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3x1 DemonsSmokeFormMain Demons in smoke form
7x21 DemonsHumanFormMain Demons possessing human bodies
Species information
Type : Spirit
Notable distinctions : Altered, contorted human souls
Demonic black smoke
Changes vessel's eye colour
Weakness to angels and holy miscellanea
Main weaknesses : The Colt
Demon-killing knife
Angel blade
Holy water
Devil's trap
Related to : Human soul
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : All worldwide cultures
Native range : Hell
Production information
First appearance : Pilot

Demons - sometimes colloquially referred to as devils, and referred to in the Word of God as Fallen Humanity - are dark, evil, malevolent spirits of Hell, originally invented by Lucifer. They are created from human souls, usually through extensive torture, mutilation and corruption. The majority of demons are normally trapped in Hell, but some can reach the Earth, where they can possess human bodies for their own cruel, destructive purposes.



Demons are created from human souls when said souls are mangled, warped, corrupted and darkened "beyond human recognition;" (Black) burning away their humanity and feelings, and leaving a cruel spiritual creature of pure malice and evil.

The usual way in which souls are turned into demons is by being constantly immensely tortured, corrupted and mutilated over a matter of centuries (most commonly in Hell by the demon torturers' hands). (Malleus Maleficarum onwards) Another way is via the effects of the Mark of Cain; if and when a human with the Mark dies, the Mark will retain its hold upon the host's soul, and will transform the soul into a demon and restore it to the formerly-human host's body. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

After a soul has been turned into a demon, according to Ruby, some demons not only forget conscience and empathy and what it means to be human but also that they ever even were human. (Malleus Maleficarum)


Demons have a true form, which can be seen beyond the demons' vessels' faces by other supernatural beings (such as angels) and by humans whose crossroads deal is up. (No Rest for the Wicked, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Reading Is Fundemental) When able to see demons' true faces, Dean Winchester described their true forms as awful-looking and ugly, and described Ruby's true form as "an ugly old broad". (No Rest for the Wicked) Glimpses of demons' true faces indicated them to be skull-like faces. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2, Abandon All Hope...) In Hell, demons seemed to at least sometimes appear in human forms, and could apparently choose what human's form to take. (Taxi Driver)

2x22 AzazelTrueFace

A glimpse of Azazel's true face. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

On Earth, demons manifest as long, slender clouds of black smoke and vapour; though there is one known demon whose smoke form on Earth is instead red. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?, Road Trip, Blade Runners) Demons generate electromagnetic interference in this smoke form, especially when together in large numbers, which is sometimes visible as crackles of purple lightning within the demon smoke. (The Magnificent Seven, Jus in Bello)

Demons can possess human bodies as vessels on Earth with which to better interact with the physical plane than would be possible in their smoke form. When a human is possessed by a demon, the only distinguishing feature is that their eyes will change colour (when the demon reveals its demonic or malicious nature); usually to black, but alternatively to red, white, yellow or another colour, depending on the type/rank of the possessing demon.


When possessing vessels on Earth, demons can exhibit and use several supernatural powers and abilities.

Low-level powersEdit

Among the basic powers among demons and the abilities which all demons possess are telekinetic powers with which to move people and objects around and through the air with the demon's mind. Demons also give their vessels enhanced and superior strength and stamina compared to an ordinary human's when possessing the vessel, demons can sustain their host bodies without any need for sustenance or sleep, and possess enhanced senses through their vessels.

Injuries to a demon's vessel that would be fatal to humans, such as stabs, gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma, do not harm the demon itself unless the injuries are caused by special means such as supernatural weapons and creatures; although the demon still does not heal the physical damage to its vessel, and thus must smoke out of a vessel and find a new host if and when the vessel is badly crippled enough by sustaining enough damage. (Devil's Trap et al.) Like other spiritual beings, demons can see into the Veil and perceive ghosts, reapers and hellhounds as well. (Death Takes a Holiday et al.) Demons are also capable of successfully practicing magic, witchcraft and Enochian spells and rituals. (Shadow et al.)

