Ed Zeddmore
9x15 EdZeddmoreMain
Biological information
Race : Human
Family and relatives : Maggie Zeddmore (adopted sister)
Mr. Zeddmore (father)
Uncle Phil (uncle)
Status : Alive
Biographical information
Notable affiliations : Ghostfacers
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : A.J. Buckley
First appearance : Hell House

Ed Zeddmore was a goofball paranormal investigator who investigated real ghost hauntings with his fellow team members. Ed's team consisted of himself and his best friend Harry Spangler, though it expanded for a time to form the Ghostfacers. Ed and his team have several times crossed paths with Sam and Dean on cases, and possess a grudge towards the brothers.



Little is known about Ed's early life, except that he was raised by his parents alongside an adopted sister, Maggie. According to Maggie, Ed was obsessed with the supernatural since their childhood, and then he met Harry Spangler at computer camp and they quickly became best friends. (Ghostfacers) In their adolescence, Ed and Harry became ghost-hunters and started the paranormal website However, before 2006, Ed and Harry had never really seen a ghost, and had only ever seen a vase inside an old house they were investigating fall over. (Hell House)

The Hell HouseEdit

1x17 GhostfacersMeetWinchestersForFirstTime

Ed and Harry meet Sam and Dean for the first time. (Hell House)

When a group of kids in Richardson, Texas found a hung girl in the cellar of the Hell House, locally reputed to be haunted by Mordechai Murdoch, the Hell Hounds Ed and Harry came to investigate the Hell House two months later. While at the Hell House, Ed and Harry met Sam and Dean Winchester, who were also investigating the possible case, for the first time, but the Hell Hounds were unaware of hunters and so they assumed that Sam and Dean were just amateur thrill-seekers. Ed and Harry posted information about the urban myths of Mordechai and the Hell House on their website; unaware that Mordechai was in fact a tulpa whose attributes and behaviour patterns were being determined by what people read and heard about the legend.

After a local student was found hanged in the Hell House's basement, Ed and Harry attempted to slip past the police cordon the following night to get video evidence of Mordechai, but were caught by the police and spent the night in a police station's cell; though not before they got a clear glimpse of Mordechai as a spirit with slit wrists wielding an axe. The next day, as Ed and Harry were recovering and steeling themselves to go back to the Hell House, Sam and Dean came to them with an alleged report of Mordechai's death by a self-inflicted gunshot which made his spirit destructible by firearms. And in exchange for giving the Hell Hounds this knowledge, the Winchesters demanded that Ed and Harry post it on before shutting the website down. Ed and Harry complied, but their server crashed before the new story could spread among the site's viewers.

1x17 GhostfacersSeeFirstRealGhost

Ed and Harry encounter their first real ghost (actually a tulpa). (Hell House)

When Sam and Dean went to the Hell House at nightfall to destroy Mordechai, Ed and Harry went there as well to film Mordechai as proof of ghosts' existence and a ticket to fame and Hollywood. The Winchesters' firearms were ineffective on Mordechai due to crashing, and Ed, Harry and Sam were almost killed by Mordechai. Mordechai was ultimately stopped when Dean burnt the Hell House down, in hopes that Mordechai would perish without it due to the current version of the legend stating Mordechai was imprisoned in the house. Afterwards, Ed and Harry got a call from an alleged Hollywood producer who wanted the rights to a film and RPG based on the Hell House, and drove off to Los Angeles to option the rights. But in actuality, this was all a prank call made by Sam. (Hell House)

The Morton HouseEdit

3x13 Ed+HarryOnGhostfacersPilot

Ed and Harry on the Masterpiece Theatre-esque framing mechanism for their Ghostfacers reality TV pilot. (Ghostfacers)

At some point after the events at the Hell House, Ed and Harry's ghost-hunting expanded to include Maggie, Kenny Spruce, and intern Alan J. Corbett, and they changed the team's name from Hell Hounds to the Ghostfacers. For leap year on 29 February, 2008, Ed and the Ghostfacers planned to spend the night at the Morton House, where it was reputed ghosts would become active at midnight on the end of February every leap year. The Ghostfacers broke into the Morton House at nightfall, set up base, and cameras to film everything that happened, then split up into two groups to scour the house for any ghostly activity.

