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Demon-curing ritual
8x22 DemonCuringRitualMain
Procedural information
Ingredients/procedure : Hallowed ground
Purified blood
Latin incantation
Use(s) : Curing demons and restoring their humanity
Users : Max Thompson
Sam Winchester
Production information
Appearance(s) : Clip Show
Soul Survivor

The demon cure is a ritual, invented by Father Max Thompson in 1958, which can be used to cure a subjected demon and restore the demon's humanity. Because of its effects as a demon cure, the ritual is the sole known means of completing the third Trial of God to close the gates of Hell.


8x23 DemonCureBloodInjection

Crowley being injected with purified blood during the curing ritual. (Sacrifice)

Before performing the demon-curing ritual, one must capture a demon to perform the ritual on, and must use demon-binding methods to immobilise the demon and stop it breaking free or smoking out. The ritual must be performed on consecrated ground. The caster who wishes to cure the subject demon must also obtain purified blood; either by purifying their own blood through a holy confession and then taking samples of their blood, or by having a priest bless other humans' blood samples. (Clip Show, Sacrifice, Soul Survivor)

During the demon-curing ritual, the caster must inject the demon subject with a dose of the former's purified blood once every hour for eight hours. After the eighth blood dose has been administered, the caster can complete the curing ritual and fully restore the demon's humanity. The caster must say the Latin incantation, "Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus. Hanc animam redintegra, lustra!" Then, the caster must slit the palm of their hand, say "Lustra!" once more, and place their slit palm over the demon's mouth. This will complete the ritual and fully render the demon human. When curing an ordinary demon, the aforementioned final step is necessary or the curing process will be left incomplete, (Clip Show, Sacrifice) but uber-demons can apparently be fully cured without the last step. (Soul Survivor)


8x23 CrowleyExhibitsHumanity

Crowley experiencing remorse and humanity due to the demon cure's effects. (Sacrifice)

When a demon of 'run-of-the-mill' origin (torture in Hell) undergoes the curing ritual, for the first few purified blood injections, the demon won't show any apparent signs of change; but after the fifth or sixth injection, the demon will begin to display increasingly emotional behaviour and signs of remorse, eventually breaking down into a soppy and anguished state. (Clip Show, Sacrifice)

Uber-demons, however, are initially affected differently by the demon cure; they suffer physical fatigue and pain from the purified blood, and they retain their demonic mannerisms throughout the curing process until it is complete. However, while uber-demons' demonised state and personality is more resistant against the cure, the curing process can still render them human enough before completion to negate the uber-demon's demonic weaknesses (such as supernatural handcuffs and devil's traps). (Soul Survivor)

After the demon-curing ritual is completed, the subjected demon will be fully cured and lastingly rendered human, and will have fully regained human feelings, conscience and emotions such as horror, remorse and empathy. It is thought that when a demon is cured, it is left locked in the vessel it was possessing during the ritual, and that the former-demon soul is redeemed. (Clip Show)

The demon-curing ritual can cure both demons created in Hell and demons turned by the Mark of Cain, and according to Sam Winchester, the lore indicates that there are no demons known to be immune to the cure. (Soul Survivor)


9x6 DemonCuringRitual-CrowleysBloodAddiction

Crowley suffering from a human blood addiction following an incomplete demon-curing ritual. (Heaven Can't Wait)

When a demon is subjected to a demon-curing ritual, if the ritual isn't completed and thus the demon isn't fully cured (i.e. if, in non-uber-demons' case, the caster, for whatever reason, doesn't carry out the final step of the ritual after administering the eighth blood dose), (Sacrifice) then the demon's state of human emotional anguish will wear off and the demon will revert to its evil, demonic personality. (Devil May Care et al.) However, the demon will not entirely lose the humanity it felt during the ritual and will still retain several permanent symptoms and side-effects.

Among these lasting symptoms are that the partially-cured demon will gain an addiction to injections of human blood, and intoxication with human blood will cause the demon to temporarily degenerate into a soppy, neurotic and inattentive mental and emotional state loosely similar to the state of remorseful anguish a demon experiences during the curing ritual. (Heaven Can't Wait, Blade Runners et al.) The demon's emotions also remain partially humanised due to enduring the incomplete curing ritual, in that the demon will now have feelings of empathy and protectiveness towards human kin (even if the demon despised these human family members when it was originally mortal). (King of the Damned)


8x22 DemonCured

Peter Kent's demon is successfully cured by Father Thompson in 1958. (Clip Show)


The demon-curing ritual was invented by Father Max Thompson in 1958, when he and Father Simon were experimenting to try and create and perfect a ritual capable of redeeming a demonic soul and restoring its humanity. Father Thompson made eighteen failed attempts to cure a demon, before he perfected the ritual during his nineteenth experiment, on 3 August, 1958, when he successfully cured the demon possessing Peter Kent. (Clip Show)

The Third TrialEdit

In 2013, after Sam and Dean recovered Father Thompson's leftover records and information about his demon cure, they planned to use the ritual to complete the final trial (curing a demon) to close the gates of Hell. Sam performed the demon-curing ritual on Crowley at an abandoned church, but just after Sam administered the eighth dose of purified blood, Dean stopped him from completing the ritual. (Sacrifice)

Since the ritual wasn't completed, Crowley wasn't fully cured and he remained a demon, although he did retain more humanised emotions and gained an addiction to human blood from the demon cure's incomplete effects on him. (Devil May Care et al.)

Dean WinchesterEdit

After Dean was transformed into a demon by the Mark of Cain's effects, (Do You Believe in Miracles?) upon capturing Dean, Sam intended to perform the demon-curing ritual on him to try and reverse Dean's transformation and restore his human self; Sam stole blessed blood from a hospital, and blessed the Men of Letters' bunker's demon dungeon for the ritual. After Sam repeatedly injected Dean with purified blood, Dean was able to escape due to the cure's incomplete effects rendering human enough to escape the devil's trap and demon handcuffs, before he was recaptured by Sam and Castiel. Sam afterwards resumed the curing process, and after one final blood injection, Dean was succcessfully cured. (Soul Survivor)

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