Mid-level powersEdit

3x1 DemonPossessesVessel

A demon taking possession of a human as its vessel. (The Magnificent Seven)

Some black-eyed demons and higher-ranking demons have displayed several abilities not seen among regular-ranking demons, including invisibility, (The Man Who Would Be King) and instantaneous teleportation from one place to another. Demons can also manipulate electronic equipment to their will, can use thermokinesis and generate and control fire, (Season 1, Season 2) can cause tremors, and can manipulate others' biology for purposes such as torturing by using this power to cause painful haemorrhaging. (Devil's Trap et al.) Some demons (crossroads demons in particular) claimed to be able to read humans' souls and assess the person's emotional condition. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

High-level powersEdit

Very high-ranking and powerful demons such as the King of Hell, Azazel, Samhain, white-eyed demons and Knights of Hell possess higher and more powerful special abilities, and sometimes are even powerful enough to challenge angels' power. (Heaven and Hell, On the Head of a Pin) High-level demons can enter and manipulate humans' and the special children's minds and dreams, (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1 et al.) and Lilith and Samhain could generate massive bursts of intense, burning light, capable of obliterating targeted people and levelling entire buildings. (Jus in Bello, No Rest for the Wicked, It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

3x12 DemonsMassExorcism

Numerous demons are exorcised en masse from their vessels. (Jus in Bello)

High- enough ranking demons are more resistant against and less affected by anti-demon weapons such as salt, holy water, (Devil's Trap) the demon-killing knife (I Know What You Did Last Summer, As Time Goes By) and (in cases such as Alastair) even smiting by angels. (Heaven and Hell) Some of these high-level demons, such as Azazel, Crowley and Alastair, can also teleport between Earth and Hell without the need for great effort or assistance that lower demons usually require to escape Hell. (In My Time of Dying, The Man Who Would Be King)

Faustian dealEdit

Through a deal, demons can access powers and abilities that allow them to fulfil their end of the bargain, although the contract binds the demon to follow through with its end of the deal. These powers for the deal include resurrection, pathokinesis, healing any illness or injury, and warping and altering reality to the correct extent for the wish of the human that makes the deal with the demon. (Crossroad Blues, All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2, Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!, Trial and Error) It has been implied that it is not an innate ability and is down to spellcasting. (The Devil You Know)


On Earth, demons can possess human bodies as vessels for them to use to physically interact with the corporeal world. Unlike angels, demons do not need a human's consent to possess them, and can force their way into any human body they want, and demons can possess corpses as well as living human bodies. (Phantom Traveller, Devil's Trap et al.) Humans are especially vulnerable to possession when feeling scared or anxious. (Phantom Traveller) Demonic possession can be blocked by wearing anti-possession charms. (Born Under a Bad Sign onwards) Demons usually possess a vessel by entering the human body in their smoke form through the mouth. Very powerful demons such as Azazel can even possess reapers as well. (In My Time of Dying)

6x20 AngelUnexorcisesDemon

A smoking-out demon being forced back into its vessel by a seraph. (The Man Who Would Be King)

Once a human is under demonic possession, the demon can manipulate and control the human's actions and behaviour, and can take full control of the body from the human. The demon can also give the human back control if it wishes, (Lucifer Rising) or the human can take back control from the demon through very strong willpower. (Devil's Trap, Sympathy for the Devil) If and when the demon is expelled from its host body, the former-vessel will retain no memory from possession, except for times when the demon let the human be conscious while the demon used their body. During demonic possession, if a living vessel suffers any injuries, then while the possession will stop these injuries from affecting the demon and will keep the vessel animate, it will not heal or repair them; as a result, if and when the demon leaves a possessed body, then the former-vessel will immediately begin to suffer from its injuries, and any fatal wounds will kill them. (Devil's Trap et al.)