While at the Morton House, Ed and Harry crossed paths with Sam and Dean again when the Winchesters too came to the house to investigate the leap year haunting. Sam and Dean warned Ed that people who'd come to stay the night on 29 February, leap year before them had all disappeared and that the Ghostfacers were in over the heads, but the Ghostfacers didn't listen, until Corbett was abducted by a violent spirit which sealed the Winchesters and Ghostfacers in the house. The Ghostfacers and the Winchesters learned that there were death echos inhabiting the Morton House due to their corpses being stashed there by the violent spirit, Freeman Daggett, when the latter was alive. Sam was afterwards also abducted by Daggett, and Dean and Spruce were separated from Ed, Harry and Maggie when Spruce and Dean were locked in the basement by Daggett.

3x13 Ed+WinchestersAtMortonHouse

Ed and the Winchesters at the Morton House. (Ghostfacers)

While Dena and Spruce searched in the basement for Sam and Corbett, Harry, Maggie and a remorseful Ed waited in a protective circle of salt per Dean's instructions. As they waited, to their horror, Corbett appeared as a death echo, cursed to relive his painful death at Daggett's hands forever. After getting over the horror, the Ghostfacers realised they had to try and emotionally snap Corbett's spirit out of the loop, and Harry told a shocked Ed that Corbett had had feelings for him, which Ed could use to free Corbett from the loop. Ed succeeded in freeing Corbett by telling his spirit that he loved him, and Corbett then turned on and destroyed Daggett. The following morning, Ed, the Winchesters and the Ghostfacers walked out of the Morton House alive.

Following the events at the Morton House, the Ghostfacers used the recorded footage of all the events that had transpired over the night to make a documentary film project, which the Ghostfacers intended to sell off as a reality TV pilot to reveal the truth about ghosts to the world and get their own reality TV show. However, Ed and the Ghostfacers lost their Morton House footage and data, along with any other evidence and information they possessed, when Sam and Dean deliberately left an electromagnet with the Ghostfacers to wipe out all their computers' hard drives. (Ghostfacers)

Post-Morton HouseEdit

4x17 GhostfacersWebsiteGhostStoppingInfo

A video on the Ghostfacer website in which Ed and Harry give info and advice on how to combat and destroy ghosts. (It's a Terrible Life)

Corbett's death in the Morton House incident had a significant emotional impact on the Ghostfacers (especially Ed, who blamed himself for Corbett's death), and they afterwards kept a memorial of him in their "HQ" in Ed's garage and salute him before each Ghostfacer mission. (Ghostfacers (web series)) The Winchesters erasing all their footage and evidence from the Morton House also led to Ed and Harry developing an amplified grudge towards Sam and Dean. (It's a Terrible Life onwards) The Ghostfacers also had their own website, on which Ed and Harry posted videos which gave their viewers advice on how to find out what they're dealing with, and how to repel and vanquish ghosts and spirits. (It's a Terrible Life)

Great Showcase TheatreEdit

In early 2010, Ed and the Ghostfacers planned to investigate a possible haunting at the abandoned Great Showcase Theatre in Los Angeles, suspecting the ghost to probably be actress Janet Meyers who'd been facially mutilated to death by her ex-husband in front of her dressing room mirror. Ed and the other Ghostfacers also sought a new Ghostfacer intern to replace Corbett. They initially hired an occult student Dave, but when the pretty airhead Ambyr came asking about the intern position, Ed, Harry and Spruce quickly and biasedly fired the more intelligent Dave in favour of Ambyr's good looks.


Ed overseeing the Ghostfacers' ghost-hunt at the Grand Showcase Theatre. (Ghostfacers)

Ed and the Ghostfacers set out for the Grand Showcase the following night, and set up Eagle's Nest base in the auditorium, before splitting up into two teams to scour the theatre for ghostly activity - Ed and Ambyr scoured the basement, while the others searched the projection booth. After meeting back up at the auditorium, the Ghostfacers learned from footage of Harry, Spruce and Maggie's encounter with Janet Meyers' spirit that Janet could only be seen by her reflection. The Ghostfacers subsequently set up mirrors at three different locations around the theatre (the film storage room, the dressing room and the lobby), and one or two Ghostfacers each waited at their respective location for Janet to appear, while Ed oversaw each of the set-up rooms from the auditorium by cameras. However, Janet instead appeared in the auditorium and attacked Ed, wounding him with a deep cut to his arm.

