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Death's scythe
5x21 DeathScythe
Historical information
Use(s) : Kills all kinds of supernatural beings
Users : Alastair
Dean Winchester
Affected creatures : Angels
Production information
Appearance(s) : Death Takes a Holiday
Two Minutes to Midnight
Brother's Keeper

Death's scythe was one of the most powerful supernatural weapons of all, belonging to the horseman Death himself.


Death's scythe was one of the most powerful supernatural weapons in all of existence, being able to kill almost anything. The scythe has physically manifested in two different forms: the first time as a rusty-brown sickle, the last time as a more traditional scythe. (Death Takes a Holiday, Two Minutes to Midnight Brother's Keeper) It is also known that when Death's scythe was brought into Death's presence, the scythe would glow and burn red hot. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

The scythe is known to possess the power to kill reapers when their necks were slashed with the scythe, (Death Takes a Holiday) and according to Crowley, it can also kill demons and angels and many other things. True to rumour, (Two Minutes to Midnight) the scythe was even capable of killing Death himself when he was fatally impaled with the scythe. When it killed Death, the scythe disintegrated into dust with him. (Brother's Keeper)


4x15 TessaCaptive+AboutToBeSacrificedByAlastair

Alastair attempts to sacrifice Tessa using Death's scythe. (Death Takes a Holiday)

Breaking a sealEdit

In early 2009, Death's scythe was in Alastair's possession. Alastair indicated that Death himself had lent it to him since the Four Horsemen were eager to see the Apocalypse (although this claim is questionable, seeing as Death was imprisoned at this time and was disinterested in the Apocalypse anyway). Alastair intended to use the scythe to kill two reapers in Greybull, Wyoming once the solstice moon came, so as to break one of Lucifer's seals. Alastair succeeded in killing one reaper with the scythe, but the other reaper escaped at the last second when the reaper trap binding her was broken. (Death Takes a Holiday)


A year later, Death's scythe was now in Crowley's hands. Crowley indicated he had probably gained possession of the scythe through a deal due to Crowley's status as King of the Crossroads. Crowley gave the scythe to Dean Winchester, who took it with them to Chicago, with the intention of attempting to use the scythe to kill Death and to take his ring.

5x21 CrowleyGivesDeanDeathsScythe

Crowley hands Death's scythe to Dean. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

Though Dean and Crowley successfully located Death, when Dean attempted to sneak up on him, Death's scythe burned in his hand and then teleported to Death's table-side. Death thanked Dean for returning the scythe to him, and presumably retains possession of it. (Two Minutes to Midnight)



The image of Death carrying a scythe was applied in the middle ages, particularly to Death as a horseman in the Book of Revelation, based largely on the Christian biblical belief that Death is a 'harvester of souls.'


  • In Reading Is Fundemental, a sickle identical to Death's scythe appeared among the instruments in the basement of Rufus' cabin.
  • Death's scythe was shown in Two Minutes to Midnight to burn red hot when it was near Death. This could be analogous to how Dean's amulet is said to burn red hot in God's presence, since Death and God are said to be more or less parallel in terms of age and strength.

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