Demonic possession apparently causes a chemical change in the vessel's circulatory system, making the vessel's blood become demon blood; (In My Time of Dying et al.) and whenever a demon uses their powers, they leave behind a trace of sulphuric yellow powder. It would appear that the amount of sulphur a demon produces depends on its power-level; most demons only leave very small traces of sulphur, (Phantom Traveller et al.) whereas Azazel left much thicker amounts of it. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1) The biological changes that demons cause to their vessels are said to be because when a body is under demonic possession, the demon infects every cell, muscle and body part. (Torn and Frayed)

Demons can leave their human vessels by exiting through the mouth, which is called 'smoking out' due to the smoke form demons take on Earth outside of vessels. Demons can either smoke out by will, or can be expelled from their vessel by means such as exorcism. (Phantom Traveller onwards) However, angels can use their abilities to grab the smoke forms of demons smoking out and force them back into their vessels, (The Man Who Would Be King) and saying exorcism rites in reverse can also send smoking-out demons back into their vessels. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?) There are some spells that can lock demons inside their vessels and render them unable to smoke out and/or teleport, as can some sigils carved onto the demon's host body. (Born Under a Bad Sign, The Devil You Know, Caged Heat) Gagging or otherwise obstructing a demon's mouth can apparently stop them exiting their vessel as well. (Heaven and Hell)

3x1 HolyWaterBurnsDemon

A demon is burnt and pained by holy water. (The Magnificent Seven)

Among the means of forcefully removing demons from their vessels, the most common is exorcism. Exorcism is a painful process for the demon, and once the exorcism rites are completed, the demon will be expunged from its vessel and sent back to Hell. (Phantom Traveller et al.) It seems to vary between demon exorcisms whether or not the vessel survives the process, although if the vessel suffered any fatal injury during demonic possession, then death is effectively certain. (Devil's Trap et al.) However, very powerful demons such as Abaddon, a Knight of Hell, are immune to exorcism. (As Time Goes By, Mother's Little Helper) If a demon's vessel ingests large quantities of salt, this can also force the demon out of the vessel body. (I Believe the Children Are Our Future)

Through training, tutoring and development and the consumption of demon blood to boost their powers, special children can develop their abilities to affect and harm demons; they can torture demons, pull them out of their vessels and send them back to Hell, (Lazarus Rising et al.) and even kill demons when powerful enough. (On the Head of a Pin, Lucifer Rising) Ghosts can also pull demons out of their vessels, and can physically grab and restrain demons in their smoke form. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)


Harming and trappingEdit

7x8 DemonTrappedDevilsTrap

A devil's trap traps a demon. (Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!)

There are several means of binding and trapping demons and of causing them pain and/or harming or incapacitating them. Like most other spiritual creatures, most demons are unable to easily cross a line of salt or break the line, and being hit by or ingesting or getting injected with salt causes demons great pain and can even force them out of their vessels. However, high-level demons such as Azazel are largely immune to the demonic weakness to salt. Pure iron also has a similar burning and uncrossable effect on demons as salt.

Holy water is known as well to badly burn demons like acid (although it does not cause physical damage to the vessel) and thus can repel and stun demons; (Phantom Traveller onwards) however, some higher-level demons such as Azazel are apparently almost completely unaffected by holy water. (Devil's Trap) Staking a demon with Palo Santo will painfully immobilise the demon and pin it to a single spot. (The Magnificent Seven) It is known that low-level demons cannot cross onto hallowed ground, although demons ranking any higher than this can, (Salvation onwards) and that hex bags can hide people from all demons; including even the most powerful demons such as Lilith. (Jus in Bello onwards)

5x21 DemonKilledByDemonKnife

A demon is killed by the demon-killing knife. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