After Ambyr patched up Ed's wound, while the Ghostfacers had gotten clear footage of Janet's apparition manifesting, Ed refused to let them call it just on getting proof of the haunting - Ed insisted that they stay to try and vanquish Janet so she couldn't kill other people in future like Corbett was killed by Daggett. The Ghostfacers initially thought that the test-screening film of Janet's audition was how her spirit remained tied to Earth, and had Spruce ritualistically purify and then burn the film. However, while the Ghostfacers were packing up their equipment, they found out the hard way that Janet's ghost was still around when she attacked and horribly mutilated Ambyr in the dressing room. Ed immediately rushed to the room to save Ambyr and to fend Janet off, and discovered that it was the mirrors that Janet was using to remain bound to Earth. Once all the mirrors in the theatre was broken, Janet was destroyed, and a bleeding-out Ambyr was taken to hospital with Ed at her side.


Ed fighting off and vanquishing Janet by destroying the mirrors. (Ghostfacers)

In hospital, Ambyr ultimately survived the wounds Janet gave her, but was left permanently scarred and disfigured from the mutilation done to her face. Ed was left extremely shaken, and his ego and spirit was broken by the impact of what had happened to Ambyr because of Ed's bias with letting her be a Ghostfacer. Refusing to have any more interns' blood on his hands, Ed, upon returning from the hospital, quit and left the Ghostfacers on the spot, which resulted in the team disbanding over the following six weeks. After leaving the Ghostfacers, Ed got a job at his uncle's pizzeria, before Harry, Spruce and Maggie finally managed to renew Ed's confidence and spirit and get the Ghostfacers revived. (Ghostfacers (web series))

Lying about ThinmanEdit

Circa 2012 or earlier, the Ghostfacers began to grow apart and outgrow Ed's ghost-hunting team for normal lives - Spruce and Maggie both left the Ghostfacers for normal lives, and Harry began to grow away from the Ghostfacers as well when he got together with Dana, a Ghostfacer-hating girlfriend, and was going to leave the Ghostfacers to marry her and get a normal life and a job with her father's hedge fund. While willing to let Spruce and Maggie go, Ed couldn't face up to the fact that Harry was growing away from him, and so he made up a supernatural online urban myth so that Harry would become interested in it and stay with the Ghostfacers - Ed created Thinman by photoshopping a photo of a butler, then posted it on a horror forum, from where it blew up across the web. When Ed and Harry received news of sightings of Thinman, Ed and an obsessed Harry set out to try and get proof of Thinman's existence for their gain. Harry broke up with and abandoned Dana for the hunt for Thinman, and Ed - despite knowing from his role in the myth's creation that Thinman wasn't real - kept his actions and the Thinman legend's origins a secret from Harry so that the latter wouldn't leave the Ghostfacers. (Thinman)

The truth about ThinmanEdit

9x15 GhostfacersMeetWinchestersAgain

The Ghostfacers and the Winchesters antagonistically meet again on the Thinman case. (Thinman)

In early 2014, when a girl in Springdale, Washington was butchered in her own locked home, with her last selfies showing Thinman lurking behind her, Ed and Harry came to Springdale to investigate Casey's death on their chase after Thinman. They questioned Casey's grieving mother on any signs of ghostly activity at the house (and grossly used their access to the crime scene to exploit Casey's death for the Ghostfacers' melodramatic paranormal documentary), before Sam and Dean learned that the Ghostfacers were in town and confronted them at the local diner. The Winchesters demanded that Ed and Harry get out of town and leave this case to professional hunters before they got someone else killed again, but Ed and Harry ignored their warnings and continued following and exploiting Thinman's killing spree in town.

After Thinman claimed a second victim overnight, Ed had grown increasingly guilty and wary about facing Thinman and began considering leaving it to Sam and Dean rather than risk their lives or others' over it, but Harry remained obsessed and had Ed drop him off at a wood to scour alone for Thinman. After dropping Harry off, Ed went to Sam and Dean at their motel with the truth about how and why he'd made Thinman up and thus Thinman shouldn't be real. The Winchesters warned Ed from personal experience (specifically Sam's) about what this lying would do if Ed didn't tell Harry the truth now, then went to get Harry, and were in time to save him from being killed by Thinman.

