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Death-binding spell
7x1 DeathBindingSpellMain
Procedural information
Ingredients/procedure : Fulgurite
Other ingredients
Latin incantation
Use(s) : Binding Death to comply with the caster's demands
Users : Lucifer
Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer
Production information
Appearance(s) : Two Minutes to Midnight
Meet the New Boss
The Death-binding spell is a powerful ritual which can be used to bind Death, and possibly the other horsemen, to the caster's bidding, to a limited extent. It requires several ingredients, including fulgurite.

Ingredients and procedureEdit

7x1 DeathBindingSpellParchmentFromCrowley

A parchment giving the instructions on how to bind Death. (Meet the New Boss)

The death-binding spell calls for a variety of several ingredients, including human blood, an unknown herb, and a fulgurite. It has been implied that most of the ingredients are easy to come by, but a few such as fulgurite are harder to obtain. The ingredients must all be placed within a golden dish, which must in turn be placed at the centre of a specific sigil which is drawn in chalk and aligned with four lit candles. The caster wishing to bind Death must then recite the incantation, "Te nunc invoco, mortem. Te in mea potestate defixi. Nunc et in aeternum!" Violent tremors will occur when reciting the incantation, then once it is completed, Death will be summoned to the caster's location and will be bound to them. (Meet the New Boss)

Effects and reliabilityEdit

When Death is bound by this spell to its caster, he is forced to be where the caster wants when the caster wants, (Two Minutes to Midnight) and he must obey any direct command given to him by the caster. (Meet the New Boss) However, while the spell can bind, force, compel and limit some of Death's actions and his use of his abilities to the caster's will, it still cannot actually manipulate, control or influence Death's own mind and emotions at all. Due to this, when bound, Death must carry out the caster's orders, but can still act of his own will in any manner that does not directly contradict his caster's orders or the spell-imposed limitations; this was what allowed Death to indirectly assist Dean in stopping Lucifer when Death was bound to the latter. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

7x1 DeathBindingSpellPrepared

The Death-binding requirements prepared. (Meet the New Boss)

Death apparently cannot be freed from the binding spell on his own, and requires extremely powerful outside assistance. (Two Minutes to Midnight, Meet the New Boss) He once implied that the binding spell is irreversible, (Two Minutes to Midnight) although Castiel proved that an angel which has been massively empowered and mutated by absorbing 30-40 million souls is capable of unbinding Death at will. (Meet the New Boss) Another loophole in the binding spell is that it will apparently only affect Death so long as the caster is capable and active, and the spell can be rendered inactive by trapping the caster in an extremely impermeable prison such as Lucifer's cage. (Two Minutes to Midnight)


7x1 DeathBindingSpellUnbound

Death is unbound by "God"-Castiel. (Meet the New Boss)


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