One of the most common means of trapping and binding demons is devil's traps; though demons can enter devil's traps with ease, once a demon is in the trap it cannot get out, and the devil's trap (dependent on the demon's power-level and the kind of devil's trap used) will bind the trapped demon's powers. (Devil's Trap onwards) Except for when a trapped demon is exorcised, devil's traps can lock demons in their vessels as well. However, if the image used as a devil's trap is in any way altered or broken, then the trap will immediately become ineffective and unable to trap demons or keep them trapped. (Born Under a Bad Sign onwards) It is known that if an object with a devil's trap on it (such as a bullet) is inside a demon's vessel, then it will pin the demon to the spot unless the demon is moved by outside forces, and it will restrict the demon's movement and powers and bind it to its vessel. (As Time Goes By, King of the Damned)


6x4 DemonBurnsWithBones

A crossroads demon is destroyed by the burning of its original bones. (Weekend at Bobby's)

Though little-known among hunters, (Season 1, In the Beginning) there are several means of killing demons. A demon can be killed by a powerful supernatural-killing weapon (such as an angel blade, the demon-killing knife, the First Blade or the Colt), although the supernatural weapon must damage a critical area of the demon's vessel (i.e. the throat, torso or head) or it will simply harm the demon. Death's scythe is also said to be capable of killing demons. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

Angels can kill demons, by placing their hand on the demon's vessel's forehead and then channeling their celestial power into the vessel, burning away the demon inside. This method of killing demons also kills the vessel. (Season 4 et al.) However, regular angels cannot kill very high-level demons such as white-eyed demons this way, (Heaven and Hell) and (if the said regular angel is cut off from Heaven and its powers more limited) then the angel won't even be able to use this ability to kill regular demons. (Abandon All Hope...)

8x7 DemonSmoteByAngel

A demon is smote and destroyed by an angel's killing touch. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

Though very little-known of, and thought even among demons to be a myth, when demons are on Earth, burning the remains of their original bodies from when they were human will also burn and destroy the demon. (Weekend at Bobby's) It also has been implied that demons are capable of themselves killing lower-level demons.

There is a spell which, when activated, will completely destroy any demons in the vicinity, vessels and all. (We Need to Talk About Kevin, A Little Slice of Kevin) Ruby likewise claimed to know a ritual involving cutting out a virgin's heart which would, when carried out, destroy all and any demons within a one-mile radius while leaving their vessels unscathed. (Jus in Bello) The Defigere Et Depurgare is a unique spell which witches such as its creator can use to kill demons; it reduces the targeted demon's smoke form to a gruesome black sludge, which is gagged and vomited up by the demon's vessel as it perishes. (Girls, Girls, Girls)


"They don't want anything, just death and destruction for its own sake."
Dean Winchester describing demons' malevolent actions and intentions.[src]

Due to having all their humanity burned and stripped away, (Malleus Maleficarum onwards) demons are vicious, malicious and cruel creatures which revel in chaos, death, pain and suffering and may engage in torturing and killing others simply out of fun and for the sake of it. (Phantom Traveller onwards) It has also been implied that while rare, demons may at times engage in cannibalism and/or consuming humans - Lilith was known to eat human babies, (When the Levee Breaks) Crowley mentioned that Lucifer's demons ate Crowley's tailor when Crowley was outed as a traitor, (The Devil You Know) and Father Max Thompson mentioned that the demon possessing Peter Kent had eaten his vessel's own children. (Clip Show)

8x1 DemonsDestroyedDemonBomb

Two demons are completely destroyed by the demon bomb spell. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

The majority of demons are internally selfish as well as evil and malevolent, and may choose their loyalties based on which one will result in less torturing for them as punishment from the other loyalty in future. Most demons also engage in destruction and torturing to avoid themselves being tortured and/or simply for the fun of it, but there are a small number of demons who are true believers in Lucifer's intentions of cleansing the Earth of humanity and actually consider themselves equal or superior to humans in terms of morals and loyalty to their faith. (Sin City)

Demons have no qualms or quarrels over killing or torturing even their own kind, even when it is not necessary to do so, and will casually sacrifice other demons without any hesitation. However, some demons do still form family or romantic bonds with each-other, and these demons that do can become angry when their fellow demons are killed or exorcised. (Devil's Trap)


