Devil's Trap
Production information
Season : 1
Episode : 22
Original airdate : 4 May, 2006
Directed by : Kim Manners
Written by : Eric Kripke
Preceded by : Salvation
Followed by : In My Time of Dying

Devil's Trap is the twenty-second episode of Season 1 of Supernatural and the season finale.


After discovering from Meg where the demons are holding John prisoners, the brothers race off to rescue their father, resulting in a showdown between the Winchesters and the Yellow-Eyed Demon.

Full synopsisEdit

Just at where Salvation left off, when Meg answers Dean's phone call to John, the brothers realise that the demons have captured John. Sam wants to stay in Salvation to get another shot at killing the Yellow-Eyed Demon with the Colt's three remaining demon-killing bullets, but Dean calls the entire fight against the demons off until they get John back, and they immediately leave in the Impala and get back onto the road. Sam is fearful that the demons have already killed John and wants to go after Yellow-Eyes with the Colt, but Dean refuses to listen and wants to focus on finding John.

To get help finding where the demons are holding John, Sam and Dean go to John's old friend Bobby Singer at Bobby's car scrapyard. Dean and Bobby catch up on their shared history, and Sam in looking up the demon lore in the Key of Solomon and discussing it with Bobby - the Key gives and details protective sigils called devil's traps which can trap and incapacitate any demon that steps into or under one. Bobby also talks with the boys about the Yellow-Eyes situation, and warns that the situation they're in is much bigger than they thought, as demonic possession rates have been rising drastically in this year, meaning more demons are rising for something big. Meg then arrives and attacks Bobby's house, cornering Sam and Bobby and demanding to know where the Colt is. However, the trio manage to trap and capture Meg when she steps under a devil's trap on Bobby's ceiling.

With Meg trapped and powerless, Dean demands to know where John is, and Meg claims she's already killed him. When this enrages Dean into hitting Meg, Bobby warns the boys that they need to be careful not to seriously harm Meg; as the human form Meg is in isn't the demon itself but a human body the demon's possessing, thus they an innocent girl is harmed whenever Meg's human body is damaged. Sam and Dean subsequently begin performing exorcism rites on Meg to torture her into telling them where John is; Meg initially continues claiming John is dead, but the exorcism eventually begins to harm and weaken the demon and drive Meg to tell the boys the truth - the demons are holding John alive somewhere in Jefferson City, Missouri. Dean then goes against his promise and orders Sam to finish the exorcism, though Bobby warns that due to the injuries Meg's host body sustained in Chicago (when the daevas sent her falling from a warehouse floor in Shadow), exorcising Meg will kill the human host without the demon keeping her alive. Despite Sam and Bobby's opposition, Dean has Sam finish the exorcism anyway to end the human Meg's misery, expelling the demon from her human host and sending her back to Hell. With the demon gone, the mortally-injured human Meg gives Sam and Dean a warning that the demons expect Sam and Dean to come for John into a trap, and she gives the brothers the clue "sunrise" before dying from her injuries.

After Meg's exorcism and death, Bobby sets about explaining Meg's death to the paramedics when they arrive, while Sam and Dean leave for Jefferson City to rescue John. In the city, as Sam and Dean arm up and get ready for the battle against the demons, they argue about whether or not to bring the Colt against the demons - Sam wants to leave the gun in the Impala's demon-warded trunk to save its remaining bullets for killing the Yellow-Eyed Demon, but Dean reiterates the importance of family over John's crusade against the Demon; although Dean does still agree to keep the Colt on lockdown in the Impala since it's still their only leverage. Sam and Dean subsequently realise from Meg's message where the demons are holding John - Sunrise Apartments - and as the brothers won't be able to tell the innocent human residents from the ones possessed by the demons, they formulate a plan to get all the non-possessed humans out by pulling the fire alarm.

Sam successfully executes this plan and all the residents except the demons evacuate, and once the fire department arrives, Dean and Sam infiltrate the evacuated building to find John by stealing and donning fireman suits. The brothers locate the apartment where the demons are holding John, and after incapacitating the two demon guards by trapping them behind a salt line in a closet, they find John unconscious but alive in the bedroom. The brothers conclude John isn't possessed when holy water doesn't burn him, and they subsequently free the weakened John. Two more demons arrive and go after the Winchesters, who narrowly escape out the apartment window into the street below. Before they can flee further, they are suddenly ambushed by Tom, who viciously begins beating Sam until Dean shoots and destroys the demon with the Colt (having secretly concealed and brought the gun after all).

The Winchesters subsequently flee into hiding in an old cabin in the woods, salting the doors and windows to keep out any demons that find them, and Sam thanks Dean for saving him from Tom with the Colt, while Dean admits he is sometimes scared by the lengths he will swiftly go to to protect his family (killing Tom with the Colt when he was attacking Sam, despite knowing that this would have also killed the human who the demon was possessing). A recovered John comforts Dean about his actions today, and John isn't mad with Dean for using up another Colt bullet and says he is proud of Dean for what the latter does for the family. Something begins starting up outside, and John claims the Yellow-Eyed Demon is coming and demands the Colt from Dean to kill the Demon with. However, Dean is suspicious of John's kind words, realising the real John would have been furious with Dean for wasting a bullet, and believes John must be possessed.

Sam stumbles on the commotion, with John denying he's possessed and claiming Dean's gone mad, while Dean asserts that it's actually a demon possessing John. Sam sides with Dean, but they both still aren't certain enough to dare kill their father. It is then revealed John is indeed possessed, by the Yellow-Eyed Demon itself, and the Demon then telekinetically pins both the boys back. Yellow-Eyes explains the reason the holy water didn't reveal demonic possession is because high-level demons like him are immune to it, then proceeds to cruelly taunt the boys and threaten to make John's suppressed mind watch as Yellow-Eyes uses John's body to murder his sons. Yellow-Eyes has apparently developed a grudge against Sam and Dean for killing Tom and exorcising Meg, whom he considered his children as his demon followers, and plans to take revenge on them. The Demon reveals to Sam that he killed the boys' mother and Jessica because Yellow-Eyes has plans for Sam and all the Demon's other psychic children like him.

When Dean comebacks on the Yellow-Eyed Demon's mocks and taunts by reminding him of what Dean did to the Demon's own children (Tom and Meg), the Demon begins torturing Dean by using a psychic power to cause him to bleed internally. However, Dean's pained screams and pleas to his father are enough to cause John's suppressed mind to stop the Demon possessing him and free Sam from its telekinesis. Sam then non-fatally shoots the possessed John in the leg with the Colt, weakening the Demon enough for John to take back control of his body and trap the Demon inside himself. John begs Sam to kill him with the Colt's last remaining bullet and take the Yellow-Eyed Demon with him, while Dean pleas for Sam not to shoot. Sam ultimately chooses his father's life over the Demon's death, and stands down while the Demon flees John's body and escapes.

In the aftermath of the confrontation with the Yellow-Eyed Demon, Sam is driving the wounded John and Dean in the Impala to hospital. John is confused and angry at Sam for putting John before the mission to kill the Demon, and Sam states that he's learned that family is the one thing that comes before the Winchesters' revenge on the Demon. As Sam and John discuss starting the search for Yellow-Eyes over since they still have the Colt and its last bullet to kill the Demon with, a demon possessing a trucker suddenly crashes the truck straight into the Impala, running it off the road and leaving Sam, John and Dean lying bloody and unmoving in the car's wreckage.







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