2x20 DjinnMain
Species information
Type : Creature (Monster)
Notable distinctions : Tattoo-like designs on skin
Hallucinogenic poison
Glowing blue eyes
Main weaknesses : Silver knife dipped in lamb's blood
Related to : Eve
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Islam
Arabic folklore
Native range : Earth
Production information
First appearance : What Is and What Should Never Be

Djinn are a rare race of supernatural creatures which send their victims into dream world states with a hallucinogenic touch while the djinn feeds on them.


Djinn are creatures which physically appear human, except djinn have patterns and designs in their skin resembling oriental tattoos. These tattoo-like skin patterns normally cover the majority of the djinn's body, (What Is and What Should Never Be) though a djinn can cause its skin patterns to retract and disappear from parts of the body like the arms and head for blending-in purposes (although the skin patterns may spread down onto the arms when a djinn is showing aggression or about to poison a victim). (Exile on Main St., Pac-Man Fever) Also, when a djinn is administering poison to a human victim or showing anger or malice, the djinn's eyes and sometimes its hands will glow a deep blue. (What Is and What Should Never Be, Pac-Man Fever)

It is apparent that djinn are a gene and that they reproduce by bearing djinn children, (Exile on Main St., Pac-Man Fever) although it has been implied that a djinn does not need to begin poisoning and feeding on humans until it reaches a coming of age. (Pac-Man Fever) Typically, djinn live as hermit creatures and make lair in abandoned ruins (such as old warehouses) with lots of places to hide, and where the djinn can safely hold its poisoned victims alive to feed on over the course of days. (What Is and What Should Never Be) Djinn also live as a family unit with their family and raise their own offspring. (Pac-Man Fever) However, some djinn have (instead or also) adapted to the modern civilised world and masquerade as humans like many other monsters. (Exile on Main St., Pac-Man Fever)

2x20 DjinnPoisonTouch

A djinn administers its hallucinogenic poison to a victim through touch. (What Is and What Should Never Be)

Djinn feed on human blood, and they can poison a human victim through direct physical contact. A djinn's poison causes very powerful and realistic-seeming hallucinations, and it can quickly dispatch a poisoned foe or victim within seconds. Djinn use their poison to either quickly kill an enemy or victim (Exile on Main St.) or to send the poisoned victim into a coma-like state to leave them incapacitated while the djinn feeds on their blood. (What Is and What Should Never Be, Pac-Man Fever) The intensity of a djinn's poison's hallucinogenic effect on the victim varies; a small dose will leave the victim fully conscious and only cause them to hallucinate objects, beings and sounds that aren't real, (Exile on Main St.) whereas a full dose of djinn poison will send the poisoned victim into an unconscious, but realistic-seeming dream state. A double-dose of djinn poison can even kill the poisoned victim within minutes, which some djinn can use to kill enemies and targets. (Exile on Main St.)

6x1 DjinnPoisonDead

A djinn's victim dead after being heavily poisoned. (Exile on Main St.)

When a human is poisoned with a full dose of djinn poison and sent into an unconscious, coma-esque dream state, their unconscious mind lives in a fantasy dream reality based on the human's wish; (What Is and What Should Never Be) although there have been some djinn whose poison instead causes their victims to experience a nightmare reality based on their darkest fears. (Exile on Main St.) The dream reality induced by the djinn's poison - aside from their obvious differences from the real world due to the victim's granted wish and the subsequent ripple effects - is very realistic to the victim and is very well-detailed and closely parallel to the real world; Dean Winchester's wishverse dream from when he was poisoned by a djinn even included a parallel version of the djinn and its lair and captive victims. In the wishverse hallucination case at least, the poisoned victim experiences time differently; they will apparently be able to live an entire lifetime in their dream world before their physical body dies from blood loss by the djinn. (What Is and What Should Never Be)

The only way a poisoned victim can escape the dream state and wake back up in the real world is if they reject the dream reality and kill themselves in it; however, they can only awake from the dream reality and recover from the djinn poison if they die by their own hand, and if they're kill in the dream universe by another factor, their body in the real world will die as well. (What Is and What Should Never Be) However, this is not the only way of escaping the dream reality and recovering from djinn poison, as there is also an antidote that can very quickly cure the victim of the djinn poison and its symptoms. (Exile on Main St.)