The presence of demons on Earth (particularly the higher-level demons such as Azazel and Abaddon) can cause omens in the form of natural phenomena around the area where said demons are present. These omens include increased electrical storms and other erratic weather, crop failures, temperature flunctuations, and disease outbreaks in animals such as cattle. These omens, side-effects and natural responses caused by demons' presence is said to be the Earth itself balking at the unholy demonic presence. (Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 1)


There exists one known ritual which, when performed on hallowed ground such as a church, can cure demons and restore their humanity. According to Castiel, it is the one and only known method of treating and re-humanizing a demonized soul. The ritual involves injecting the demon once every eight hours with purified blood on hallowed ground. After the eighth dose of purified blood, the caster of the ritual then says the incantation, "Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus. Hanc animam redintegra, lustra! Lustra!" And then the caster slits the palm of their hand and places it over the demon's mouth, which will complete the ritual and fully restore the demon's conscience and humanity (although this last step is not always necessary, and in the case of an uber-demon, the subject can instead be cured just through the blood injections on consecrated ground). The ritual can cure both regular demons and uber-demons, and according to Sam Winchester, the lore states that all demons are susceptible to the cure without exception. (Clip Show, Sacrifice, Soul Survivor)

8x22 DemonCured

A demon is cured by Father Max Thomson. (Clip Show)

If the curing ritual is not completed (i.e., if the caster fails to perform the ritual's final step following the eighth dose of purified blood to fully restore the demon's humanity) then most of the ritual's effects on the demon will wear off and the demon will revert to its evil, inhuman personality. However, the demon will still permanently retain a few side-effects from the incomplete curing ritual - for example, injecting themselves with human blood will cause the demon to temporarily degenerate into a soppy, inattentive and neurotic state of mind, and this can be addictive for the demon; and the demon can also gain more genuine, affectionate and empathetic emotions. (Season 9)


Early historyEdit

The demons began thousands of years in the past; during Lucifer's rebellions against God but before his imprisonment in Hell, to spite God for choosing humans over him, Lucifer took a human soul and twisted and corrupted it until it became the first ever demon, Lilith. (When the Levee Breaks) From then on, all and any human souls that went to Hell after death would be tortured and twisted and corrupted until they themselves became demons. (Malleus Maleficarum onwards) After Lucifer was imprisoned in the cage, he was worshipped among his demon creations as their God. (Sin City)

5x20 DemonBindingFleshSigil

A flesh sigil capable of binding demons to their vessels and inhibiting teleportation. (The Devil You Know)

It is also known that at some point, Lucifer selected a number of the first demons to become Knights of Hell; pure, ruthless and powerful demons. Most of the Knights of Hell were killed by their mentor, Cain, in the early 1860s in retaliation for taking Cain's human love; but one of the Knights, Abaddon, escaped Cain and survived. (First Born) In 1957, Abaddon disappeared for 56 years when she time travelled to 2013, and was believed dead among the demons until her return in 2013. (As Time Goes By, Sacrifice)

Plan to release LuciferEdit

By the 20th century, the demon Azazel was the tyrannical leader of the demons with Lucifer absent and Lilith trapped deep in Hell. (Sin City) Azazel successfully made contact with Lucifer in 1972, and through Lucifer's instructions on how to free him from the cage, Azazel began creating special children as part of a secret master plan to free Lilith from Hell so that she could break Lucifer's seals and free Lucifer from his cage. (Lucifer Rising) Between 2005 and 2007, once a generation of his special children were ready, Azazel initiated his plan to bring about Lucifer's freedom by having the strongest special child open a devil's gate in Wyoming. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

Though all the demons except Lilith, Azazel and Ruby (these three were the only ones in on Azazel's true master plan) believed that Azazel's intentions in creating the special children and opening the devil's gate were to release enough demons to war against humanity with the strongest special child as their leader, (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1) in actuality, Lilith was the only demon Azazel wanted to release from Hell through the gate, so that she could break Lucifer's seals. (Lucifer Rising)

