"Time really does fly!"
―The demon's catchphrase for just before it crashed its plane.[src]
Demon (Phantom Traveller)
1x4 PhantomTravellerDemonNaturalForm Smoke form
Biographical information
Race : Demon
Status : Alive (imprisoned in Hell)
Production information
Appearance(s) : Phantom Traveller
Actor/Actress : Paul Jarrett
Daryl Shuttleworth
Christopher Rosamond
This demon was one of a phantom traveller-like type of demon which cause disasters, this demon causing airplane crashes.


This demon was similar to regular demons in most respects, but different in other ways. Like other demons, this demon was burned by holy water, but unlike in other demons, holy water also caused tissue damage to the demon's vessel. It is also known that saying Christo around the demon could slightly stun it and briefly expose its demonic nature.

The demon's smoke form more closely resembled a swarm of black insects than black smoke as well, and it possessed vessels by entering through the eyes instead of the mouth (although, when exorcised, the demon left its vessel through the mouth like other demons).


Early lifeEdit

This demon would infiltrate airplanes by possessing a human onboard, then, forty minutes into the flight, the demon would deliberately crash the plane. Afterwards, if anyone survived the crash, the demon would kill them in the same fashion when it found the chance. Sam Winchester suggested that the demon was responsible for six airplane crashes between 1995 and 2005, which had each occurred forty minutes into the flight and killed everyone onboard. (Phantom Traveller)

Flight 2485Edit

The demon possessed George Phelps at an aiport, then boarded United Britannia Flight 2485 to Denver. Forty minutes into the flight, the Demon opened Flight 2485's emergency door, damaging the plane and causing it to crash, which killed all but seven of those onboard. The demon then subsequently began waiting for each one of the seven survivors to go on a plane again, so that the demon could kill them as well in the same manner to ensure that there were no survivors of the Flight 2485 crash.

When the surviving Flight 2485 pilot Chuck Lambert flew a small jet with Lou, the demon possessed Chuck, and, forty minutes into the flight, it crashed the jet near Nazareth. Shortly afterwards, when Amanda Walker boarded Flight 424 from Indianapolis, the demon possessed the plane's co-pilot and intended to crash the plane forty minutes into the flight as well.

Sam and Dean Winchester managed to capture the demon and exorcise it from the co-pilot using the Rituale Romanum, and the demon then resorted to crashing the plane by entering its systems in its smoke form. However, before Flight 424 could crash, Sam completed the exorcism, removing the demon from the plane's systems and sending it back to Hell.

Forms taken (possession)Edit


  • This demon possessed several notable differences from the demons that appeared later on in Supernatural. This was the result of several changes and retcons by the writers as they developed the show's demon mythology.