8x20 DjinnBastardOffshootBlueHandprint

A blue handprint left by a bastard-offshoot djinn on a victim from poisoning them. (Pac-Man Fever)

As well as their hallucinogenic poisoning touch, djinn are strong enough to overpower full-grown men in a fight, and possess superhuman speed and greater agility than humans. (What Is and What Should Never Be, Exile on Main St., Pac-Man Fever) The only known means of killing a djinn is by stabbing it with a silver knife that has been dipped in lamb's blood. However, it would appear that blunt force trauma to the head can also kill a djinn or at least knock it out. (Exile on Main St.)

Bastard offshootEdit

8x20 DjinnBastardOffshootEyes

Jennifer O'Brien, a bastard offshoot djinn which feeds on fear. (Pac-Man Fever)

There is a second, rarer type of djinn, referred to by Dean as a "bastard offshoot," which possess the same powers and weaknesses of ordinary djinn. They are different from regular, "run-of-the-mill" djinn in that while normal djinn physically feed on blood, the bastard offshoot djinn pathokinetically feed on fear, and thus their poison causes their victims to hallucinate their worst nightmares instead of their happy wishes and fantasies. (Pac-Man Fever)

Also, when a bastard-offshoot djinn poisons a victim, it leaves a blue handprint from the djinn on the poisoned victim's body, and after the victim dies of the poison, it liquidises their insides to a jelly-like state. The antidote to run-of-the-mill djinn's poison is ineffective on victims poisoned by bastard-offshoot djinn, and the only way for a victim of the offshoot djinn's poison to escape the dream reality and wake up and recover in the real world is to let go of their fear. (Pac-Man Fever)

Hunts and encountersEdit

  • In 2007, Dean Winchester hunted a djinn living in a warehouse district in Joliet, Illinois which had kidnapped, poisoned and fed off several victims in the area at its lair in a warehouse. The djinn captured and poisoned Dean when he found the warehouse where it was living, but Dean awoke and recovered after letting go of the wishverse dream. At that time, Sam Winchester found Dean at the warehouse, and the Winchesters fought the djinn and killed it with a silver knife dipped in lamb's blood. (What Is and What Should Never Be)
  • In 2011, three djinn led by Brigitta (implied to have been the children of the Joliet djinn) were masquerading as humans in Cicero, Indiana, and were out for revenge against Dean and poisoned him. The djinn fought with the Campbell family and tried to kill Dean, but Brigitta was captured and the other two djinn killed. (Exile on Main St.) Samuel Campbell subsequently handed Brigitta over to Crowley's demons, who held her captive at the monster prison and tortured her for information on the Alpha Djinn. Brigitta presumably died when Castiel destroyed the monster prison. (Caged Heat)
8x20 DjinnBastardOffshootPoisonTouch

A bastard-offshoot djinn poisoning a victim through touch. (Pac-Man Fever)

  • Circa 2004, after the bastard-offshoot djinn Jennifer O'Brien fed on and killed a victim in Topeka, Kansas, she became the local morgue's coroner, and used her position there to cover up the djinn circumstances of her victims' deaths (so as to avoid attracting any hunters or attention) for the next nine years. However, in 2013, Jennifer's djinn son reached his coming of age and began uncontrollably feeding on victims which couldn't be covered up. Dean Winchester and Charlie Bradbury subsequently investigated, and Jennifer captured and poisoned Charlie before Dean tracked down Jennifer's lair and killed her. Jennifer's teenage djinn son then attacked and fought Sam over his mother's death, before Sam killed him as well. (Pac-Man Fever)
  • A family of djinn were one of the five mafia-esque monster families ruling Chicago's underworld (owning the South Side), and had affiliations with the Duval family; dealing with Julian Duval. (Bloodlines)

Known djinnEdit


2x20 DjinnLore

Multiple book sources on lore about djinn. (What Is and What Should Never Be)

Djinn, also known as genies or jinn, are regarded in Islam and Arabic folklore as spiritual creatures which inhabit an invisible higher dimension beyond the human universe, and as one of the three sentient creations of God alongside humans and angels. Djinn are frequently mentioned in the Qu'ran, which describes them as being made of smokeless fire but also being corporeal in the human world. Like humans and unlike angels, djinn possess free will and can be good, evil or neutrally benevolent.


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