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Whereabouts : Milky Way Galaxy
Referred to as above Hell and beneath Heaven
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Appearance(s) : All Supernatural episodes
Filming location : Multiple
The Earth - also called Topside - is a planet created by God which is home to and supports a large variety of mortal life; including humans, animals, plants and bacteria. The Earth is also home to supernatural creatures such as monsters, ghosts and gods, and entities from other realms such as demons, fairies and angels can also reach and manifest on the Earth.


Early historyEdit

The Earth was created by God, and God at some point afterwards created humans on Earth to live and dwell there. It was implied by Lucifer that the Earth, or at least its modern state, was among God's last creations. (The End) After God created humanity, his most trusted angel Gadreel failed to prevent Lucifer from entering the Garden of Eden and corrupting the original humans, resulting in evil infecting and cursing the Earth and mankind. (Season 9) At some point after God created humans, apparently 8,000 years or more BC, Eve created monster children on Earth which depended on humanity for survival (through feeding, reproduction or conversion). (Season 6) The Earth was also minorly plagued by other supernatural creatures and entities such as ghosts and demons.

Recent historyEdit

In 2009 - 2010, the Earth faced a major threat when the Apocalypse began and the archangels intended to wage war over the Earth - Michael and Raphael to kill Lucifer and bring Paradise (at the cost of destroying half the planet in the battle), and Lucifer to purge the Earth of humanity, whom he regarded as flawed and disgusting filth. Though this almost came to fruition in 2010, the threat of the Apocalypse and the archangels' plans for war were stopped when Sam Winchester trapped Michael and Lucifer in Lucifer's cage. (Season 5) Raphael led a civil war in Heaven to try and free Michael and Lucifer to restart the Apocalypse, but he too was stopped when he and all his angel followers were destroyed by Castiel. (Season 6)

The Earth faced another threat after Raphael's death when Castiel unwittingly freed the Leviathans from Purgatory onto the Earth, where the creatures intended to subtly dumb down and overthrow humanity and convert them into cattle. However, the Leviathan's plans for the Earth were also averted when their leader, Dick Roman, was killed and the Leviathan hierarchy on Earth collapsed. (Season 7) Little under two years later, the Earth became home to angels as well when the Fall banished all Heaven's angels (excluding Metatron) to Earth. (Sacrifice) This lasted for about a year, but is presumably changing after Metatron began returning angels to Heaven (King of the Damned, Stairway to Heaven) and was subsequently overthrown. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)


  • Humans - Humanity are the dominant species on Earth, although some like Lucifer despise them due to the environmental damage their land development and city-building and pollution activities cause to the planet. Excluding hunters, most humans are unaware of the supernatural entities inhabiting the Earth, although some humans do nevertheless religiously believe in and worship God and Heaven.
    • Ghosts - The spirits of deceased humans who refuse or are unable to move on remain behind on Earth. Most older ghosts become wild and violent to the living due to their remaining behind on Earth degrading their minds and emotionally damaging them.
  • Animals - Thousands of billions of animal species live on Earth as their natural environment, although many of these animal species have been either left endangered or driven to extinction by human activity.
  • Monsters - Corporeal supernatural creatures created by Eve, monsters live on humans and/or use humans for reproduction as part of the natural order. Some monsters are either rare or endangered due to hunting by hunters, and the threat of hunters and/or discovery means that most monsters hide and feed without attracting attention by masquerading as humans.
  • Reapers - Incorporeal children of Death, reapers are stationed in many human locations on Earth to reap dead or dying humans as part of the natural order and take their souls to their afterlife destination.
  • Leviathan - As of circa 2011, Leviathans inhabit the Earth after Castiel freed them from Purgatory. The Leviathan initially had a structured and organised hierarchy on Earth, but it apparently collapsed after the Leviathans' leader was killed.
  • Demons - Though most demons are trapped in Hell, those that escaped or are freed and rise to Earth typically roam the planet, possessing and harming humans, though they do answer to Hell's leader.
  • Angels - Angels of Heaven would sometimes come to Earth and take form by possessing human vessels over history, particularly in the 21st century. Following the Fall, the majority of the angel race excluding Metatron were left roaming and inhabiting the Earth, though this has presumably begun to change after angels began returning to Heaven via Metatron's secret portal.
  • Pagan gods - Pagan gods inhabit the Earth and originally were worshipped by humans in ancient times, but after losing their followers, most gods in modern times live in the shadows as scavengers.
  • God - According to Joshua, God is currently in hiding on Earth after he departed from Heaven and the affairs of the universe.


  • From Season 4-5 onwards, threats and dangers that could have destroyed the Earth seemed to become more common in Supernatural. Dean noted this in How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters and jokingly speculated that with the Apocalypse having failed, the world was trying to end other ways.
  • Due to Castiel's mention in I Believe the Children Are Our Future that the Bible "gets more wrong than it does right" in the Supernatural universe, there has been some debate and argument on what Earth's pre-human history in the Supernatural universe is; and which it more closely parallels between the two different prehistories indicated by archaeology and evolution theories, and by the Book of Genesis' narrative of the seven-day creation, respectively. The earliest known archaeological period of prehistory that is canon to the Supernatural universe is the Pleistocene epoch (Castiel indicated the Neanderthals of this time and the ice age to have been real in the Supernatural universe in Reading Is Fundemental), and possibly even the Devonian period (Castiel mentioned seeing the first amphibians emerge onto land in The Man Who Would Be King); but the biblical Garden of Eden and its status as the home of the original humans before Lucifer corrupted mankind with evil is also in the Supernatural mythos, suggesting that at least this part of Genesis is true. It is said that according to the Supernatural writers, they try to blend evolution and creationism history of the world together when the Earth's prehistory comes into reference in Supernatural.

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