Do You Believe in Miracles?
9x23 MetatronGoesViral
Production information
Season : 9
Episode : 23
Original airdate : 20 May, 2014
Directed by : P.J. Pesce
Written by : Eugenie Ross-Leming
Brad Buckner
Preceded by : Stairway to Heaven
Followed by : Black

Do You Believe in Miracles? is the twenty-third episode and season finale of Season 9 of Supernatural.


Metatron makes his move against humanity with all the angels now on his side, and with Dean out of control, Sam must find Metatron on his own while Dean seeks out Crowley for help. Meanwhile, Castiel and Gadreel infiltrate Heaven to find and destroy Metatron's power source.

Full synopsisEdit

Picking up directly where Stairway to Heaven left off, after Dean attacks Gadreel with the First Blade, Sam and Cass restrain him before he can finish a wounded Gadreel off. Though Dean argues that he's their only means of killing Metatron, Sam and Cass lock him up in the bunker's dungeon until they find a way to fix what's happening to him. They then set about going to Gadreel to infiltrate Heaven with his help, but Gadreel has fled while the two were dealing with Dean. Meanwhile in Heaven, Metatron is excitedly writing the final chapter of his story and setting about making his move on humanity. He also tests out his new radio tannoy which broadcasts over angel radio to every other angel, and declares to all the other angels (most of whom he's returned to Heaven as his followers) that he will be going to Earth to make his dramatic final move.

Back on Earth, Sam and Castiel track a wounded Gadreel down and Cass heals his injury, but Cass is now growing weaker as a result as his stolen grace continues to burn out. Back in the bunker's dungeon, Dean is growing increasingly sick and throwing up blood, and uses a summoning ritual to call Crowley (who was in the middle of a massage at the time after having retaken control of Hell) for help with what the Mark of Cain is doing to him. Crowley explains to Dean that because Dean's body is human unlike Cain's was, the Mark's effects are causing his body to rely on killing with the First Blade to survive, and when Dean doesn't satiate the need to kill he will grow more ill, eventually to the point of death. However, Dean is still determined to go find Metatron and kill him with the First Blade, and demands that Crowley let him out so he can find Metatron.

When Sam, Cass and Gadreel return to the bunker, they find it wreaking of sulphur and Dean and the First Blade gone, with Crowley having freed Dean. When Gadreel learns that Dean has the First Blade and the Mark of Cain, he suggests that Dean may indeed be their best chance of defeating Metatron. Gadreel also explains to Sam and Cass that Metatron has obtained his Godlike power by harnessing the power of the angel Word of God, so destroying the angel tablet will revert Metatron to an ordinary angel and render his vulnerable to angelic weaknesses again. Though Sam is reluctant to use Dean as a weapon and to hope there's no collateral, Cass is convinced this is their best shot at stopping Metatron. Sam goes to find Dean, while Cass and Gadreel go to infiltrate Heaven through the secret doorway so they can find and destroy the angel tablet.

Elsewhere, Dean and Crowley, who have hit the road in the Impala since leaving the bunker, stop at a diner for Dean to search online for any news indicating what Metatron may be doing on Earth, but there seems to be no significant angel activity whatsoever. However, Crowley's demon henchmen then arrive to alert him to a new video that has gone viral on the internet - Metatron is on Earth, disguised as a homeless man, and is painting himself as a new Messiah figure by performing miracles for all of humanity to see; he has recently, as shown in the video, publicly resurrected a woman mortally hit by a car in Muncie, Indiana. With Crowley tagging along, Dean immediately sets about heading to Muncie to find Metatron and kill him. When Dean arrives in Muncie, Sam has beaten him there and confronts Dean about the latter's current lack of reason and team-playing. Though the brothers don't see eye-to-eye about Dean's rash behaviour and going rogue to find Metatron with only Crowley's help, Sam accepts that they need Dean if they're going to succeed in stopping Metatron.

Meanwhile, Gadreel leads Castiel to the playground, guarded by two of Metatron's angels, where the door to Heaven is currently located. Cass plans for them to get past the angels, through Heaven to the angel tablet in Metatron's office using the prisoner-and-escort method (as the angels seemingly are currently not yet aware that Gadreel has changed sides from Metatron). They succeed in getting the angel guards to reopen the door and send Gadreel and Cass to Heaven, where Gadreel takes Cass to Metatron's office to find the angel tablet. However, to Gadreel's horror, they walk into a trap and find themselves locked up in Heaven's dungeon; the angels having apparently seen through the ruse. Back in Muncie on Earth, Metatron shows up at a homeless camp, where the homeless recognise him from his resurrection miracle and praise him as a Messiah when he begins performing miracles for the homeless there. An angel among the homeless speaks against Metatron and tries to expose the truth about him to the humans, but the homeless people are fully enthralled by Metatron and worshipping him, and they gang up on the homeless angel; successfully killing him when Metatron kicks an angel blade into the midst of the mugging.