2x22 DemonsReleasedDevilsGate

Demons escaping en masse from Hell through the 2007 opening of the devil's gate. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

In early May, 2007, Azazel succeeded in having his strongest special child open the devil's gate and release hundreds of demons including Lilith from Hell, but was killed in the process, (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2) and thus the freed demons (who had been expecting to follow Azazel and Sam Winchester, but Sam had turned away from Azazel's plans) were initially left scattered and unorganised and unable to execute a proper war against humanity. Some demons wanted to follow Sam as Azazel had supposedly planned, while others began to follow Lilith. (Season 3)

Within a year after the hundreds of demons were released from the devil's gate, most of the demons were following Lilith as their leader, and Lilith had organised the demons together. After Dean Winchester, circa August 2008, unknowingly broke the first of Lucifer's seals, under Lilith's direction and leadership, the demons on Earth began breaking the other seals one-by-one and working in opposition to the angels to break 66 of the seals and free Lucifer. (Season 4) In mid-late 2009, after 65 seals were broken and Lilith was left the last remaining seal on Lucifer's cage to be broken, she and Ruby initiated the final phase of Azazel's master plan and allowed Sam to kill Lilith, which released Lucifer from Hell and started the Apocalypse. (Lucifer Rising)

5x10 DemonsServingLucifer

Demons serving Lucifer during the Apocalypse about to sacrifice themselves for Lucifer's Death-raising ritual. (Abandon All Hope...)

During the Apocalypse, following Lucifer's release from Hell, Lucifer took command of virtually all the demons both in Hell and on Earth, who worked for Lucifer, the Whore of Babylon and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse against the angels and humanity and in Lucifer winning the Earth from Heaven and humans. (Season 5)

Crowley's regimeEdit

After the aversion of the Apocalypse and Lucifer's reimprisonment in his cage circa mid 2010, (Swan Song) the crossroads demon Crowley took over all the demons as King of Hell; (Family Matters) most of the demons fell under Crowley's command, but a few remained loyal to Lucifer and were against Crowley, who had these Lucifer loyalists hunted. (Caged Heat) After Crowley took over as King of Hell, him and the demons began working over the following 1 - 2 years to find a way to open a door to Purgatory so that Crowley could use the monster realm's power; (The Man Who Would Be King) but Crowley's intentions ultimately failed due to Castiel's interference. (The Man Who Knew Too Much)

Shortly afterwards, the Leviathans were released from Purgatory and planned to take over the Earth and farm humanity as cattle. (Season 7) When the Leviathan leader refused to negotiate with the demons or give them anything and threatened to wipe them out, (Slash Fiction) Crowley had the demons refrain from attacking the Winchester brothers and stay out of their way so that the brothers could focus on defeating the Leviathans. (Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!) After the Leviathans were defeated, Crowley presumably lifted the demons' restriction against attacking the Winchesters. (Survival of the Fittest)

Within a year after the Leviathans' downfall, after one of the Word of God tablets was found by Crowley and he learned that the tablet recorded how to open and close all the gates of Hell, Crowley had his demons hunt and search for the prophet Kevin Tran so that Crowley could force Kevin to translate the Word for him (to learn the Trials of God to lock all demons in Hell forever before Sam and Dean did, so as to stop the brothers). Crowley also worked to retrieve another Word of God and learn its secrets after discovering that this Word was about angels. Though Sam and Dean almost completed the Trials of God to seal Hell, they ultimately stopped. (Season 8)

Hell's power struggleEdit

In the process of nearly completing the third trial, the Winchesters captured Crowley and kept him captive afterwards, and thus the demons mostly assumed Crowley dead, and the returned Abaddon stepped in to take advantage of the power vacuum and usurp control as new Queen of Hell. (Season 9) While some of the demons began to follow Abaddon, many of them remained uncertain and remained neutral, and eventually Crowley returned for a power struggle with Abaddon for rule over Hell. (Road Trip)

