Devil's gate
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Historical information
Creator : Various/unknown
Samuel Colt (Wyoming devil's gate)
Use(s) : Escape portal to Earth
Production information
Appearance(s) : All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2
A devil's gate or a hellgate is a door between Earth and Hell which, when open, allows demons and spirits in Hell to escape to Earth.

Known HellgatesEdit

Wyoming Devil's GateEdit

This devil's gate was located at the centre of a giant iron railroad devil's trap in southern Wyoming, and was built by Samuel Colt at some point shortly before 1861. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2, Frontierland) The gate was inside or disguised as a mausoleum in an old cowboy cemetery, and was normally kept sealed but could be unlocked and opened with the Colt. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

In 2007, Azazel had Jake Talley open the Wyoming devil's gate with the Colt, allowing hundreds of demons and human souls to escape through the gate from Hell before Bobby Singer and Ellen Harvelle sealed it again. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2) Sam Winchester claimed to have unsuccessfully attempted to open the devil's gate to free Dean's soul from Hell during the four months in 2008 when Dean was in Hell. (Lazarus Rising)

Among the souls and demons that escaped from Hell when the devil's gate was open in 2007 were:

Devil's Gate ReservoirEdit

According to Jo Harvelle and Meg, in the past, John Winchester and Bill Harvelle hunted a hellspawn at the devil's gate reservoir when Bill was killed. (Born Under a Bad Sign) According to one source, the devil's gate reservoir is an S-shaped, 50 feet deep reservoir at the Pasadena-La Canada Flintridge city boundaries where numerous unexplained disappearances have occurred over the years.[1]

Clifton Devil's GatesEdit

According to Sam, there were apparently devil's gates in Clifton, and at some point in the past, John went missing while working on a case involving the Clifton devil's gates. (Pilot) According to one source, the devil's gate in Clifton is a legendary subterranean passageway, which contains a network of dead trees each planted exactly three feet apart.[2]

Wisconsin HellgateEdit

Kevin Tran claimed that the Word of God on demons gave instructions on how to open a hellgate in Wisconsin, although it is uncertain whether or not Kevin had entirely made the claim that there was a hellgate in Wisconsin up, as it was part of a plan to escape his demon captors. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)


There are many ancient and urban legends of gates and entrances to Hell or the Underworld existing on the Earth. Legends state that these gateways can be used either for the netherworld's denizens to abduct humans from the mortal world and take them to the Underworld, or for demons and devils from Hell to appear on the Earth at the gate's location. The hell gates in legend are often described as being located at regions of unusual geological activity, such as volcanic areas, lakes, caves and/or mountains.