9x15 EdTearfullyWatchesHarryLeave

Ed tearfully watches Harry walk away as the Ghostfacers break up for the last time. (Thinman)

Upon arriving back at the motel with the Winchesters, Harry was furious with Ed upon learning the truth about Thinman and about Ed destroying Harry's chance at a healthier life rather than letting him go. Ed unsuccessfully attempted to justify his actions, then tried to pretend that Harry was just in a bad mood and would get over this and ignored just how badly Ed's actions had scarred their friendship. When Sam and Dean tracked down where the killer masked as Thinman was probably located, Ed overheard before the Winchesters left, and tried to convince Harry that they should follow the Winchesters to try and help stop the Thinman killer.

Ed and Harry arrived at the warehouse in time to stop Roger and Deputy Tom Thorwood, the human culprits behind the Thinman killings, from killing Sam and Dean, but the Ghostfacers were themselves taken captive. But before the killers could murder any of them, the Winchesters broke free and Dean killed Roger. When Thorwood aimed a gun at Sam, Ed attempted to stop him from shooting and appeal to his humanity, and Ed confessed that he himself was to blame for all of this. However, Thorwood tried to kill them both anyway, forcing Harry to kill him to save his friends. After Dean set the dead Thinman killers up to mislead the cops and close the police case, Ed tried to push Harry into restarting the Ghostfacers' 'heroic' crusade with him. But Harry just couldn't forgive or get past what Ed had done or all of the death and damage their greed and incompetence had caused. Harry broke up with Ed and left the Ghostfacers, leaving Ed watching on in sadness as his best friend walked away forever. (Thinman)


Ed was an ambitious, determined and persistent but also goofy and greedy young man, who was devoted to his and his friends' goal of fighting ghosts and/or getting proof of their existence and getting rich, famous and popular off the latter. Ed often exercised a persistent, cocky, geeky and melodramatic attitude and demeanour. Ed was normally the strongest and the most persistent and arrogant of the Ghostfacers; regularly leading his friends deeper into haunted territory in their ambition to get proof of ghosts for fame, and also encouraging Harry to not give up on their pursuit of ghosts when things got dark and heated, and to keep going in hopes of being brave heroes and/or getting fame and popularity.

Despite his status as the leader and most determined of the Ghostfacers, Ed could be slightly slower than the others such as Harry to realise the seriousness of and foolishness in what they were doing until something very terrible (such as the death of someone important to the Ghostfacers) happened as a result. However, Ed still did not take others getting harmed or killed on his watch well at all (although he still usually didn't learn his lesson from this about the sheer danger and risk of the Ghostfacers' ghost-hunting actions, or didn't remember the lesson for long). When dealing with others, Ed tended to try and exercise what he thought of as a 'cool' demeanour - a cool-headed- and street-smart-behaving exterior. Ed ironically viewed himself and the Ghostfacers as professionals as well, and treated fans and other paranormal investigators as amateurs in comparison. Ed also, whether intentional or not, seemed to have a habit of exploiting emotional events and serious personal tragedies for dramatic effect on camera, including even ones that he felt a deep impact from, and in this respect he could be something of a 'fame whore.'

While Ed and Harry believed that their pursuit of ghosts for fame and popularity was with brave and noble intentions, Ed proved in the end that his actions and intentions to keep the Ghostfacers from disbanding were in fact very selfish and thoughtless - when the other Ghostfacers began to outgrow the team for normal and settled-down lives, Ed resorted to secretly making up the online urban myth of Thinman, causing an unwitting Harry to abandon his chance at a happy, normal life to chase a lie with Ed. Possibly because of Ed's guilt concerning the truth behind Thinman, during his and Harry's search for Thinman, Ed became more wary and hesitant than Harry, and concerned for the latter's obsessive behaviour. When a furious and betrayed Harry discovered the truth about Ed's selfish actions, Ed tried to get Harry to cheer up and forget all about it, and tried to ignore just how serious and permanent a blow this was for Harry. In the end, Ed still tried to ignore just how badly his lies had permanently damaged his and Harry's friendship, until Harry parted ways with Ed and left the Ghostfacers; leaving Ed heartbroken at the loss of his and Harry's trust and friendship.



  • Ed's last name (Zeddmore) is thought to be a reference to Winston Zeddemore from Ghostbusters.
  • According to the now-debunct official Ghostfacers site, Ed likes French vanilla coffee, opening nights and Street-Fighter II, and he dislikes clowns, squeaky oscillating fans, and horseback riding.
    • The site's profile on Ed also indicates that horseback-riding gives him hives, implying Ed is allergic to horses.

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