5x22 DetroitMain
Geographical information
Whereabouts : Michigan
Production information
Appearance(s) : Swan Song
Filming location : TBA

Detroit is the largest city in the U.S. state of Michigan, and the seat of the state's most populous county. Its metropolitan area is also the fourteenth most popular in the U.S., home to 5.3 million people.

Detroit is famous for being the place where Sam Winchester was destined to say "yes" to Lucifer, which he did, before the Apocalypse was derailed.


Over the course of the Apocalypse, Detroit was more than once prophesised and predicted as being the place where Sam Winchester would say "yes" to and become possessed by Lucifer. In the averted alternate future which Zachariah sent Dean into where Lucifer had ravaged the world using the Croatoan virus, it was at a "heavyweight showdown" in Detroit in 2013 that Sam said yes to Lucifer. (The End) At the later confrontation in Carthage, Missouri, Lucifer predicted to Sam that the latter would say yes to him within the following six months, and that it would happen in Detroit. (Abandon All Hope...)

Months later, when Dean and Sam were planning to have Sam say yes to Lucifer, then send both of them in Sam's body into Lucifer's cage using the Four Horsemen's rings; Dean correctly realised upon hearing of a temperature drop in Detroit (caused by Lucifer's presence there) that that was where they would find him.

Sam, Dean, Castiel and Bobby Singer subsequently drove into Detroit and tracked Lucifer down to a demon-guarded abandoned building. Sam, after imbibing enough demon blood to contain Lucifer, went in with Dean to confront him, killing the demons along the way. Though Lucifer was aware of the brothers' plan, Sam still went through with it and said yes. However, after he did, he was unable to resist the fallen archangel and Lucifer had complete control; proceeding to take the horsemen's rings and teleport away, now finally possessing his true vessel.

Though Lucifer possessing Sam in Detroit had come to pass as was predicted, the end of the world was ultimately derailed and averted when Sam successfully wrested control from Lucifer at Stull Cemetery, and trapped both himself with Lucifer inside, and Michael possessing Adam Milligan, in the cage using the rings. (Swan Song)

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