In Crowley and Abaddon's power struggle for control of Hell and leadership of the demons, Abaddon began to increasingly win the majority of following and support among the demons; with even Crowley's closest loyalists betraying him to and defecting over to Abaddon, and with Crowley's kingdom losing ground and strength among the demons. (Blade Runners, King of the Damned) However, the power struggle for Hell was ultimately ended when Abaddon was killed by Dean using the First Blade, (King of the Damned) and Crowley retook control and command over the demons in Hell and on Earth. (Do You Believe in Miracles?) Afterwards, a few rogue Abaddon loyalists remained, (Black) but the majority had been rounded up, and were executed by Crowley for treason. (Soul Survivor)

Types and ranksEdit

Black-eyed demonsEdit

The most common type/class of demons seen, black-eyed demons, excluding the Knights of Hell, are often either mostly self-serving, or are thugs, drones, soldiers, minions and henchmen for superiors and higher-level demons. They are distinguishable from most classes of demons in that they have black eyes, causing their vessels' pupils to expand across the entire visible area of their eyeballs.

Crossroads demonsEdit

A class of demons who are often more self-serving and less affiliated with the demon hierarchy and leaders, crossroads demons offer tempting Faustian deals and bargains to vain or desperate humans; granting their wish in exchange for their soul after a length of time (usually ten years). They are distinguishable from other classes of demons in that they have red eyes, causing their vessels' eyes to turn all-red.

White-eyed demonsEdit

A very powerful and high-ranking class of demons, white-eyed demons are the highest-ranking demons in Hell's hierarchy, second only to Lucifer, and are greatly feared among lower demons and are powerful and resistant enough to take on even angels. The only two known white-eyed demons are Lilith and Alastair, both of whom are dead. They are distinguishable from other classes of demons in that they have white eyes, causing their vessels' eyes to roll all the way up.

Yellow-eyed demonEdit

An elite and powerful class of demons, yellow-eyed demons rank very high in Hell's hierarchy, but below white-eyed demons. The only known yellow-eyed demon is Azazel, who is dead. They are distinguishable from other classes of demons in that they have yellow eyes, turning their vessels' retinas yellow.

Knights of HellEdit

Among the first demons and handpicked by Lucifer, Knights of Hell are very powerful and independent demons who acts as high agents and assassins. All the Knights excluding Cain are at present dead. Knights of Hell such as Abaddon have black eyes, although they are by far superior to most other black-eyed demons and in some ways even high-level demons. Knights of Hell possess very strong demonic powers and are immune to multiple demonic weaknesses, and can only be killed by the First Blade.


Uber-demons[1] are different from other demons, in that they possess the Mark of Cain and/or were turned into demons by the Mark's effects on its host's soul. They have black eyes like Knights of Hell and regular demons, but they are far superior and much more powerful. Uber-demons are completely immune to the demon-killing knife and can only be killed by the First Blade, and they are very resilient (but not immune to) holy water and the demon cure. Uber-demons are also much stronger than other high-level demons, and are easily much more than a match for even the King of Hell. Due to the effects of the Mark, uber-demons can be extremely vicious, aggressive, violent and unpredictable, as a result of the Mark's hunger for rage and violence.


Vicious and animalistic Zoroastrian shadow demons, daevas are sometimes used by other demons as hunters and killers, but can attack their demon masters if their control is broken. Daevas are invisible and can only be seen by their shadows.


A lower-ranking but deadly and vicious type of demon, Acheri can manifest on Earth without a vessel, taking the form of a little girl but taking on a more demonic appearance when attacking.

Disaster-causing demonEdit

A rare class of demons which are sent to Earth to cause disasters such as vehicle crashes. They are distinguishable from other demons in that their smoke form more closely resembles a swarm of black insects and they enter their vessels through the eyes.


