Demon blood
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Historical information
Use(s) : Turning special children
Fuelling special children's powers and supernatural nature
Users : Azazel
Sam Winchester
Affected creatures : Humans
Special children
Archangels' vessels
Production information
Appearance(s) : See full list below

Demon blood is blood from a human body that is under demonic possession at the time of the bleeding. Demon blood has supernatural properties and potential usage in certain spells and rituals; but its most notable ability and use is that it can infuse human infants who consume it with demonic and psychic abilities, and can be used to fuel said children's resulting demonic powers. Azazel used his demon blood to turn his special children for his master plan and endgame to bring the Apocalypse.

Characteristics and supernatural usesEdit

The blood of a living or dead human body under demonic possession possesses several supernatural properties, (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1 et al.) which it retains even after the possessing demon has been killed, and even after the blood has been long since bled out of the demon and stored. (Free to Be You and Me et al.) Demon blood could also be slightly more acidic than human blood, as Sam Winchester once briefly stunned a hunter by spitting demon blood in his eyes. (Free to Be You and Me)

A human infant can be made into a special child by feeding it demon blood when it is exactly six months old to the date, after which the demon blood remains in the human's bloodstream for life, and grants the special child their supernatural powers and abilities after they grow up. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1 et al.) A person who is already a special child can also strengthen, boost and develop their demonic powers through consuming demon blood, giving them the ability to psychokinetically exorcise and eventually even kill demons. However, consuming too much demon blood can result in the special child in question developing a drug-like addiction to drinking demon blood, and demon blood intoxication can cause symptoms such as taking on a more aggressive, cold, ruthless and even sadistic persona. (Season 4) Castiel believed that were a special child to consume the massive amount of demon blood required to be strong enough to kill Lilith, the special child would permanently lose their temperamental humanity and become more like the supernatural creatures that hunters kill. (Lucifer Rising) However, this apparently did not happen when Sam Winchester imbibed enough demon blood and killed Lilith, possibly due to God detoxing him of the demon blood. (Sympathy for the Devil)

Among the other effects of and uses for demon blood is that a vessel must imbibe an immense amount of it to be strong enough to sustain possession by Lucifer without exploding. Nick had to drink gallons of demon blood over the months while he was possessed by Lucifer (and even then his body still slowly began to burn away), and even Sam Winchester, Lucifer's true vessel, had to imbibe more demon blood "than [he'd] ever drunk" before allowing Lucifer to possess him. (Two Minutes to Midnight, Swan Song) Demon blood is also a component in the demon vessel-restoring ritual which regenerates human remains for a demon to possess. (Devil May Care)


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