11 DeathsRingAboutToBeWornByDean

Dean with Death's ring, before putting it on to be Death for a day. (Appointment in Samarra)

During the Apocalypse, Lucifer sent a spellbound Death to Chicago to trigger three million deaths, and Dean Winchester also came to Chicago to track Death down and take his ring. When Dean finally found Death in a pizzeria, Death willingly loaned his ring to Dean so that the Winchesters could succeed in reimprisoning Lucifer and thus Death would be free. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

After obtaining Death's ring with the others, the Four Horsemen's rings were combined to form the key to Lucifer's cage, (Two Minutes to Midnight) and Sam successfully used the combined rings to send himself and Lucifer (along with Michael) into the cage. (Swan Song) After Michael and Lucifer were trapped in the cage and the Apocalypse derailed, Death's ring was apparently buried and hidden on Bobby Singer's scrapyard. (Appointment in Samarra)

After a year-and-a-half, Dean struck a wager with Death to rescue Sam's soul from the cage - if Dean could wear Death's ring for 24 hours without taking it off, then Death would restore Sam's soul to his living soulless body on Earth. Dean afterwards dug up the ring and put it on; but he briefly took it off before the 24 hours were up, and thus lost the wager. Death afterwards took his ring back from Dean over a meal. (Appointment in Samarra)

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