Devil's trap (sigil)
8x19 DevilsTrap
Historical information
Use(s) : Trapping demons
Users : Hunters
Affected creatures : Demons
Production information
Appearance(s) : See here
A devil's trap is a sigil or symbol that traps any demon that enters it.



Devil's traps possess the ability to trap demons, and to (depending on the type of trap used) bind the demon's power; when a demon steps onto or directly under a devil's trap, while the demon can easily enter, once in, it cannot physically step out so long as the design of the devil's trap remains intact.

Devil's traps made with iron can also keep demons on the outside from entering so long as the trap is not broken from the inside. It is known that if a demon is cuffed with an object that has a devil's trap drawn or engraved on it, then this can immobilise the demon as well; and that if an object with a devil's trap on it enters a demon's vessel then it will pin the demon to the spot and largely limit its movements.

Effective devil's trap can be drawn in blood, chalk, paint or markers or can be engraved onto the surface, and even ash, chains, light and iron in the shape of a devil's trap will work against a demon. A devil's trap can even when covered up trap a demon so long as the trap's demon-trapping shape and design is intact.


As it is a devil's trap's design and shape with traps demons that enter it, then if the trap's image is in any way broken or altered then the trap will lose its demon-trapping power. Also, demons caught in devil's traps can still sometimes extend their powers beyond the traps enough to cause tremors, leaks and cast spells which will indirectly smudge/break the trap and free the demon (such as strong enough tremors to break the devil's trap by cracking the surface the trap is on, or leaking water to wash enough of the trap away to break it).

Types of devil's trapsEdit

Key of SolomonEdit

A more rarely seen type of devil's trap, this version of the trap consists of a heptagram composed of two pentacles from the Lesser Key of Solomon.


The most commonly used kind of devil's trap, this trap consists of a pentagram and may also consist of five different symbols each in or between the pentagram's five points.


An especially powerful and upgraded devil's trap of old Enochian, used by angels, which can trap and bind the powers of even very high-level demons such as Alastair.

Known variationsEdit

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