After Sam and Dean track Metatron down to the local homeless encampment, they set about going in together with the First Blade so Dean can kill Metatron, but Dean suddenly knocks Sam out, believing he must do this alone, and goes in against Metatron on his own. Meanwhile, back in Heaven at the dungeon, Castiel is trying to convince Hannah (who's been left to guard the two imprisoned angels) that Metatron was the true mastermind behind the angel suicide bombings and that Metatron is the true monster here, not Cass, but Hannah is unconvinced and refuses to let them out to find the angel tablet. As Castiel and Gadreel sit in their separate cells in the dungeon, Gadreel reveals that he's carved the angel suicide bomb rune into his vessel and is about to kill himself so the sigil's blast will break Castiel out of the dungeon. Gadreel declares that the while he'd lost sight of the angels' true mission to help and protect others in his millennia locked up in the dungeon thinking only of his own redemption, he is now hopes that he will be remembered not just as the one who let the Serpent in but as the one who let Heaven's hope out. Gadreel then kills himself with a piece of rubble before Hannah can stop him, and the blast destroys the dungeon bars and frees Castiel. Hannah now believes Castiel and Gadreel about Metatron's true colours, and helps Cass get past Ingrid into Metatron's office so he can find the angel Word of God.

Meanwhile at the homeless encampment on Earth, the homeless people lead Dean to Metatron, who is pretending to pray for the homeless's forgiveness. Though Metatron is shocked upon seeing Dean has the First Blade, he is still confident and cocky because of how Castiel and Gadreel have been locked up in Heaven, and so long as the angel tablet is intact, Metatron is still immune and cannot be killed even by the Blade. Metatron also claims to not understand why Dean is trying to kill him, since Metatron sees his actions in ruling over humanity as their Messiah as giving humanity something to all believe in which God never gave them. However, Dean knows that Metatron has to go, and declares that he's blaming Metatron for Kevin's death, for taking Cass's grace and for every other bad thing that has happened. Dean and Metatron then fight and engage in combat. Though Dean's strength and stamina has been greatly enhanced by the Mark of Cain's effects, Dean's strength is outmatched by Metatron's power from the Word of God. As Metatron and Dean continue to fight, Sam wakes up outside the homeless camp and heads in to find Dean and Metatron. Sam eventually finds Dean and Metatron in the middle of their fight, but just as he does, Metatron suddenly mortally stabs Dean through the chest with an angel blade.

Just after Metatron stabs Dean, his Godlike strength is suddenly drained away as Castiel finds and breaks the angel tablet in Heaven. But before Sam can finish Metatron off, Metatron flees back to Heaven to deal with Castiel. In Metatron's office, Metatron captures Cass. While Metatron is impressed at Cass for outsmarting him and destroying the angel tablet, he declares that Cass has ultimately lost since Metatron is still alive and in control of Heaven; and Metatron also points out to Cass how at heart it was all about saving one man for him, and he then informs a shocked Cass of how Dean is dying now. Castiel swears that Metatron won't get away with this forever and that the angels will eventually see him for what he really is, but Metatron believes otherwise; convinced that the angels are nothing more than blind sheep following their shepherd. Metatron then prepares to finish things and kill Castiel, but just then, Cass reveals that he'd had Metatron's angel radio tannoy on throughout this entire confrontation - Metatron has just exposed himself as the power-mad dictator he really is to all the angels in Heaven and on Earth. The angels in Heaven immediately revolt against a depowered Metatron, but instead of killing Metatron, Castiel has him locked up in Heaven's dungeon.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Sam struggles to save a severely wounded Dean and get him help, but as Dean lays dying, he chooses to accept death rather than become the monster the Mark is turning him into. Dean then dies in a helpless Sam's arms, leaving Sam grief-stricken and distraught at his brother's death. Back in Heaven, after Metatron has been locked up in the dungeon, Hannah tells Cass that he has proven himself a true leader by letting Metatron live; but Cass doesn't want to be a leader ever again and just wants to be an ordinary angel. However, Hannah points out to Cass that with Metatron defeated, Cass still has another problem to face - how he's going to replenish his dying grace before he perishes.

On Earth, Sam is left brooding, angry and alone at the bunker in the aftermath of Dean's death. Sam declares to himself that he will make Crowley, as the one who got Dean into this, make it right again, and sets about summoning Crowley to the bunker. However, unbeknownst to Sam, Crowley has already arrived to see Dean's body in the bunker's bedroom. Crowley appears to pay his respects to the fallen Dean, promising Dean that while he'd made several deliberate omissions, he'd never lied to Dean and genuinely hadn't known that the Mark of Cain would do this to Dean. However, Crowley admits to Dean's body that there was one story about Cain which he didn't tell Dean, specifically the story of how Cain became a demon - Cain himself died rather than become the killer the Mark would make him, but even death only furthered the Mark's curse. Crowley then declares to Dean's body that Dean is now not dying but awakening to a new kind of life, and that Dean will now see and feel things Crowley's way. Dean's eyes then open, and they are demonic pure-black.







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