Demons and Hell have their own hierarchy, albeit not as rigid and controlled as pre-Apocalypse Heaven's was, with the strongest and most powerful demons seeming to seize and assume control of Hell and the demons. It is known that most high-ranking demons punish betrayal among their subordinates (be it working against their superiors or giving the enemy information under interrogation) brutally and severely, to the point that some lower-level demons prefer death to facing punishment by their demonic superiors for their betrayal.

Demons also have a religious belief system analogous humans', in that similarly to how some humans believe in God as their creator and higher power, some demons believe in Lucifer as theirs. (Sin City) However, according to Azazel, by 1972, most of the demons had either lost faith in Lucifer or had given up on finding him and releasing him from the cage; this was presumably changed by Lucifer's release from the cage in 2009. (Lucifer Rising)


Most other supernatural races and beings usually look down on demons with contempt and disdain as disgusting and whorish abominations.


Demons have no qualms at all over killing, torturing and abusing humans, and will sometimes do it simply for fun. Some demons such as Lucifer loyalists even consider themselves morally equal or superior to humans.


Angels and demons detest each other by nature, with demons considering angels arrogant, sanctimonious zealots and angels viewing demons as disgusting, sinful and unclean abominations. However, most demons except high-level demons are also known to fear angels for their strength and power against them.


Leviathans such as Dick Roman view demons with intense disdain, hatred and disgust, considering demons such as Crowley (the King of Hell at the time) to be lazy, ugly, whorish parasites and mutations and viewing them as deserving of being eradicated from the universe. Despite wanting the Leviathans destroyed, demons also seemed to fear and respect Leviathans and were unwilling to strike against them directly.

Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseEdit

The Four Horsemen's view of demons seemed to vary among them. The horseman Famine sees demons as nothing more than expendable pawns and would sacrifice his own demon carers and henchmen simply for his or his victims' sustenance; while Pestilence seemed to genuinely care about at least some of his personal demonic assistants.

Pagan godsEdit

Though themselves petty, cruel and disloyal, gods and deities such as Plutus seem to also look down on demons with contempt. However, at least some pagan gods are still not above working with demons for their own benefit.

Other demonic creaturesEdit


"So, every religion in every world culture has the concept of demons and demonic possession, right? I mean Christian, Native American, Hindu, you name it."
Sam Winchester on the prevalence of demons in lore.[src]
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A common depiction of demons in lore as bestial, hellish punishers and devils. (Lucifer Rising)

Demons are very common in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, and folklore, and are featured in lore all around the world; including Abrahamic, Hindu and Native American lore. Lore often depicts demons - also known as daemons or fiends - as malevolent, paranormal entities. Abrahamic traditions such as Christian demonology believe demons to be fallen angels, wicked and unclean spirits, and/or paranormal entities which cause demonic possession unless exorcised. Demons are also sometimes depicted in Abrahamic lore as the torturers and punishers of damned souls in Hell. Renaissance magic and Western occultism believes a demon to be a spirit which can be conjured and controlled.


  • Demons are overall the main antagonists of Supernatural and among the show's most recurring creatures.
  • The first demon to be properly introduced on Supernatural (the disaster-causing demon in Phantom Traveller) was notably different from the other demons that would later appear. This was the result of several retcons by the writers and producers as they developed the show's demon lore.
  • Though demons' true forms have almost never been shown on Supernatural, if one looks carefully in All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2 when John is wrestling with Azazel in the latter's smoke form after pulling the demon out of his vessel, a skull-like face is visible. Also, when Lucifer's demons in Carthage, Missouri sacrificed themselves to raise Death, flashes of skull faces were visible as they were destroyed.
  • In Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 4, Ben Edlund commented that he believes the reason some of demons' powers (teleportation, possession, telekinesis, intangible true forms) are similar to darker versions of angels', is because of how demons originally partially descend from angels through the first demon's creation by Lucifer.
    • He also speculated that this relation through Lucifer's crimes against mankind and against God's love for humans could be the reason why angels seem to have a noticeably more intense and personal animosity towards demons than even most other demon-despising supernaturals.



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